iRocker Vs Tower Inflatable SUP – Which to Buy?

Chris King
iRocker Vs Tower Inflatable SUP – Which to Buy?

When looking at buying an inflatable stand u paddle board the iRocker and Tower boards are popular choices, but what are the differences and which should you buy?

iRocker Vs Tower Inflatable SUP

This table shows to do types of boards and the key differences, both boards come in different sizes.

iRocker 10′ Inflatable SUPTower Paddle Boards Adventurer
iSUPiRocker 10′ iSUPTower Paddle Boards Adventurer
best value
Max Weight350 lbs350 lbs
Paddle Included
Carry Handle
Backpack Included-
Pump Included
Perfect for...cruising, flat water, surf, yogacruising, flat water, surf
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon

A detailed round up of each board has been included below and the different sizes that they come in.

iRocker SUP

The iRocker paddle board comes in a few different sizes.

All the boards are 6 inches in thickness and come with bungee straps to the front for storing flip flops or suncream for example. Which ever size you go for they all come with a fin, paddle, hand pump and a back pack for storing it all and making it easy to carry.

About iRocker SUP

They also come with a 2 year warranty, in their words they say ‘We stand behind our products 100%. There is no need to worry about buying a sub par product made of low quality materials which is why you receive a 2 year warranty’.

The boards are very rigid and the fin simpler slides and locks into place. The top of the board has a good rubber grip for a firm standing position.

Tower Paddle Boards

Just like the iRocker the Tower boards also come in a range of sizes and lengths:

Tower produce a number of different styles and sizes, the Adventurer models are perfect for beginners and a first iSUP, the Explorer is the next one up which is quicker in the water, and then the iRace which is a quick board designed for more experienced paddle boarders.

Tower paddle board sup

With these boards you get the board, fin, paddle and single hand pump. They also come with a 2 year warranty too like the iRocker Boards. The key difference is that you don’t get a bag, ruck sack or carry case, also some iRocker boards come with a leash too, again this is not included with the Tower SUP’s. If you want a bag then Tower do do the ‘Tower iSUP Backpack Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards’ for their boards.

Key Differences

We review the key differences between the iRocker and Tower stand up paddle boards.

iRocker Vs Tower Inflatable SUP

Sizes – Both Win – Both come in a range of sizes, if you are looking for a bigger board then Tower have the large boards,for beginners or for a first paddle board both Tower and iRocker have an option and size for you.

Extras – iRocker Wins – The iRocker boards come with everything you need, as well as the board, paddle and pump you also get a leash and a robust carry back pack for your board and paddle. There are additional storage pockets for your personal belongings too. Tower boards just include the board, paddle and pump, a bag can be bought separately.

Warranty – Both have 2 years – Both the iRocker and Tower boards come with a 2 year warranty which ever you buy.

Cost – Both similar – The cost difference between like for like boards are similar, there isn’t one that is the same that is a lot cheaper, it is so close that really it doesn’t make a difference.

Value – iRocker Wins – The cost of the boards is very close, however what you get for your money makes iRocker the winner with the additional extras their boards come with, a leash and the very handy and well designed ruck sake to carry and store it all in.

Which to Buy?

To narrow down which board you should buy you need to know what size you are looking for, if you re a larger rider then a bigger board would be better and therefore Tower maybe a better option. If you are looking for your first board then they are both great choices, though the iRocker boards are better value.

If a back pack is important then the iRocker is worth checking out, or you will have to add on the aditional cost to purchase one for the Tower boards.

Both are great options and in terms of build and quality they are top notch. Te real decider comes down to the size you need and how much you wish to spend. Which ever you purchase it will be a good choice.

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