Which Inflatable Hot Tub?

Just imagine coming back from a rough and hard day at work, stepping and relaxing inside an inflatable hot tub. Doing so would help you to not only release stress but also enjoy the remaining part of the day, wouldn’t it? Sadly, most people would not even contemplate the sheer thought of purchasing one. To many individuals, buying an inflatable hot tub costs thousands of dollars. Others opine that it takes up so much space at home.

Nevertheless, such reasons are the last thing you need to worry about today. Thanks to the tremendous development in technology, today’s market has numerous choices to select when it comes to the best Inflatable hot tub. Nonetheless, finding the best, the two of the best product takes extensive research.

Which Inflatable hot tub should you choose? You don’t have to regret, or be disappointed because you settled for the wrong inflatable hot tub. Here is some helpful information that will help you settle for nothing short of the best:

Different Sizes

A good number of sellers normally specify the number of people a tub should hold. Majority of inflatable hot tubs are usually smaller compared to permanent units. Smaller models hold only two people while larger ones can accommodate upto six adults.


Others have raised seats that enable kids to sit on the unit without the need to lower water levels. When considering the size of a portable inflatable hot tub, make you settle for one with ample room for users to exit and enter the unit safety.

Considerations When Buying a Hot Tub

When shopping for an inflatable hot tub, it is important to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors are:

  • Inflatable hot tub size
  • Inflatable hot tub features
  • Inflatable hot tub jets
  • Inflatable hot tub cover
  • Inflatable hot tub cleaning

Other important factors you need to consider when in the market for the best inflatable hot tub include:

  • Inflatable hot tub chemicals
  • Inflatable hot tub extra features
  • Inflatable hot tub energy use
  • Inflatable hot tub price
  • Why They Are So Great

Reasons to purchase an Inflatable hot tub

Here are 5 great reasons why a inflatable jacuzzi is a great investment.

  • Portable – The fact that they are highly portable means that you can change their location whenever it’s necessary. In fact, this is what differentiates them from the heavy, permanent acrylic tubs.
  • Constructed with lightweight robust materials – Inflatable tubs are usually constructed of plastic, nylon, and vinyl. Because these are light materials, it simply means that you can pack them away when not in use. Such a feature is handy especially to individuals that reside in snowy or cold areas.
  • Come in different colors and sizes – The other advantage of inflatable hot tubs is that they come in various colors that blend beautifully with any surroundings.
  • Super Quick to set up – Watch the video below to see how quick and easy it is to set up a Lay-Z-Spa inflatable hot tub.
  • Cost – Get a great hot tub for a relatively low price compared to traditional fixed jacuzzis.

The below video shows how easy inflatable spas are to set up, no tools are needed and can all be done in 5-10 minutes.

Some have jets while others utilize blower type systems, which circulate water instead of injecting it. Either of these tubs allows a special type of hydrotherapy to gently relax your aching muscles and bones.

Other reasons that make inflatable hot tubs great include the fact that they are easy to install, weigh less than 100 pounds, require no special plumbing and you can use a hose to fill water on them.

Different Types

Acrylic hot tubs are the most widely used spas. In most cases, they are above ground. They sit between 2-10 people averagely. These tubs come in several colors and sizes. Essentially, there are two main kinds of inflatable hot tubs. It is prudent to be informed properly when in the market for these types of tubs in order to settle for the best one. The two types

A six person inflatable hot tub – This hot tub perfectly accommodates six individuals or family members with 2 or 3 kids.
A four person inflatable hot tub – It is perfect for four individuals — it is the best tub for families

Inflatable hot tubs have turned out to become widely popular. Actually, they are replacing the regular in-place units as the preferred outdoor accessories. The main reason this is happening is because they boast many benefits and advantages compared to the other kinds of hot tubs. However, when looking for one, do not be in a rush to buy. Take your time, do some extensive research and you’ll finally get the best inflatable hot tub.

Inflatable hot tub FAQ’s

Are inflatable hot tubs any good?
For the cost of them they are great, they work really well and are perfect for the summer. They are great for parties, having friend round or enjoying after a long days work. They heat up to 40c and really are very relaxing without the huge cost of a more traditional and fixed jacuzzi.

Can I use it indoors?
This could be set up indoors on the ground floor, however you need to remember that water will spill out onto your flooring when you get out of the spa, the steam that comes off will cause a lot of condensation that could lead to damp and mold. If you do use it indoors make sure the room is well ventilated and the floor is well covered and protected.

Can I use an inflatable hot tub in the winter?
You can however it is only recommended down to 10 degrees. If water in the pump freezes this could cause irrevocable damage to the pump and a new one would likely be required.

What is the best time to buy a hot tub?
Discounts and money can be saved by buying your hot tub in the colder winter months where they maybe in a sale. Buying your hot tub ready for the spring means that it is ready for some nicer and dryer days. Hot tubs have a cover so it can protect it from debris and leaves, so get your hot tub set up ready and as soon as there is a nice day you can jump straight in.

Where can I buy one?
You can buy inflatable hot tubs from Amazon, or other online sites, or pick up in store from Walmart or BestBuy.

The world of hot tubs is revolutionary with the advancement of inflatable tubs. The popular use of inflatable hot tubs is overtaking hot tubs made out of metal, fiberglass or wooden materials. Inflatable hot tubs are large, but are mobile. With inflatable hot tubs, users can choose where and when it can be enjoyed. They are available in a variety of sizes, which can seat many people. With their mobility, they can be enjoyed year-round, inside and outdoors. Speaking of portability, there is no pricey installation costs as in fiberglass hot tub spas. Hot tub spa manufacturers are designing them in various sizes, shapes, design options, features, and colors. Their durability is very innovative. With quality exterior and interior finishes, spa hot tubs can handle heavy weights, they are puncture proof and they can handle various pressure levels.

Our Top Inflatable Hot Tubs

This inflatable spa comes in a four person and six person size. The link above is for the six person size. It has a built in hard water system that will soften your skin. It has a 290 gallon water capacity and its temperature ranges from 68-104 degrees Fahrenheit. This will do what a basic hot tub is supposed to do. But be aware that the heater cannot keep up and warm the water if you are trying to use this when it is very cold out.

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub at Home

Modern day inflatable spa hot tubs are designed to be a lasting investment. They are certainly less pricey than built-in tubs and they too provide comfort and a relaxing, personal massage experience. An additional aspect to their beneficial use, is their overall health benefits. Hot tubs in general provides a stress-free environment, surrounded by massaging bubbles. Hot tubs are a water therapy solution in easing sore muscles and easing pain away. When you are lying or sitting in a hot, soothing water spa, you are benefiting emotionally, physically, and mentally. The flow and pressure of the bubble massage hot tub jets, actually stimulates a deep-tissue massage, allowing muscles to relax, while the heat from the water lowers blood pressure. If you want a good night’s sleep, relax in your bubbling hot tub.

Soaking in a hot tub causes a change in temperature within the body and which tells the brain that it is time to rest. Inflatable hot tubs, like their metal peers, is an environment consisting of heat, buoyancy, and massaging. It has been tested and proven that buoyancy in a hot tub reduces your body weight by 90%. The therapeutic effects of the hot water can increase blood flow to stressed or sore muscles, while actions from the jets soothes and calms your nerves. Physicians encourage the use of hot tubs for easing arthritis and lower blood-sugar in type 2 diabetics. If people are unable to exercise, a hot tub experience is also a great alternative. Overall, inflatable hot tubs provides natural changes within the body by increasing your heart rate, blood flow and cardiovascular functions.