Best Adult Inflatable Pool

We review the best Inflatable Pools on the market.

Intex Easy Set Pool Set

This pool can store 639 gallons of water and is slightly smaller than the Intex Ocean Reef Pool measuring 8 ft long by 30in high.

Intex Swimming Pool- Easy Set, 8ft.x30in.
This pool is so easy to set up and deflate that provided there is enough space, it is easy to store away when it is out of season.

When it is deflated it weighs about 20 lbs. and this particular size has a capacity of 639 gallons of water. As I already said, the Intex Easy Pool comes in many sizes. They are 8′ x 30′, 10′ x 30′, 12′ x 30′, 12’x 36′, 15′ x 36′ and 15′ x 48′.

The biggest advantage to these, regardless of what size you would choose is how easy they are to assemble and disassemble. Further, because they are not a permanent structure, that makes them suitable for any size yard.

As for the disadvantages that come with this, even though it is easy to store, many reviewers have complained about it taking up too much space. More importantly, the Easy Set Pools are not as durable as the metal frame and ultra frame models. One reason is their liner is thinner so they are more prone to leaks.

The entire set up process from box to ready to be filled takes right around 10 minutes, it includes its own filter pump and has the same durable laminated walls as the Ocean Reef pool. This is a great fun pool to share with just a few close friends.

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

This is considerably more expensive than the Easy Pool Set. On side note the Ultra Set is way more expensive than even this. The Metal Frame Set does not leak as the Easy Pool is prone to doing. However, because of the frames, the Metal Frame Pool is going to be a hassle to store to even more people than the Easy Pool.

This pool should be looked at as graduating from the Easy Pool. The PVC this pool is made out of is much thicker than that which the Easy Pool is made out of. This means it does not have the same issues regarding leaking. It is not up to the same standards that the Ultra Frame have; but it would be quite short sighted to buy this thinking it would…after all look at how much more expensive the Ultra Frame still is. In my opinion, this Metal Frame Pool is the best for the money…it is better quality than the Easy Set to the point that the leaks are gone and still not an arm and a leg cost wise. The deepness of this pool makes it ideal for a water slide too.

This Metal Frame Pool is available in four sizes: 10′ x 30′, 15′ x 42′, 15′ x 48′ and 18′ x 48′. The number of leaks in this pool are very few compared to the Easy Pool. Most of the leaks that do happen to this pool are due to animals. Investing in an optional Gorilla Floor Plan will help you to prevent them. The biggest problem with this pool is the pump malfunctioning. Fortunately it is not that hard to upgrade a pump.

Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

The Intex Easy Set Above Ground Inflatable Swimming pool stores 1018 gallons of water and has dimensions of 120.1in by 120.1in by 29.9in. This comes with an instructional DVD to assist with the set up.

Intex 8'6" x 5'3" x 25" Rectangular Frame Above Ground Backyard Swimming Pool
Easy to set up, this above ground swimming pool features a rust-resistant frame and PVC side walls. It's fun for both adults and children over 6 years old.

The pool goes from box to full ready for water set up in about 25 minutes. This is one of the larger inflatable pools in the Intex collection and is great to share with your friends and family.

Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool

This pool has an Amazon rating of 4 stars. It is one of the highest rated pools on this list.

nflatable pool Ocean reef design 3 rings with aquatic see thru graphics Unique hexagon shape Inflatable floor for extra cushion 76

It includes a 110-120-volt filter pump, a maintenance DVD, and a drain plug that can be connected to a garden hose so that you can drain water away from your pool are. The walls are made of durable laminated PVC, it also has over 1000-gallon water capacity. This Intex pool is 10ft long by 30in tall. So, it can fit several people comfortably.

Intex Paradise Inflatable Pool

The Intex Swim Center Paradise Inflatable Pool is 103in by 63in by 18in and has a bright colorful print.

Intex Pool Snorkel Fun Swim Centre Pool,103 inch X 63 inch X 18 inch, for Ages 3+
Allows for 12 in. depth of water; Capacity is 151 gallons. 2 air chambers with with double valve intake and free-flow exhaust valve

This pool includes a water capacity of just over 150 gallons of water, a repair patch, shelf box with with two air chambers, and dual valve intake and free-flow exhaust valves.

