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Best Inflatable Drive Away Awning in the UK

Chris King

What’s the best drive away awning for a camper van or motorhome? We check out the best drive away inflatable awnings – Vango and Kampa manufacture some of the best drive away inflatable awnings currently available in the UK.

Best Inflatable Drive Away Awning in the UK

Drive away awnings are a must-have addition to your camping trip!

They are a great choice for offering a lot of additional space and storage. Driveaway awnings also provide a spacious lounging area in case you get tired of being in your tent or camper.

Why should you choose an inflatable drive away awning instead of a traditional one? For the same reason you should choose an inflatable tent! The set up is quick and they are easier to transport.

Top 5 Best Inflatable Driveaway Awnings

Popular and leading inflatable awnings for your camper van in the UK. Let’s take a look at 5 choices that can help you pick the best inflatable drive away awning!

1. Lichfield California Drive-Away Air Awning – Most Affordable

Package size (cm) 79 x 40 x 35 cm

The Lichfield California driveaway air awning is a great investment! The pump for this awning is included and is not just a simple hand pump, but it is a double AirOdyssey action pump, increasing inflation efficiency.

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The fabric on this awning is made from 150 D polyester making it waterproof and extremely durable. It’ll also keep you dry and comfortable! Another feature for comfortability is the ventilation panels.

They create a comfortable airflow and reduce condensation. This is a great inflatable drive away awning for a motorhome or camper owner looking for a great price and great quality!

Pros: durable, can withstand high winds
Cons: unclear user manual

2. Cocoon Breeze XL – Good for Any Season

Package size (cm): 82cm x 43cm x 43cm

The Cocoon Breeze XL is a breeze to set up thanks to its inflatable beams. It only takes 15 minutes! This definitely gives it a competitive edge to non-inflatable driveway awnings.

This awning is equipped with plenty of space! With its dimensions being 210cm (82.7”) Length (cm): 455cm (179.1”) Width (cm): 350cm (137.8”), you can be sure you’ll have plenty of room to lounge, room for storage, or anything else you’d need an awning for!

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The Cocoon Breeze XL is waterproof and durable with its fully sewn-in groundsheet and storm straps. You can be sure that your awning won’t budge in a storm. Equipped with a pump, this is the best inflatable drive away awning for all seasons!

Pros: comes with pump, spacious, quick inflation
Cons: zipper comes off easily

3. Vango Kela lll (tall) – Strong and Sturdy

Package size (cm) : L75.0 x H35.0 x W36.0cm

The Vango Kela III is very quick to pitch and extremely sturdy. With a fully sewn-in groundsheet and an extra storm skirt, this is one of the sturdiest inflatable awnings you can get! It is great for all weather conditions.

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This inflatable awning offers low-level vents to improve air circulation and reduce condensation. This feature is especially helpful in a hot and humid environment. It also comes with a flysheet to keep those pesky bugs out.

Weighing in at 38 pounds (17kg), this awning will be fairly easy to transport. This is great for camping and traveling, especially if you have a hand or two to help you!

Pros: Quick to pitch, great air circulation, durable
Cons: lantern hanging points hang a little low

4. Movelite T3 Low-Midline Inflatable Driveaway Awning – Great Protection

Package size: 82cm x 49cm x 41cm

This inflatable driveaway awning is perfect for mid-sized families. It is functional but also comfortable. It has a wonderful airframe that inflates in about only 3 minutes!

The Movelite T3 is designed with 480HDE double ripstop fabric making it strong and waterproof, yet still lightweight. For added protection, this inflatable awning has tinted windows to shield you from harmful UV rays. The lighter-colored roof also reflects heat from the sun, so the inside of the awning stays at a comfortable temperature.

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This awning is equipped with a mesh flyscreen that allows fresh air to flow and circulate while keeping all the insects out. The side door panel is also made of mesh for additional airflow!

The Movelite T3 is one of the best inflatable driveaway awnings for a family that wants to be comfortable and protected from the elements.

Pros: tinted windows, quick inflation, great ventilation
Cons: doesn’t come with a pump

5. Vango Galli II Compact Driveaway Air Awning – Tall 2018 – Compact

Package size (cm): L78.0 x H36.0 x W38.0cm

This inflatable driveaway awning is great if you are looking for something more compact! It has a side attachment that offers an incredibly convenient space, so you won’t be sacrificing any room. It’s great for storage but also amazing for lounging. With skylight windows on the roof, you have the daytime sky to gaze at but also the stars!

The Vango Galli II has an incredible ventilation system using large vents to enhance airflow and significantly reduce condensation. It is also made with fire-retardant and weather-resistant materials. This makes it a wonderful awning to use all-year-round!

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With the double action air pump included, you can have this awning pitched in about 15 minutes! This is also equipped with webbing storm straps, guyline runners, and 420 denier double ripstop threads making this one of the best inflatable driveaway awnings for size and durability!

Pros: durable, compact, pump included
Cons: pitch time is a little lengthy

Drive-Away Awning Buying Guide FAQ

Drive-Away awning buying guide common questions.

1. Can an inflatable driveaway awning withstand windy weather?
Yes! Since there are no poles, the awning simply flexes with the wind, reducing the wind’s effect.

2. Is an inflatable awning safer than a traditional one?
Yes! The poles on traditional awnings have been known to cause injuries. Since there are none with an inflatable awning, it is a lot safer.

3. Is this a good option for beginners?
This is an amazing option. It is easy to set up because all you need to do is get your pump and inflate it!


Inflatable driveaway awnings have so many advantages over traditional awnings!

They are easy to set up and usually include a pump, can be quite compact, and are usually waterproof and weather-proof. They are great to use year-round and in many different climates.

The best inflatable driveaway awning for you will be one that fits your specific needs. You can be sure that whichever awning you decide to select, you will be getting extreme comfort, durability, and protection!

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