We round up and review the very best inflatables on the market, from the best stand up boards, kayaks and canoes, through to air mattresses, water slides, tents and cheap inflatable boats for sale. If you are looking at buying an inflatable then we have you covered helping you decide what to buy and things to consider when looking whatever the item.

Inflatable items have come on a long way and are very strong, robust and durable, manufactured from vastly improved rubber and PVC materials. While they are now a lot stronger they also have other huge benefits over more solid products, such as how they can be deflated for easy storage and transport. If you take a boat or kayak, with an inflatable version you don't need a trailer or roof rack, you also don't need a huge garage to store them to at home either.

Inflatable products are great for camping when size and weight is very important. We have guides on the best camping mattresses and best camping pillows for your needs. You can also buy lighting pods and inflatable tents too. While be strong and robust they can be made very compact when not in use making them ideal for back packing.

If any damage is caused and a puncture is made into the material whatever the inflatable, this can be easily repaired and the air can be stopped from escaping using a puncture repair kit.