Traditional metal pool slides have always brought thrills to adults and children, especially at water parks and amusement themed parks. They were also purchased and erected in a few backyards. Metal constructed pool slides are expensive and they are not easily installed. Modern technology has given us inflatable water slides that still gives everyone the thrill of playing in the water, but minus the expense and time consuming installation. Inflatable pool slides are very sturdy, durable and safe to use. How easy is it to inflate, then deflate and store away. Inflatable water slides does not require any tools and they provide the most water fun, with very entertaining features as part of a warm season accessory.

Inflatable water slides in general are a party waiting to happen. They are great for people of all ages, due to their strength. However, water slides are basically designed for the young – ages 5 to 15. Yes adults can use water slides, but they should not be over a certain weight class due to stability problems. Inflatable slides for kids is a better quality and cost investment, plus kids get more out of them for fun and excitement. Residential or backyard inflatable water slides can be designed for a fixed pool system. An inflatable slide for an in-ground pool and an above-ground pool, can be set up for everyone to slide down directly into the pool. There are also inflatable slides for inflatable swimming pools.

Garden Inflatable Water Slide

Inflatable slides are manufactured with a thick, strong PVC (“polyvinyl chloride”) material, or a thick heavy gauge vinyl or commercial grade nylon. Inflatable water slides are inflated using a UL powered blower. The water slide is then attached to a water hose for the water supply, as well as to wet the slide’s surface. Inflatable slides are available in different sizes and different shapes (rectangle, square, round and more). They can be themed or they can be available in one lane or multiple lane inflatable water slide, depending on what parents want for their kids and friends. Nothing is more fun than hearing your kids sliding and splashing their way into either the cool, pool waters on a hot summer day or landing in the pooled water built into the base of the slide.

Home inflatable water slides are fun for children for the backyard and they are easy to set up. What should you consider before buying them – there are several things to know beforehand and certain things to look for. If you are looking for large inflatable water slides, their width and splash zone requires sufficient space all around it. Also, decide where you want to place it, then check the dimensions to make sure that it will fit squarely on the ground with ground stakes. Some slides are wide and big, requiring lots of space, while others just require a small amount of space. The smaller inflatable water slides can be purchased with a repair patch just in case a hole appears anywhere on the surface.

Inflatable Slide Buying Guide

Check the weight of the slide to determine if it’s too heavy to be handled. Simply pick an inflatable water slider that is dependant on the needs of the children. Inflatable slides should be identified as waterproof, strength, high density and fire resistant. Also, check for the number of chambers an inflatable slide has because the more air chambers you have, the more flexible strength it has and the more stability it has. Of course, the more chambers a slide has, means that it can take from 15 to 20 minutes to inflate. However, chambers also indicates quality craftsmanship and it will be more resistant to damage like a leak or puncture.

Other features to look for in an inflatable are its size. Take measurements to make sure that it can accommodate the number of children who will be playing on it. Warranties are important and you can purchase extended warranties if this is a long time investment. This may be a good thing, especially if the water slide is going to be used regularly. There are many inflatable slides for sale presently, therefore the next question is, should I buy or should I rent? Basically, to buy an inflatable slide for a fixed pool or other swimming pools, will depend on how often it will be used.

If an inflatable water slide is only used seasonally, renting is a good option. Prices will vary on the type of water slide you choose. If you want a water slide to inflate each warm season, then buying is better because they can be deflated and stored easily. To rent an inflatable water slide, allows families to enjoy many different designs, shapes and sizes. Also, as the children and their friends grow, families will want to experience water fun with larger slides. Renting water slides gives users the flexibility to upgrade as the children grow.

Also, consider the price of the inflatable slide, because it might be better to buy a cheaper one, then later, buy a new one after a period of time, giving you some variety. However, if you would like to invest more in the beginning and keep it for many years, then make sure you decide that, before you set your mind on one. Now, after you have picked one or two, make sure that you read the review comments or blogs. The comments from individuals who have purchased or rented inflatable slides for kids and the pool side, will be a determining factor on the brand, style, price, size, color, etc. This information will help you make up your mind for sure and it will help you know that you have found the right one to give kids hours of fun.

Whether renting or buying an inflatable slide for pools or an inflatable slide for kids, supervision is a must! Water slides are slippery and you never know what might happen. Follow manufacturer’s instructions and do not leave the kids alone on them. Inflatable water slides can turn special occasions like a birthday party into a memorable and exciting party. Make up your mind now on what features you want your slide to have, research and pick the one that is perfect for your family’s fun time in the sun and water.