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Best Inflatable Floating Island Reviews for 2023

Chris King

Simply put, these are large inflatables that can provide sufficient accommodation for as many as four individuals and with optimal buoyancy levels.

Best Inflatable Floating Island Reviews for 2023

When in the pool or in the sea with friends then what better way to relax and enjoy the sun with a drink than on your very own inflatable island. These are large inflatables that allows for 6 or more people to enjoy at the same time, built in inflatable seats, drink holders and even shades are incorporated. Check out these Amazing Inflatable Islands & Rafts for all your Friends.

Top Inflatable Floating Islands

The added benefits of most of these things is that are available with appealing designs that let you stand out from the rest and enjoy the appeal of the water. Best of all, these inflatable floating islands sometimes come with ergonomic handles and comfortable seats that let you enjoy endless fun on the water.

Further lending to the exceptional features of these types of inflatables is that they are often made using durable PVC material, that is not only durable but also guarantees endless fun when on the water. Some manufacturers tend to take quality a step further with additional features such as cup holders, mesh bottoms and back rests among many others. Here are some of the top inflatable islands for you to consider:


Experience the superior quality of the Sportstuff 24 fiesta island that is made using durable PVC material for optimal comfort. The 16 Quart Floating inflatable cover included makes it a convenient addition to your needs. More so, this unit also comes with a patented safety valve for fast inflation and deflation results.


The inclusion of the contoured arm and backrests make it more comfortable and it also comes with inbuilt cup holders. The entire set also comes with a PVC anchor back that has handles for added convenience. Simply put, you can choose to enjoy your time on the water with SPORTSSTUFF 54-2010 Fiesta Island that comes with an aerodynamic design with PVC material for optimal durability.

  • Heavy-Duty PVC Comfort Mesh Seating
  • 16 Quart Floating Inflatable Cooler Included, Detachable,

This swim pool float comprises of premium duty vinyl that is exceptional for party decorations and new matt finish with rapid valves. These rapid valves are provided enhanced inflation and deflation capabilities. What’s more, is the fact that this floating island is great for travel and pool party days as well. The inflatable inflates and deflates quickly, to make it convenient to set up and store.

WOW World of Watersports Sports Stadium Islander

Discover the excellent of the WOW world of watersports stadium Islander that can provide sufficient comfort for as many as 12 individuals and with a maximum capacity of 2,640 pounds. More so, the large open center allows for easy exit and entry, and it also features as many as 12 mesh seats for the ultimate fun when on the water.

This floating island has been made using heavy duty PVC, and the large reinforced grommet lets you secure the island to a post. Make the most of your time on the water with the WOW World of Watersports island that can accommodate as many as four individuals.

Sports Stadium Islander

Furthermore, this WOW World of Watersports comes with backrests for improved comfort even after extensive durations of use. The floating island also features ergonomic handles for enhanced portability and double chambers for improved safety.

Wow Sports Inflateable Floating Island - Stadium Islander for Up to 12 People - Multiperson Raft for Lake
  • SEATING FOR 12: The Stadium Islander is the only 12 person inflatable island on the market! Equipped with mesh seats and back rest, providing comfortable accommodation for a group of individuals.
  • EASY LOUNGING: Large opening in the center makes it easy to get on and off, enhancing the overall spaciousness. In addition to this extra space it hold up to 2640lbs (1197kg).

The island can also be inflated and deflated much faster which makes it convenient to set up and store. Besides that, the WOW World of Watersports can be deflated to a highly compact size for convenient storage. This inflatable island also has mesh bottoms to let you enjoy the cool water, especially during hot summers.

Bestway CoolerZ Catamaran Party Raft Lounge

Enjoy the best of your time on the water with the Bestway Coolerz Catamaran Floating Island that comes with extra wide pillow backrests with as many as five seats.

