How to Empty and Deflate your Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

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If you are moving house or just packing away your inflatable hot tub for the winter then it is important to take time to do this properly, the better you do this now the easier and better it will be when you get it out and set it up again.

How to Drain a Lay-Z-Spa

It doesn’t matter which Lazy Spa you have as they are all drained in the same way. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Decide where to drain the water, nearby drainage or flower bed for example.
  2. Remove the filter located inside the spa.
  3. Fit the two stopper valves inside the spa.
  4. Disconnect the pump unit.
  5. Attach your hose to the water pipe.
  6. Remove the lower stopper valve inside the spa, to drain the spa.

Once the water level is below the bottom pipe level you can open the drain valve in the base of the liner to allow the last of the water out.

First decide an area where you plan to drain the water too, this could be an outside drain or perhaps a near by flower bed. You will need to locate and remove the filter which is inside the tub near the pump. Remove the filter and then disconnect the pump, fitting in the stopper valves for protection and preventing the water pouring straight out.

How to Empty and Deflate your Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

Once disconnected you can then connect a hose to the hot tub and drain the water out by removing the drain stopper valve. This method will drain the majority of water from the spa, however some may still remain at the bottom. Use a sponge and cloth to remove this water and then dry the hot tub out.

You can use the pump blower to help dry and release any trapped water and moisture. It is important to ensure your liner is dry to prevent any damp, moss and told from growing on it when it is stored away. Taking time to dry it and clean it before storing will make it easier and cleaner when bring it out again ready to set up.

How to deflate your Inflatable Hot Tub

Using the pump/heater you can set this to deflate the liner sucking out the air from the inflatable hot tub. Look at the connection where you inserted the inflation hose. Twist the outer/serrated ring to the anti-clockwise, this will unscrew and then quickly deflate your spa.

Once most of the hot tub has been deflated you can start to fold it up forcing out any remaining air within it.

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  1. Debbie M Highbaugh

    Water is barely draining any ideas how to get it to drain faster

    • Mark Robison

      Buy a submersible pump, and pump the water out. That’s what I always do.

  2. Paul

    I have the same problem. Is it possible to use the Spa pump to pump the water out?

    • Sue Girling

      If you get a normal water hose like what you water the flowerrs or wash the car with, connect it up at the tap end and then remove all fittings on the end the water comes out from then put that end in the spa water at the bottom coil it a couple of times to be sure it doesn’t come out then go and switch the tap on till water is coming out the hose into the spa as soon as that happens switch the tap off and take all fittings off of that end of the hose and just place the hose near a drain the water will then drain out of the spa.

      • Tania Aker

        That was such a good idea! I actually used my fish tank hose which has a connection that keeps it on the bottom to remove debris. It was so much easier! Thank you

  3. Chris

    Have moisture inside the spa where it has been inflated! Any ideas on how to get it dry in there?

    • Vicky

      I have the same thing condensation on the inside of the spa due to inflation do you have any idea how to dry this????

      • Rob Beard

        Did you manage to remove the condensation from inside the spa / air chambers? We have loads and i cant see a way of getting it out.

          • Nigel Baxendale

            Same issue for me. How to do you get the last of the water out from within the system of the lay-z-spa? Can’t seem to manage it.

          • Sophie

            I have the same issue anyone resolve this? Don’t want it getting ruined from mould whilst being stored!

          • Neil

            Did anyone find a way to remove condensation or can you spray some mild mildew cleaner in and leave it?


            i have the same problem ,I thought it was leaking inside because there was an inch or more of water, so I contacted lazy spa and was told it was condensation and to inflate and deflate several times….this would dry some of the water, not sure how that would work. im going to try a open up the one way air valve, tilt the pool and hopefully it will get rid of some water. my water is turning pink. also does anyone’s pool not stay up with no water in it?

  4. Connie

    How do you use the heater pump to deflate the spa. The directions in the manual does not cover this .

