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7 Best Swimming Floats and Aids for Toddlers & Kids

Chris King
7 Best Swimming Floats and Aids for Toddlers & Kids

When taking your child swimming it is important they are safe, a swimming aids and pool floats gives them more control while ensuring they are safe in the water.

Best Floatation Devices for 1 year olds

We round up the best swimming aids for babies, toddlers and young children from 1 years old.

VQ-Ant 2020 Mambobaby Solid Swimming Float

 This upgraded product from VQ-Ant allows you to use this without fear of the material reacting with your child’s sensitive skin. The soft cloth that covers the internal latex foam also features waterproof and durable qualities that enable you to use the product for a long time. This version presents you with various designs that offer additional support, comfort, and protection, such as the detachable tail, a buckle, and straps.

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VQ-Ant 2020
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Latex foam inside, swim cloth outside, no hurt baby sensitive skin. Wider and strengthen straps, soft and comfortable, buckle easy connect properly. No smells of chemicals, not as cheap PVC plastic in market.
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Furthermore, when you purchase the item, the package includes three toys that help to add fun to swimming lessons. You can also change up the swimming styles with this product that allows your toddler to learn both backstroke and breaststroke moves comfortably. Besides, you can conveniently use this in outdoor pools since the design includes a canopy.

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swimming Float

Free Swimming Baby presents you with a fitting inflatable swimming aid that features a one-piece buckle, which makes it easy to use. The buckle design along with the shoulder strap ensures that your little one can swim safely without his or her face touching the water. Besides this, the bottom support offers a soft cushioning while preventing the baby from slipping out when playing and swimming.

Free Swimming Baby Infant Pool Float with Sun Canopy Inflatable Baby Swimming Floatie with Sponge Safety Bottom Support Water Toys Swim Trainer for Age of 3-72 Months (Blue, Large)
New Upgraded baby swimming float with Detachable Swimming Buoy to prevent baby from flipping backwards, Bottom Support to prevent baby from sliding out

This product also comes with a non-inflatable sponge at the front that provides additional protection and support of the belly. Even though this new version incorporates safe PVC material in its design, the manufacturer recommends inflating to a maximum of 80% to 90%.

Baby Swimming Ring Floats

If you are looking for an inflatable swimming aid suitable for 6 to 24-month-old toddlers, then this product from iGeeKid is perfect for you. The seat incorporated in the design not only enables your baby to learn how to swim but also play in comfort. The ergonomic design of the product helps the baby to feel safe with its 360-degree support. Additionally, transparent construction can help you to monitor your child’s movements under the water for added security.

You do not have to worry about the size of your baby because you can utilize the inner balloon and modify the diameter of the product accordingly. The colorful and built-in toys ensure stimulation of the little one’s development as you enjoy family time at the pool.

HECCEI Baby Swim Trainer Life Jacket for Kids Infant

Featuring a BPA-free Pearl Foam construction, you can use this breathable and buoyant product to help your kid learn how to swim. You can easily take it with you on a day out because of the product’s lightweight quality. The durable latex ensures that you can comfortably use this swimming aid with children aged 2 to 6 years old weighing 15 to 30 kilograms.

Mambobaby Baby Swim Trainer Float for Kids Infant Swimming Water Float Ring Aid Vest with Arm Wings Non-Inflatable Toddler Boys and Girls
Fits for Children weight from 33 to 66 lbs. Suitable for Kids 2~6 years. Adjustable buckle at the back to suit most infant sizes.

Apart from this, the adjustable buckle provides a quick lock that securely holds your child in place. You can use this product to boost the kid’s confidence since the arm rings along with the swim vest work to provide stability and support in the water.

Inflatable Baby Swimming Float

This swimming aid comes in various sizes that can comfortably cater to kids ranging from 3 months old to 6 years old. The transparent design enables you to see your toddler’s legs and monitor the water conditions. In addition to this, the see-through material allows the baby to see the built-in bells and boost development while swimming.

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swimming Float with Safe Bottom Support and Retractable Fabric Canopy for Safer Swims (Yellow, Large)
Free Swimming Baby New Upgraded baby swimming float with Detachable Swimming Buoy to prevent baby from flipping backwards, Bottom Support to prevent baby from sliding out.

The new upgrade offers a slightly padded seat, airbag rings, and straps that ensure your child’s comfort and stability as he or she freely kick about in the pool. It is easy to inflate and utilize this product, making your day out at the swimming pool out stress-free.   

Baby Pool Float, Baby Swimming Floats

Suitable for 6 to 36-month-old toddlers, this product comes with a steering wheel in its colorful design that ensures your child will enjoy swimming time. Your baby can move and play freely in the water and comfortably rest on the upgraded safety seat when he or she gets tired. Apart from this, you can count on this product to provide security and stability to your toddler with the two grips and embracing ergonomic design.

Indeed, you can ensure your child’s comfort because the backrest helps to support your baby’s neck and back. The durable and non-toxic polyester provides you with a long-lasting product that you can carefully use for a long time without continually replacing it.

Gonut Children Float Swimming Aid

The high-density PVC designing this product is toxic-free and seamless, making it gentle on your child’s soft skin. No more worries about your kid straining his or her neck because this swimming aid comes with a comfortable backrest in its design. Importantly, the product features a double-safety buckle that you can easily adjust for maximum security and stability.

BEUTEY Children Float Swimming Aid Swim Vest Learn-to Swim Life Jacket Buoyancy Aid Vest for Kids (Yellow, Large)
Multi-gas nozzles design, each part of the vest can be aerated individually, provides more safety for your kids.

Without a doubt, you can conveniently operate this product using the three holes through which you can inflate the jacket separately, making it easy to manage if one nozzle leaks. The product comes in small, medium, and large sizes, which allows you to use this item comfortably with children from 1 year old up to 10 years old.

Depending on the age of your child and how confident they are in the water one of these would be suitable to help provide stability and more importantly safety in the water.

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