Bestway CoolerZ Catamaran Inflatable Floating Island

Furthermore, this inflatable island comes with two additional small pillow backrests that provide optimal comfort. The additional mesh interior relays water to your feet, to make it ideal for hot summer days on the water. Best of all, the entire set comprises of 8 cup holders and two removable bags for added users convenience.

Besides that, the superior design lets you perform suntanning on the sundeck, and it also lets you cool off as you splash water around in the mesh area. The inclusion of four drink holders and the sundry holder makers it convenient enough to accommodate your favorite beverages.

The heavy duty PVC construction provides optimal durability, and it also has an appealing design that lets you stand out from the rest. To ensure optimal safety, this inflatable comes with a leash that allows users to tie to a post or stand. In this way, the inflatable can stay in a single position for hours of endless fun on the water.

Swimline Tie Dye Island Inflatable Pool Toy

Make the most of your time when on the water with the Swimline Tie Dye Island that features a retro tie-dyed design, that lets you stand out from the rest when on the water. The heavy gauge vinyl is not only appealing, but it is also durable for long-term performance results. This inflatable island is, therefore, ideal for sunbathing and various other activities when exploring the best of the water.

Swimline Tie Dye Island Inflatable Pool Toy

It also has durable material that does well to control the effects of water and will provide sufficient balance to accommodate as many as seven individuals. Best of all, this inflatable island also comes with exceptional decorations that make it ideal for small children, and a double air chamber for improved safety and buoyancy.

The heavy duty PVC construction provides optimal durability, and it also has an appealing design that lets you stand out from the rest. You can even place your favorite beverages on the additional cup holders while the well-positioned backrests provide optimal comfort for hours of fun in the water.

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station

Eliminate the likelihood spending time apart from each other by using the Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation station that can comfortably hold as many as four individuals. This water lounger comprises of a durable vinyl material that provides long-term performance is resistant to the effect of damage.

Intex Pacific Paradise

The inclusion of the rope ladder with the rigid plastic stems makes climbing on board a simple procedure. This Intex Pacific Paradise inflatable island comes with backrests for hours of comfort when on the water.

Intex Pacific Paradise 4-Person Relaxation Station Water Lounge River Tube Raft
  • Comfortably seats up to 4 adults
  • Rope ladder with rigid plastic steps makes climbing aboard easy

Similar to all the top quality Inflatables out there, this unit also comes with heavy duty PVC material that is water resistant, durable and provides optimal buoyancy to accommodate as many as four individuals. More so, it also features a special mesh lounging area that lets you cool your feet during the hot summer holiday. With as many as four drink holders, you have sufficient room for your favorite beverages. This giant inflatable island has strong and ergonomic handles at the neck and safety rope around the body of the unicorn for optimal results. This unit comes with six separate valves two wings, tail and a body.

CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 Inflatable 4-Person Island Tube

Let yourself enjoy the best time when on the water with the CoolerZ Rapid Ride Inflatable 4 person Island tube that can accommodate as many as four individuals and is made using a robust beam construction. Furthermore, the entire system comprises of 2 air chambers that provide optimal safety and as many as three comfortable backrest cushions for long term comfort.

CoolerZ Rapid Rider Tube

This Cooler Z rapid island tube also comprises of open bottoms that let you enjoy the cool water, especially during hot summers. The floating island is also available with heavy duty handles that allow for convenient portability.

Bestway Hydro-Force Rapid Rider 4 Person Inflatable River Tube Water Float Lounger with Built-In Backrests, Cupholders, Coolers, and Handles, Blue
  • Relax on the water and enjoy floating around on the Rapid Rider, which is made to accommodate 4 people
  • Float comfortably with the built-in backrests and cool mesh bottom that gives your body the support it needs

This floating island for 4 people made using sturdy coil beam construction. A design of 4 loungers in a circle perfect for chatting while catching some rays and being relaxed. There is a well in the middle for you to place your feet and also get the sea water on you to cool down. There are also two chambers that help keep this island and raft afloat which also act as tables too. Each seated area has a drinks holder too and there are grip handles around the edge as well.

