Best Inflatable Life Jackets & Personal Floatation Devices

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A life jacket is a jacket filled with buoyant material that is used as a life preserver in case of a water accident or water related calamity. They keep one from drowning as most people dint use their life jackets because they were bulky and uncomfortable hence restricting movement but the inflatable life jackets are so lightweight and comfortable making all people going into waters both shallow or deep to use one.


We have rounded up the 5 best inflatable life jackets and personal flotation devices you should check out.

Onyx M-24 Manual Inflatable Life Jacket

It is not bulky and allows widest range of movement for the wearer. This smallness in size too helps in easy package and has a unique design which covers a small body area, this makes it most suitable for hot weather conditions. His soft neoprene neckline too keeps the wearer in a free position. The jacket is both automatic and manual.

Mustang Survival MIT Manual Inflatable

It has a membrane inflatable technology which reduces its weight making it flexible and is made with best material and its craftsmanship from buckles to straps are well made. It is purely manual.

Onyx Carbon Dioxide Automatic Vest Universal Adult

It is also from Onyx and it is designed purely for adults .it has a slender feature with same construction and material as other products from the can function automatically when emerged in water or it can be inflated manually. The jacket too has a reflecting piping which gives it great visibility especially in bad weather conditions.

Mustang MIT Automatic Inflatable Personal Floatation

It has a convenient automatic activation system which makes it stand out from the rest. It has an integrated membrane inflatable technology which makes it light and comfortable to the wearer. The jacket too has a high floatation properties meaning it has high buoyancy which is estimated to be around 26Ibs.It also has a professional looking design making it more appealing. The jacket too has neon accents which makes it easily spotted especially during rescue missions in a case of water accidents and calamities.

Mustang Deluxe Auto Hydrostatic

This inflatable life jacket is mainly used for water rescue operations. The jacket has an automatic hydrostatic inflation system and it will only expand when submerged at least four inches of water. This means it hard to experience inconveniencing inflations. Inflations therefore can be caused by rain water or water splashes. The life jacket has a 420-denier nylon construction and polytirethane coating which makes it long is due to this reason that it does not require a time to time maintenance and can go up to five years.


When getting an inflatable life jacket you have to ensure that it is approved by coastguard personnel meaning it has to have a mark to indicate the approval. This is to ensure marine safety and ensure it is also safe for usage. The water event too determines the inflatable life jacket you will wear for example a different jacket would be worn by a person waterskiing and paddling and a different one for canoeing.

Best Inflatable Life Jackets & Personal Floatation Devices

It is important too to choose the proper size of an inflatable jacket depending with the size of the is advisable to check the manufactures label to see if the jacket fits your size and weight. You should also try the jacket in shallow waters before getting deep into the water so as to be able to correct any errors that you may sight.

The inflatable life jacket should also be in good and serviceable condition. You should always check your life jacket from time to time in order to see any should also be properly stowed meaning any time you need it should be easily accessible.

Consider too greatly the time you plan to use your inflatable life jacket. Different jackets will be able to hold you for different time so be careful not to lose your buoyancy while still in deep keen too to see the material your jacket is made up of, some could be imitations which can end up messing you up. Check also to see that your inflatable life jacket has robust and functioning buckles, straps and zippers before you get in the waters.


The major and main purpose is to protect one from drowning in rough waters but there are also other inflatable jackets that are worn in shallow waters but all for the soul purpose of preventing drowning.

The jackets too protect one from hypothermia. This is to prevent one from having an abnormally low body temperature which in most cases is dangerous. This condition is more often experienced due to long hours of being in deep waters.

Inflatable life jackets are also used in life saving missions in case of water accidents and calamities. The life savers will put them on to maintain their buoyancy as they help those involved in the accident.


The difference in inflatable life jackets comes in the way carbon dioxide is inflated into the jacket. The first is automatic inflatable life relies on a dissolvable bobbin with a pin or spring arrangement, water dissolves the bobbin and the spring powered pin punches the carbon dioxide canister for should however be noted that all automatic inflatable life jackets have a manual cord and an oval tube for it can fail if not well maintained. A disadvantage of the automatic inflatable life jacket is that some can it can inflate unconsciously causing inconveniences in case it come into contact with water like due to a splash.

Manual inflatable life jackets bring us to the other has to manually inflate the jacket, you pull a rip cord to inflate the jacket. The manual inflatable life jackets too involve the use of oral tube to inflate the jackets. This is used mostly to top up gas in the jacket or where the carbon dioxide cylinder does not fully inflate the air bladder.

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