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Best Car Travel Inflatable Air Beds for Car Camping

Chris King

Best Car Travel Inflatable Air Beds for Car Camping. We review the top Inflatable Mattresses for Back Seat of your Car.

Best Car Travel Inflatable Air Beds for Car Camping

Choosing the best inflatable car travel camping mattress can make all the difference in terms of the quality of one’s vacation. Customers need to choose mattresses that are comfortable enough.

The inflatable air mattress for your car also need to be sturdy enough, providing enough support for the people who are going to be driving all day the next morning in many cases.

Some factors are going to be more important to some people than others. Many individuals care a lot about whether or not the mattresses are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and this just isn’t a priority for many other individuals.

Some customers want to make sure that their mattresses are going to last them a long time because they are really interested in being able to use them for a multitude of camping trips these days. Other people don’t go camping all that often and they’re not going to care how many years the mattress will last.

Best Inflatable Car Mattresses

Best Inflatable Car Mattresses

Almost everyone cares about certain things. They care about the comfort of a mattress. They care about whether or not it is easy for them to inflate an inflatable mattress in the first place. They want to make sure that they’re going to be able to get a good night’s sleep on the mattress. As long as all of these characteristics are in place, it is a mattress worthy of consideration. Many of the other characteristics can make a given mattress an even better product for camping enthusiasts everywhere to use.

Which Car Bed to buy?

Do you like traveling by car but don’t want to spend too much money on hotel accommodation fees? Well, an inflatable car bed is the ultimate solution. With this air mattress, you won’t have to worry about looking for accommodation every time you travel to a new destination. Instead, all you need to do is set up your car bed in the back seat and sleep comfortably.

If you’ve been shopping for the best inflatable car beds, we’ve done the legwork of research for you. Listed below are in-depth reviews of top-rated air mattresses for a car. Below is an overview of each to the mattresses and details about the pros and cons of each.

FBSPORT Car Travel Air Bed

Touting a universal design, the FBSPORT Travel Air Bed is another option worth considering. Upon inflating, the mattress measures 56.3 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches, making it slightly larger than our top pick. So while it will still fit most cars and SUVs, it’s likely not to fit models that are too small.

Our Choice
FBSPORT Car Travel Air Bed
Our Rating
Great for camping, festivals, surf trips, travel, and adventures Inflatable mattress flat, wide and comfortable.
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On the plus side, the air bed is a lot cheaper than the HIRALIY if you purchase it along with the two inflatable pillows included in the package. However, you can choose to purchase this inflatable mattress along with a laptop/eating wheel desk and a car seat gap filler. In the latter case, you’d pay the same amount as the HIRALIY.

We like that the FBSPORT Air Bed is wide and cozy. You can even purchase it for your kids if you anticipate that you’ll spend the night traveling.

In addition to the air pillows, this package also includes an inflator/deflator pump. This provides a lot of convenience as you can set up the air bed with ease.

Also important to note is that the mattress itself is made from a blend of PVC and Oxford fabrics, making it ultra durable.


  • Durable thanks to the PVC/Oxford construction
  • Comes with an air pump, pillows and storage bag
  • Affordable
  • Mattress is wide and comfortable


  • Not suitable for miniature cars

HIRALIY Car Air Mattress Sleep Bed

If you’re looking for an inflatable car bed that has all the bells and whistles, HIRALIY Car Air Mattress is your best bet.

Measuring 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 inches, this air mattress is compatible with up to 99% of car back seat models. However, if you want to be sure that it fits, just measure the size of the space available in the rear.

HIRALIY 53.94 x 34.25 x 17.72 Inches Car Air Mattress, Inflatable, To Clean
Comes with the portable electric air pump for quickly inflate or deflate airbed to desired firmness within 2 minutes, carry bag included for easy transport in your car, luggage to your campsite, and easy to store in your house for your next trip.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 440 pounds, meaning it can comfortably accommodate two individuals.

Another aspect that sets this travel air bed apart is its durability. It consists of three layers of highly-durable materials. The top is made of a cozy flocking fabric, the middle layer is made of a thick and non-toxic PVC material.

The last layer consists of an oxford cloth, which is waterproof. The three materials work well together, ensuring that the air bed is completely air tight. Thus, you don’t have to worry about air leaking out after inflating it.

HIRALIY offers you a complete inflatable car bed package. Essentially, everything you need to use this air bed has been provided for you. These include an electric air pump, 2 inflatable pillows, a patch repair kit and a storage bag.


  • Versatile; ideal for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Large size and load capacity
  • Includes an air pump, carrying bag and repair kit
  • Compatible with numerous car models


  • More expensive than other portable car beds

HAITRAL Portable Air Mattress

Unfortunately, most inflatable car beds come in dull colors. If you prefer a more vibrant color option, HAITRAL Portable Air Mattress is available in numerous colors. Want something a little brighter? Choose the blue or beige variety.

