Best Yoga Stability Exercise Balls

Chris King
Best Yoga Stability Exercise Balls

An exercise ball is a soft elastic ball that is fully aerated. It is made of elastic materials whose diameters range from 14-34 inches. Exercise balls are also called fitness ball, balance ball, sports ball, yoga ball, gym ball and several other names.

Best Stability Exercise Balls

Best Yoga Exercise Balls

The balls are commonly applied in general exercise, athletic training and physical therapy. They work by making your body react to the stability of the ball and it will engage most of your muscle groups. This will in turn strengthen your muscles to balance your body. This article will present to you the best yoga exercise balls to get started.

1. Perfect Core Ball

This ball will ensure the optimum body alignment and proper muscle activation. It is characterized by self-righting plan which enables you to remain put, aligned and secure as you do your central workout. It also features workout charts which gives ordered instructions to improve results. The perfect core ball offers excellent results for heights 5-10.

The Good

  • It makes you stay intact using weighted ballast
  • Sep point always makes you aligned as you workout
  • It is equipped with anti-burst material which ensures your safety

The Bad

  • It takes short time to deflate if it is not attended

2. Black mountain 2000lbs exercise ball

This ball has five sizes and its spectacular rating is 2000 pounds. It enables you to boost your balance, core strength and the general agility through the muscle group workouts including back, arms, ab, hips and glutes.

The Good

  • It features dense walls which offer optimum support
  • They come in various sizes which include 45, 55, 65, 75 and 85 centimeter.
  • Easy to apply foot pump and starter bronchure

3. Superior fitness 600lbs stability ball

This is an exercise ball with gym resistance bands to boost your posture, core strength, balance and the back pain. Each workout is done with an excellent form for a particular muscle group.

The Good

  • It is excellent for physical therapy as well as home and office
  • The cushioned handles ensures your safety
  • It is equipped with stability ring which ensures that the ball is not moving during workout

The Bad

  • The aged individuals find it difficult to inflate the ball well

4. Anti-slip fitness ball

This exercise ball has maximum burst resistance of 2000lbs. this makes it excellent for rigorous workout. It can also be used as office chair to boost your flexibility, back health and balance.

The Good

  • It comes in 3 sizes
  • It is highly mobile
  • Made with PVC material of high quality to make it more durable

The Bad

  • When you finish plumping, it is difficult to extract the plug

5. Active balance fitness ball

It is available with imprinted exercises and training e-book. It is perfect for exercising, toning abs and pilates.

The Good

  • It is made with materials which are non-toxic, resistant to slip and easily cleaned
  • The ball is safe and durable because it is equipped with polymers which cannot easily burst
  • There is easy reference of the exercises

6. Premium fitness ball

The exercise ball comes in various sizes. These sizes are: 55, 65 and 75 centimetres. The ball is important because it helps to maintain the fitness of the body since the users lose weight. It helps in strengthening muscles especially those in the arms, back, abdominals and the thighs. In addition, it is excellent for use by expectant mothers and even after delivery.

The Good

  • It can be used by people of all ages
  • It’s resistance rating goes up to 2000lbs

The Bad

  • It comes in sizes which are small in relation to expectations

6 Benefits of Using a Yoga Ball

The following are some of the benefits of applying exercise balls.

  1. It assists in stretching. Exercise balls help you get a complete stretch which makes your muscles to be firm and flexible.
  2. Exercise balls improve your body balance. The exercises involves sitting on a ground that is unstable and this will boost how your body respond to imbalances and how the muscles. This generally improves your balance.
  3. Improves blood circulation. Using exercise balls increases the flow of blood to all organs of the body. This will make you stay fit and alert.
  4. Increases your body energy. Using an exercise ball will make you more energetic as opposed to remaining in one position which makes you feel tired.
  5. Burning of extra calories. This will reduce the level of fats in your body leading to weight loss.
  6. It relieves back pain. Doing regular ball exercise leads to complete stretching and stability. This may relieve any pain you are experiencing.

Tips on using an exercise ball

  • Put on a shirt – It is important to wear a shirt while working out with an exercise ball to avoid sweating onto the ball which makes it slippery, thus makes the activity inefficient and sometimes may cause discomfort to your skin
  • The area must be safe – You may get injured if you use an exercise ball in a place with sharp materials. Therefore, ensure the area you work in is as safe as possible.
  • Don’t use any support – The main objective of an exercise ball is to improve your mobility, flexibility and balance hence it does not require any form of support.

Factors to consider before buying an exercise ball

  1. The size of the ball – Exercise balls come in different sizes and it is very important to buy one with the right size for your application. You need to buy an exercise ball that matches with you age and height
  2. The burst rating of the ball – You have to consider the weight that the ball can withstand before it bursts because exercise balls are available in different resistance rating.
  3. The kind of inflation plug and whether it has a pump – It is important to buy an exercise ball that is equipped with both a pump and inflation plug because of its cost effectiveness. When they are purchased separately the cost is higher.

Exercise balls were initially applied in physical therapy but currently, they are used in the best health clubs around the world. Gym balls are also important in weight loss and also the fitness regime. It will also boost your balance and stability. Therefore, Yoga exercise balls are great because they are multipurpose and the most affordable.

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