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8 Giant Inflatable Water Slides for Adults you can Buy!

Chris King

Who said that kids are the only ones that can have fun? We review the best adult water slides perfect for home or away.

8 Giant Inflatable Water Slides for Adults you can Buy!

There are so many different options for them such as slip and slides, swimming/wading pools, running through the sprinkler, and playing with water balloons.

However, adults would like to cool down in fun and unique ways too. Inflatable water slides for adults is the way to go.

Best Giant Inflatable Water Slides

There are so many inflatable water slides for children. They seem to be everywhere; birthday parties, fairs, company picnics, and more. What about the adults that want to relive the awesome experience of playing on a water slide, though? There has to be something out there for them, right? There is! Let’s explore some of the best ones around.

18′ Double Lane Log Mountain Water slide

One top of the line producer of adult water slides is Tent and Table (tentandtable.net). One of the inflatable slides that they offer is the 18′ Double Lane Log Mountain Water slide – wet or Dry Slide. This slide is great because it can be used with water or without. It’s very durable, resists staining, and is incredibly easy to clean. It is well known for the excitement it brings because of its height as well as how fast it is to slide down.

18' Double Lane Log Mountain Water slide

Because of it’s double lane, sliders can race each other to see who gets to the bottom first. The safety on it is top notch as well with non-slip grip material located on the launching area, the climbing area and the entrance. It is sure to be a hit at any adult event, such as family reunion, birthday parties, or other special event.

Tent and Table also offers the 24′ Double Lane Water Slide

Wet or Dry Commercial Inflatable Slide. This slide is similar to the High Single Bay because it is durable, resists staining, and can be cleaned easily. However, this particular inflatable water slide is double sided and taller than the High Single Bay. It can be used with up to 4 people on it and a total weight of no more than 1000 pounds.

There are steps right up the middle and two slides on either side.

Adults could have a blast on this slide as they can easily take turns and enjoy using either slide wet or dry. Also important are the safety factors that are built into Tent and Table’s slides. They automatically come with non-grip slipping materials on their launch platforms, climbing area, and entrance area to prevent any slips or spills.

Tallest Commercial Grade Giant Adult Water Slide

Another amazing adult water slide is the CE PVC Tallest Commercial Grade Giant Adult Water Slide. This water slide is huge! It is thick and heavily durable, as the company that makesthis awesome water slideensures that durability by triple stitchingthe product seamsand adds extra reinforcements by adding PVC stripes.

Tallest Commercial Grade Giant Adult Water Slide

This water slide is customizable too, if you’re looking for an adult inflatable water slide for commercial use. They will add logos and change colors based on your specifications. As for fun, though, this water slide is sure to bring hours ofenjoyment to any adult event.

Corkscrew Adult Inflatable Water Slide

Beston Inflatables (bestoninflatablebounce.com) is another huge manufacturer of adult inflatable water slides. They have some great options to choose from, including the BIS-006 Corkscrew Adult Inflatable Water Slide.

Corkscrew Adult Inflatable Water Slide

This water slide is definitely one that can bring hours of fun. Very similar to slides you might find in a water park, this slide has a corkscrew theme that circles the slide around the back side of it. With easy to climb steps and a pool at the bottom, the corkscrew effect will be sure to provide hours of enjoyment.

Tropical Slip and Slide for Adults

They also offer the BIS-023 Tropical Slip and Slide for Adults. All of their products come with the necessary safety certificates and guarantees. This particular product is over 60 feet long, so that adults can enjoy a longer slide plus pool at the bottom, and a lot more fun. This slide resembles a tropical paradise, adding to the feel of excitement and pleasure of reliving childhood moments of using an inflatable water slide.

Tropical Slip and Slide for Adults

While talking about high quality and fun inflatable water slides for adults, we can’t forget about Big Top Inflatables (bigtopinflatables.com). Their 18′ Tsunami 2 lane allows multiple adults to slide down at once, in two different lanes.

It’s built using the highest quality of materials and comes with a 1 year warranty and weighs 550 pounds. It can also be used wet or dry, but the wet feature is the perfect way to cool down in the summer. If you wanted to go the extra mile, there is a misting system that can be purchased separately and attached to the slide.

16′ Rocking Rapids

Big Top Inflatables also offers a really fun water slide called the 16′ Rocking Rapids. This particular product has rapid like grooves that would be perfect for taking a tube down. True to its name, this slide looks just like one might expect a rapid rafting trip might look like.

It appears similar to a raging river and even includes branches to give the rafting effect. This product comes with a 2 year warranty and is 360 pounds.

16' Rocking Rapids

While these slides are meant for adults it’s important that you find the weight limit for each of them before purchasing, as some can hold more weight than others.

Adults can definitely have fun in the summer sun too! These water slides were the perfect example. Whether the intention is to use them just to cool off, for entertainment at a family function, for games at a party, or for encouraging involvement at a corporate event, inflatable water slides are a must and can be enjoyed by all ages, not just kids.

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