HAITRAL Travel Multifunctional Mobile Inflatable Camping Bed with Pillow (Beige)
Durable and strong and Inflatable convenient,Lightweight folded, easy to carry, open the bleeder valve, press and make the Air out

When inflated, this air mattress measures 53.5 x 32.2 x 16.5 inches. As such, it’s not too big that it can’t fit in smaller cars. According to the manufacturer, it fits perfectly in saloon cars, SUVs and MPVs.

Another pleasant feature of this portable air mattress is the child protection feature. The mattress is designed in such a way that minimizes the risk of your child falling off. Plus, it has a curved design that provides a more comfortable sleeping position.

Better yet, it comes with tons of accessories, and all for such a reasonable price. These include a Quick-Fill electric pump for easy inflation and deflation. You will also get 2 air pillows and a simple repair kit.


  • It’s available in black, grey, beige and blue colors
  • Repair kit and air pillows included
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Kid-friendly design


  • Not suitable for heavy users because of its small 150-lbs. weight limit

Berocia SUV Thickened Car Bed

Are you looking for a quality yet reasonably-priced, inflatable mattress? Well, the Berocia SUV Thickened Car Bed makes a strong contender.

The air mattress is constructed using a premium-grade and eco-friendly PVC material, which is in fact backed by RoHs certification. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is the organization in charge of regulating the use of hazardous materials.

Berocia SUV Air Mattress, Thickened Car Bed Inflatable Home Air Mattress Portable Camping Outdoor Mattress, Flocking Surface, Fast Inflation (Mattress 1)
Super comfortable: exquisit flocking surface, THICKENED desgin, 6P environment-friendly material with CE RoHs certificated (some car air mattress use bad PVC material, it smells very stinky and bad for your health), inflation space is adjustable based on personal need, durable tight sealing design.

In addition to its quality build, this inflatable mattress is designed to be adjustable- a feature that is lacking in most portable air beds. Thanks to this adjustable mechanism, you can inflate to the perfect size that fits your car or depending on the user’s body size.

Another aspect that makes this car bed stand out is the air pump. Other manufacturers provide a conventional air pump, but the one provided in this package touts an exceptional copper core construction.

The advantage of this is that the pump never gets hot even after an extensive inflation process. Plus, it provides for quick and easy inflation and deflation.


  • Comes with 3 seperate air bags
  • Package includes a car charger and home charger
  • Made of eco-friendly materials
  • Copper core air pump doesn’t get hot


  • Quality of the air mattress should be improved

Onirii Car Sleeping Blow-Up Bed

The Onirii Car Inflatable Air Mattress has all the features you’d want in a portable car bed. For starters, it’s made using thickened PVC- a factor that gives it a comfortable feel.

Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress Back Seat Bed Thickened Car Camping Air Mattress Bed with Air Pump,73"×35.4" Portable Car Travel Mattress,Car Sleeping Mattress Bed for Car Universal SUV
Car Bed is made of thickened high quality PVC and Flocking,Skin-friendly and environmental protection.The head's anti-collision design protects the head.The child's anti-drop design prevents your child from falling into the front row while driving.

Another aspect that contributes to its comfort is the wavy design on the sleeping surface. The wavy stripe pattern makes it look unique but more importantly, it improves comfort.

The head’s anti-collision design helps to protect your head while the anti-drop design prevents your toddler from falling off to the front row as you drive.

Onirii provides a car-charging electric pump for convenient inflation and deflation. Overall, this mattress is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you’re going swimming or camping adventures, the sleeping blow-up bed will serve you well.


  • Comes with a quick-charging pump
  • Wavy design improves comfort
  • Anti-drop design enhances child’s safety
  • Feels firm thanks to the thickened PVC material


  • May be too small for some users

Ablevel Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

This is a mattress that is really going to give you a smooth and comfortable ride. It will last longer than many of the mattresses on the market.

FBSPORT Ablevel Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Flocking Air Bed Camping Universal SUV Back Seat Couch (Black 2)
  • Flocking car Air Bed ,Bed Dimension: 143cm(l)*87cm(w)*45cm(h) /56.3"*34.25"*17.72"(after inflating)

It’s also an environmentally friendly model that is going to make it easier for people to use safely, even if they have young children with them and even if they manage to use this product on a regular basis.


  • This mattress is capable of inflating very quickly and it’s good at staying inflated, which is often not going to be the case.
  • The mattress is made from materials that are completely environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so people can truly sleep soundly on a mattress like this one.
  • It’s easy to get the mattress to its desire firmness.
  • This mattress is much more comfortable and durable than most.


  • The mattress primarily fits SUV’s and sedans and not other vehicles.
  • The outer material could be smoother and softer.

Goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

People are going to love this mattress because it is easy to inflate and generally easy for them to use. This is just the kind of mattress that is going to give people the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep in spite of the fact that they’ve been driving all day long.

goldhik Car Travel Inflatable Mattress Flocking Air Bed Cushion Camping Universal SUV Back Seat Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows (Black)
  • Inflatable car air mattress can easily inflation and deflation in minutes.The user can adjust the inflation volume as needed.Dimension:13*11*5.9 inch. Weight:4.4LB
  • Using the strengthening and thickening high-quality environmentally PVC material,comfortable flocked meterial for extra comfort, environmental non-toxic without smell.

While this mattress isn’t going to last forever, it should still manage to get people through the most difficult days of their driving journeys, making it easier for them to sleep at night.


  • This is one of the easiest mattresses to inflate that people are going to find, which is going to make it that much easier for people to be able to work with the mattress in practice on a regular basis.
  • There is a carrying bag included with the mattress, and that is going to make it much easier to move around and much easier to store.
  • This mattress is made from high-quality material that is environmental in nature and made from PVC material that will keep you safe and make a given trip more green.
  • It’s easy to adjust the inflation volume and get the mattress to be the right shape.


  • It isn’t the most durable mattress in the world.

Car Travel Camping Mattress With Pillow

This is one of the most highly rated portable inflatable mattresses for a reason. It’s more comfortable than most others. It’s also more portable than most others.

HAITRAL Car Bed - Camping Mattress for Car - Portable Travel Sleeping Inflatable Mattress - Air Bed for Car Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with 2 Air Pillows
  • Flocking car air Mattress,Car Bed Dimension: 35.4*55*17.7 inches (after inflating)
  • Durable and strong and Inflatable convenient, Lightweight folded, easy to carry, open the bleeder valve, press and make the Air out.

People are going to find it that much easier to use something like this on a regular basis, no matter how exhausted they are or how much they’re trying to relax after a difficult day of driving. It’s a versatile inflatable mattress and people are going to have an easy time when it comes to getting it to work.


  • This is a mattress that has a higher weight capacity than most at around three hundred pounds.
  • The mattress is very easy to fold and very easy to carry, making the actual use of it quick and easy in practice.
  • It’s pressure proof and anti-seismic in many ways, making it much more comfortable to use in the car and resistant to a lot of the external pressures that people are going to have to deal with in a camping vehicle.
  • This mattress will fit the majority of car models, making it easier for people to be able to get it fitted for their cars, even if they decide to upgrade their cars or do something else with them.
  • It’s a high-quality mattress that is non-toxic and that is not going to cause people problems with smell or anything of that kind.


  • It’s a relatively new product and there aren’t a lot of reviews yet, so it’s going to be difficult for people to be able to completely get a sense of whether or not the product is going to work for them.
  • Aesthetically speaking, some people might not be fond of this mattress for their campers if this is something that really concerns them.


Our most recommended inflatable car bed is HIRALIY Car Air Mattress Sleep Bed. It’s made of high-quality PVC material, and has a large weight limit of 440 pounds. It’s compatible with a wide range of car models and comes with every accessory you need to use it.

Guide for Buying an Inflatable Car Bed

If you’re always on the go, you’ve probably spent a night or two sleeping on a flimsy or wobbly mattress. This is why it’s important to know the features you should look for when purchasing an inflatable car bed.


The first factor you should take into account is size. The last thing you want is to purchase an inflatable car bed that doesn’t fit in your specific car.

Fortunately, most inflatable car beds will have a unique form-fitting shape. For instance, they tend to have a cut-out section, which compensates for the console and an extrusion which fills the gap meant for passengers’ feet.

If the back seats of your car or SUV are foldable, then you can even get a full size mattress. Such car beds are particularly ideal for families with kids, coupling up and for anyone who just wants a bit more room.


The type of material used to make an inflatable car bed is just as important as the size. Not only does it determine the comfort of the mattress but also its durability. Most travel air beds are constructed using PVC materials.

However, there are a couple of other manufacturers who use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Compared to PVC material, TPU is heavier, but it’s also more durable and elastic.


Another thing you might want to consider entails the attachments that come with the inflatable car bed. The most crucial accessory is an air mattress pump. As the name suggests, a car air bed has to be inflated to reach its full size and serve its intended purpose. An air pump helps to deflate and inflate your air mattress whenever you wish to set it up.

Another accessory that comes in handy is a patch kit. This is particularly important if you intend for your inflatable car bed to be used by a pet. With this kit, you can easily patch up any holes and continue using your air mattress.

An inflatable car bed that’s packaged with such accessories may be slightly pricier than air mattresses sold alone. Still, you’ll make significant cost savings as you’ll spend much less than you would if you were purchasing each item individually.

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