AirBed Buying Guide

Along with the different sizes air beds have to offer, there are several different types that should be taken into account. One major difference is the way the bed inflates. There are some that can use your own personal lung power, but most of us do not have the time to commit to that. Many are powered with motors, and if you decide to buy a more expensive model, some will even inflate lost air in the middle of the night by using an air pressure gauge.

There are also features on more expensive brands that are slightly unnecessary. Some contain built in lights to guide the guest if they awaken in the middle of the night. Others have outlets for phone chargers or any device you may need to use. It is really a matter of necessity and what you believe your guests would prefer as they visit your home.

As you begin to look into purchasing an air bed, there are many considerations you must make. Aside from the size and features that are offered, one must look into the comfort level. Size definitely counts when sleeping on an air mattress, but the fabric plays a part as well. Many cheaper models have a vinyl covering that makes the mattress slippery when sheets are placed on top. This can be slightly annoying as your guest sleeps through the night. You may want to consider purchasing a mattress that has a velvet layer on top. This eliminates any noises from movement and discomfort.

Inflatable aired Intex

Putting sheets on top of the velvet makes it even more comfortable. When paired with a nice comforter set, the mattress will begin to feel like any other real bed. Some mattresses are also raised higher above the ground. This can be beneficial to older guests that find it difficult to move to the floor. Some even come with a bed frame that creates the feel of an actual bed. When getting into the nicer models with more features, you must also remember the storage space that is required when not in use.

The more features an air bed has, the more space it may take up in your closet. It may also be more difficult to move and set up if it is larger with more weight. Carefully consider the needs of your guests and the frequency in which you will have visitors. This can be helpful when choosing which features you would like to have in your air mattress.

There is a built-in air pump for easy setup and a velvet top for optimum comfort. There are even built-in pillows so your guests will not have to provide their own. The best part is that it is one of the most affordable air mattresses out there. Among other popular brands are Coleman Air Beds, Insta Bed, and Serta Air Mattresses. All of these have fantastic reviews and are high quality products at a great price. Several websites offer descriptions and sales of air mattresses and most come with great customer service.

Best Inflatable Guest Air Bed

There are several reasons or uses for buying an air bed. They can be used as main beds in your home, guest beds, or even for camping. If you are looking for a more durable bed that can fit multiple guests, the Dream Series by Sound Asleep Products is extremely popular. It comes as a queen size, with a velvet exterior and air pump. It is raised above the ground which is great for making it feel like a real bed. The air mattress is on the pricier side, but definitely reasonable for the quality of the product. If you are looking for a smaller air bed, Intex offers a raised twin bed in their Pillow Rest series.

Built-in Electric Pump Intex Raised Downy Airbed

This is one magnificent airbed as it comes equipped with 2 pumps in one bed. The never flat pump system keeps your airbed inflated all night. The primary pump automatically deflates and inflates your airbed in less than four minutes. The secondary pump maintains and monitors your airbed air pressure to your desired comfort.

It perfect for homes and for overnight guest, relatives and friends. When the queen size is inflated it measures 58 inches by 78 inches by 19 inches. It also has a sure grip bottom feature that prevents the bed from unwanted sliding.

The above highlighted air mattresses are just but a glimpse on the supreme premium quality of the airbeds in the market. They guarantee maximum comfort, durability, they are portable and long lasting.

They are available in most leading stores in the country. While making a purchase, it is important to consider other factors besides the price.