Best Inflatable Laundry Travel Hangers

Chris King
Best Inflatable Laundry Travel Hangers

When travelling for business or pleasure hangers in hotel rooms are either not very good, not easy to move as they are fixed to the rail, or sometimes in many budget hotels none existent. If you wish to go away and need to hang your clothes up then inflatable travel hangers are a great way to easily pack them in your case when you travel without taking up too much space. Inflatable hangers for travel and laundry are a must for business suits or evening dresses that cannot be folded without creasing.

Best Inflatable Travel Hangers

We round up the best inflatable travel hangers that are worth buying.

Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers

With a platic hook these are 3 inches high by 7 inches wide once inflated. They allow you to hang your dress or jacket on, there is a part for trousers and pants to be hung and hooks at the bottom to hold delicate items. These hangers allow you to easily hang up any garment be it a jacket, trousers or a dress to instance.

Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers

The plastic vinyl material of these hangers make them ideal for wet and dry clothes to be hung on them.

Each set includes two inflatable hangers which are quick and easy to inflate. The hanger uses a one way valve, so you need to squeeze the bottom of the valve to open allowing you to easily inflate by blowing in. To deflate just squeeze the valve to open and all the air will come out.

Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers, White, One Size
  • Use on wet or dry garments
  • Simply inflate to desired fill

DeluxeComfort Hotel Laundry White Inflatable Hangers

These DeluxeComfort CHIF-002-01 Hotel Laundry White Inflatable Hangers come in a pack or 2 and are a chunky inflatable hanger ideal for hanging cloths and jackets. Unlike the previous hangers there is no slot of trousers or hanging clips, these are suited for just travel suits and dresses, jumpers and jackets.

Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers

With rounded edges they prevent ‘hanger crease’ at the shoulders. They are a perfect travel accessory, fitting neatly in your luggage when deflated. The chunky natures of these track hangers helps separate the front of the garment from the back, improving air-flow for faster drying.

Boli Inflatable hangers Inflatable Travel & Laundry Hangers

A similar design to the Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers DeluxeComfort Hotel Laundry White Inflatable Hangers, these are suitable for wet or dry garments. They have chunky Rounded Edges That Prevent ‘Hanger Crease’ At The Shoulder.

Travelon Set of 2 Inflatable Hangers

Fitting neatly and easily into your luggage once deflated makes it easy to take many of these hangers with you when travelling. The width of these hangers makes it easy to dry clothes as they allow air flow through the front and back of the garment when hung up.

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