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Best Inflatable Airbeam Tent Electric Pumps

Chris King

A must-have accessory for any inflatable air tent is an air pump! Just as you have searched high and low for a great quality tent, you’ll want to do the same with the pump.

Best Inflatable Airbeam Tent Electric Pumps

A high-quality pump will ensure your tent is properly inflated and will last longer.

When choosing a pump for your inflatable air tent, you’ll want to get one that inflates/deflates quickly, is lightweight so you can effortlessly transport and store it, and has an LCD display so you can easily read the PSI.

Top 5 Best Inflatable Air Tent Pumps

If you are having trouble finding the best inflatable air tent pump or you’re just not sure where to search, look no further! Here are 5 of the best inflatable air tent pumps that will ensure a speedy and reliable setup.

Coleman QuickPump – Most Versatile

Coleman Quickpump is an excellent choice for an inflatable air tent!

It is battery-powered and is compact and lightweight making it easy to transport and to pack. No need to worry about storage space with this product.
The Coleman Quickpump is also incredibly versatile including Boston and pinch valve adapters to allow for inflation of other common inflatables.

Coleman QuickPump Air Pump for Air Beds & Inflatables, Portable Air Pump with Fast Inflation/Deflation & Boston/Pinch Valve Adaptors, 120V Rechargeable or 4D Battery Powered Options
  • Fast Inflate and Fast Deflate to easily inflate or deflate virtually any single high airbed
  • Double Lock/Boston valve adaptor to inflate airbeds and other inflatables

The versatility and portability of the Coleman QuickPump make this one of the best inflatable air tent pumps!

Pros: battery-operated, quick inflation/deflation, portable
Cons: takes up to 10 hours to fully recharge

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump – Small and Compact

The OKPOW’s small and compact size makes it easily portable and easy to use for anyone!
This AC/DC air pump inflates and deflates at a rate of 50w and 0.4psi and has 3 different nozzles to choose from. This allows you to inflate your tent at amazing speeds.

You can use this electric air pump with a 110V wall plug and 12V car adapter! It also comes with an AC100-240V indoor plug. The versatility in the power source is great for inflatable air tents when camping.

OKPOW Electric Portable Air Pump 110V AC/12V DC Pump for Inflatables Air Mattress Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy
  • Quickly Inflate or Deflate: This quick-fill and portable electric air pump rated power 50W and 0.4psi/2800pa, which is higher than most hand pumps in the market. You can inflate the Queen-size/King-size air mattress/airbed within few minutes.
  • Two Ways Electric Air Pump for Inflatable: With 110V wall plug and 12V car adapter, this small pump is portable and ideal to blow up float recliner. You can also use it for air mattresses, airbed, air sofa, or other indoor inflatables.

The OKPOW’S size makes it the best inflatable air tent pump for campers with limited space.

Pros: portable and light, quick inflation/deflation times
Cons: short cord, can be noisy

Kensun AC/DC Portable Air Compressor – Can be Used in the Dark

The Kensun portable air pump offers AC/DC adaptability, an LED light, and several nozzles. With this pump, you will be able to inflate your tent exceptionally quick!

The LED light allows you to see the LCD display a lot better at night so you won’t have to worry about rushing to set up before the sun goes down. This makes the Kensun great for the night owl and the early bird.

Kensun AC/DC Digital Tire Inflator for Car 12V DC and Home 110V AC Rapid Performance Portable Air Compressor Pump for Car, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Basketball and Others
  • FAST INFLATION: With Kensun's advanced engineering, the 120W solid metal motor provide superb power, which will make your tire inflation super-fast and easy.
  • AC/DC FOR CAR AND HOME: Kensun’s unique AC/DC switching with 12V car cigarette light plug as well as 110V wall plug for home outlet makes this inflator more useful since you can use it anywhere.

Weighing in at around 5 pounds, you can be sure you will be able to transport and store this pump effortlessly!

This is the best inflatable air tent pump for campers who intend at arriving at their site close to nighttime or very early in the morning.

Pros: LED light, AC/DC adapter, lightweight
Cons: short cord

NALANDA Electric pump – Automatic Shut Off

The NALANDA electric pump features a 12DC car power supply and LCD display.

The handy auto shut off feature is great to protect your inflatable tent from getting damaged. The pump shuts down after reaching the targeted pressure level giving you peace of mind that you won’t overinflate your tent! This pump also contains an LED light for the LCD display which is great for nighttime use.

The NALANDA electric pump is the best inflatable air tent pump for the novice user who is not knowledgeable about PSI.

Pros: automatic shut off feature,
Cons: the display shows percentages of pressure instead of PSI

Etekcity Electric Air Pump – Very Quiet

The Etekcity is quick, quiet, versatile, and compact. This air pump can inflate and deflate your inflatable tent fast! The AC/DC rechargeable battery is responsible for this pump’s speed and reduced noise pollution.

This air pump has 3 different nozzles making it extremely versatile in case you plan on using it for other inflatables. Its small size of 6.7 x 4.5 inches makes it perfect for the traveler who is doesn’t have a lot of storage space and needs a portable pump!

Etekcity Electric Air Pump Rechargeable Portable Air Mattress Pump Cordless Quick-Fill Inflator Deflator for Pool Inflatables Raft Bed Boat Pool Toy Floats with 3 Nozzles/(Black)
  • NOZZLE SIZES: S (0. 27"), M (0. 35"), L (0. 69") nozzle sizes on the included attachment grant you versatility and offer various uses. The compact rechargeable electric air pump both inflates and deflates a variety of things in a quick amount of time.
  • RECHARGEABLE AND CORDLESS: 100-240V AC AND 12V DC Adapter included, AC power cord length 1.6M/5.3ft and DC is 14.M/4.6ft. It can be charged at home in a wall outlet, also it can be charged outdoors using a DC cigarette plug.

The Etekcity electric air pump is the best inflatable air tent pump for you if you’re looking for noise reduction and portability.

Pros: AC/DC adaptable, compact, quiet
Cons: doesn’t hold a charge as well as other pumps


What type of power source should my air pump use?
Since you will be using your air tent for camping in the outdoors, it is better to use a pump that is battery-operated instead of one that needs an external power source. If you do select one that needs external power, make sure it is compatible with a car power supply!

Can you pump up an air tent with an electric pump?
Yes, an electric pump is quicker and easier to pump up your inflatable tent, you can use a hand pump too, however an electric pump is quicker and air tents are designed for use with these.

Can’t I just use a hand pump?
You can definitely use a hand pump to inflate your tent but using an electric air pump will be a lot quicker! Electric pumps have much more PSI than hand pumps, so they can inflate your tent faster. Air pumps also allow you to accurately measure the amount of pressure of your tent to prevent over inflation.

What maintenance does my pump need to keep it running smoothly?
Always keep the vents of your air pump clear of dirt and oil. You can easily clean them using a soft brush and damp cloth. Air pumps generally contain an electric motor that also needs to be cleaned periodically.


The best inflatable air tent pump is one that is portable, has the type of power supply for your needs, and is versatile!

Electric air pumps offer you reliability and accuracy to make your tent inflation run smoothly. With most of them being lightweight and compact, you won’t have to worry about your gear fitting in the trunk!

If the quality of your pump matches the high quality of your tent, then you have definitely invested in the best inflatable air tent pump.
Now it’s time to put it to use!

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