Intex Swim Center

The Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool holds 269 gallons of water. Its dimensions are 120in by 72in by 22in and includes three air chambers, easy clean drain plug, double intake and free-flow valves.

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 120" X 72" X 22", for Ages 6+
The wide side walls allow for maximum play room, and three air chambers, each with a combo valve, make inflation and deflation a breeze.

The pool comes with for package options. It is also very easy set up as long as you have it on flat level ground.

Intex Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

Intex also do another version that has a pool bench built in, giving are larger area for kids to play in the water. This is ideal for parents who can relax in the water too while their children play and splash about.  When inflated and set up this is 2.24m long, 2.16m wide and 76cm in height. This also includes two cup holders too in the side walls either side of the bench.

Intex Swim Center™ Inflatable Family Lounge Pool, 90" X 86" X 31", for Ages 3+
Perfect for splashing and playing, this fun pool is great for keeping friends and family cool all summer long.

The Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool is 88in by 85in by 30in. It has a 169-gallon water storing capacity. This particular pool is made extra durable to hold a lot of weight. It comes with a small air motor that inflates the pool in roughly 10 minutes.

The Intex 56483EP Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool is best for little kids, it includes the ability to hold roughly 198 gallons of water, a repair patch, shelf box, dual valve intake. It is great for your kids to play in or just to sit and relax in the sun. It is 103in by 69in by 22in.

The whole unit is inflatable however there is no inflated base to this so it is best suited for being set up on a lawn where it will give a softer base to enjoy it on.

Do note that no pump is included with either of these items. For a quick electric pump we recommend checking out the Bestway Sidewinder Rapid Electric Pump For Inflatables. This can be used to inflate and deflate both of these pools as well as other inflatables you may have.

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

Intex Kiddie Pool – Kid’s Summer Sunset Glow Design Is a great kids pool, it has affordable pricing and is 9.6in by 3.8in by 9in.

Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid's Summer Sunset Glow Design - 58" x 13"
Make a splash this summer with the colourful Sunset Glow Baby Pool. This cute baby pool has three colourful air rings and a soft inflatable floor for comfort.

It is designed with bright colors such as green, pink, and yellow. It holds nearly 80 gallons of water.

Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool

In the summer heat what better way to cool down and relax than in this amazing Intex Swim Centre Family Lounge Pool. It is a good family size pool with 4 built-in inflatable seats with backrests making it ideal for kids and adults. As well as 4 seats there are two drinks holders incorporated into the design of the wall.

The seats make it great for parents to relax and stay cool too while kids play int the pool too, reducing the amount of water in the pool makes it safer for younger children. While great for all ages it is also great for adults to just relax in too, with cup holders in the wall it is a great place to store a cold beer while relaxing with friends in the sun.

The overall size once inflated is 229cm wide by 229cm and 66cm in height (90” x 90” x 26″). It is simple to set up and when it comes to putting away there is a simple drain plug in the base of the pool.

Best Blow up Pool for Adults

How to Choose a Inflatable Pool for Kids

When looking for an inflatable pool it is always good to do your research, look at everything from safety ratings to the reviews on how it holds up over time. Even though most pools have filters, you still need to keep you pool clean.

A small net is always good to have on hand to be able to fish out leaves and debris, also look at how to purify your pool water. Always make sure that you use the proper chemicals at the right levels to ensure that your pool stays safe and clean for your friends and family. Many places sell tablets designed for different sized pools, make sure when you go shopping that have your pool dimensions with you.

When you are not using your pool it is always best to keep it covered, this helps keep your cleaning of debris to a minimum. During the winter it is a good idea to completely drain and rinse your inflatable pool dung the winter when it is not being used. You want to rinse it to remove any leftover chemicals from your pool water.

Once you have drained and rinsed your pool store it somewhere safe and dry until it is time to use it again. Doing things like this will help your inflatable pool last longer, that way you can enjoy it for years to come.