Juice your time up when at the water with the CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 cool island that lets you hangout with friends and enjoy spending a good time. The CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 also comes with a special boarding platform that allows users to climb on top when moving from deep waters. The entire set features well over three handles that are well integrated to the sides for optimal portability.

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

Realize the superior benefits of a good inflatable island that can provide sufficient accommodation for as many as six individuals. This floating island comes with extra large pillow backrests, which provide added comfort and lets you enjoy the best of you time when on the water. It also comes with a removable sun shade that improves convenience, and this island provides sufficient capacity to hold as many as 6 cups.

CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

Best of all, the entire set is available with one cooler bag that allows for convenient storage. This inflatable island is compact in size and without causing any compromise on the overall durability or performance capabilities of the inflatable island. With two inbuilt coolers and the one boarding platform, this inflatable island is also ideal for small kids as well. The durable vinyl construction is not appealing to the eye, but it also has sufficient durability for long-term capabilities.

Bestway Hydro-Force Tropical Breeze 6 Person Inflatable Party Island Water Float Lounger with 6 Cup Holders, Backrests, and Detachable Sun Shade
  • Hydro-Force Tropical Breeze Raft: Large floating island ensures ultimate summer fun that comfortably fits up to 6 adults with supportive backrests similar to a small chair for relaxation
  • Sunshade Cover: Pool float includes a detachable sunshade to protect from the intense sunlight on hot summer days; Water mat mesh floor area allows you to dip your feet and legs in the water

This Floating island with up to 6 person capacity is perfect for floating in the sea or a very large pool, it has 6 cup holders built in as well as its very own cool bag perfect for strong drink bottles, wine and beer. It also has a removable sun shade which covers one half of the island, great for when the sun is at its strongest and can easily be removed if not needed. 

Intex Oasis Island Lounge


This floating island will comfortably seat up to five adults, there are two loungers on one side and a bench style seat on the other for more people. There are four drink holders included in the design and there are large backrests and armrests for added comfort on every seat. Included on the side is a rope ladder for easy access from the sea allowing you to jump in for a dip and easily get back onto the island.Inflated Dimensions: 102″L x 95″W x 27″ tall with a weight Capacity of 704 lbs.

Intex Oasis Island
  • Large backrests and armrests for added comfort on every seat
  • Mesh lounging area for cooling feet

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island


The Tropical Tahiti Floating Island has two sides, a side where you can relax and sunbath or sit up, on the other side are more formal seats that are upright allowing you to chat with friends. There is netting in the foot well allowing you to cool your feet in the water while the netting keeps out and seaweed and fish if you are in the sea. This inflatable island can be pumped up with an electric pump in about 10 minutes. Although doable you can manually pump it up, however it will take a bit of time and also quite a lot of effort.

Emperor Island Party Lounge Raft River Lake Dock Inflatable


The Emperor Island Party Lounge Raft is one of the larger inflatable in this list and will easily hold up to 8 adults who can relax on this. You can lie back and relax with your feet in the water, there is a netted mesh here which stops fish and seaweed from coming up. Around the edge are lots of bottle holders and also hand grips too.

Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge


If you want something just for couples then the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge is for you. Perfectly sized with room to spare for 2 adults, perfect for on the beach while sunbathing, or floating in the sea, this inflatable lounger also has a built in canopy giving you some shade from the sun. This is great for the beach and then can be dragged into the sea. Two air chambers are added for extra safety and two built-in cup holders are included for you to keep a beverage nearby.


Finally and in considering the important factors of a good inflatable, the best Inflatable Floating Island Reviews 2017 are a worthwhile addition for anyone who wants to enjoy their time when on the water. These things are simple to use and since all you need to do is to perform the inflation procedure, and set the inflatable on the water. There are several types of inflatables, and floating islands are ideal since they let you enjoy the water with several other individuals. Most of this inflatable also come with interactive designs that make them ideal for young children and also lets you stand out from the rest.

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