  5. Wendy Cooper

    There is no instructions or vidio to show hot correctly DEFLATE Lay Z Spar hot tub in the instructions manual?

  6. Sue Lake

    How do you deflate the lay z spa, I have noticed a lot has asked the same questions but no answers

  7. Emma Routledge

    I have same problem, cant seem to deflate using pump, I am going to borrow a friends pump from argos tomorrow, an inflate and deflate one. ill let you know outcome……..

    Has anyone deflated theres using pump given?

  8. Jean Charlton

    Need to know how to deflate the spa, no instructions in manual or video. Please advise ASAP need to pack it away.


      I’m in the same boat! Can’t get all the air out of mine to pack it away. Very frustrating that there’s no instructions on this

    • John Lucht

      Look at the connection where you insert the inflation hose. Twist the outer/serrated ring to the left – it unscrews and will deflate the tub very quickly.
      I just did it 10 minutes ago!

      Pass the good news back to the next post

      • Lindsay

        OMG!! Thank you so much! My grandparents and I couldn’t figure out how to deflate it. Your awesome!

      • Scott

        Thx. After many hours of trying to deflate the spa this tip solved the problem and the spa was deflated in 10 mins. The top took about 5 mins after pinching the inflation spout.

      • Rich

        Thanks ive scoured T’internet and yours is the only post with a great answer
        Basically we over inflated ours a bit and the cover was a bit tricky to put over
        All sorted now
        Cheers !!!

      • karina

        thanks, I too have scoured the internet for 2 days trying to find out how to deflate mine….just done it thanks to your post,

      • Christine Paul

        Thank you so much we have struggled all day trying to deflate until I read this I notice your post is 2017 this is 2019 it seems to be a problem as no instructions . Cheers

  9. Jim Covill

    After emptying my pa and deflating it fully I have water trapped in the bottom i.e. between the 2 layers of the flooring. Any ideas?

    • Nancy

      I would suggest that you inflate the spa and then turn it over,resting on something to allow air to get under it. I suggest a day or two. Then, deflate it once it is dry.

  10. Chris

    I have just drained my Lazy Spa Vegas and I have water stuck in the airjet ring, how can I get this out? Surely they should have put a little hole at the bottom to release this water?

    • Jill

      I have read using the pump blow air through to remove waterin the air ring.I have also read some use a hair dryer.
      I have pumped the water out of mine using a water pump. Mine is now turned upside down . Next is to give it a clean and wipe round then blow air through. When dry deflate .
      What a palava! Good job I get such relief in my joints from using it!

  11. Richard James Taylor

    Does anyone know what happens to the water that goes through the drain hole in the floor of the spa? I can’t see how the water reaches the outside. It seems to do nothing on mine.
    I too have purchased a submersible pump to empty mine. This empties about 95% of it in double-quick time. To remove the remaining 5%, I tip the tub on it’s side so it drains through the ‘A’ and ‘B’ holes for the pump (pump disconnected first of course). Any dregs after that have to be removed with old towels, etc. What a faff!

  12. Alison

    We have emptied the spa and dried it out but can hear that there is water inside the inflatable walls. Dont think there is a leak but no idea how it got in and no obvious way to get it out ! Dont want to use the pump to deflate it if water could get into the pump and damage the electrics. Anyone got any suggestions ? Seriously considering pricking a small hole in it to get the water out then doing a repair of the hole, so we can get it packed up for winter.

    • CJ

      What I did was put the spa on it’s side,raised off the floor by 2 chairs. Position the inflation valve downwards, between the two chairs and unscrew it – the water gets blasted out by the air! If you GENTLY pull the valve down as it goes (or lift the surrounding area as it deflates) this should get almost all the water out.

  13. Curtis

    I cant find the draining port on my Coleman sula spa hottub, do the water hose hook up to one of the pipes on the outside of the hottub when you take off the pump?

  14. Dave

    I have the palmsprings hydrojet spa and the liner blebbed in 2 places this was replaced under wrantee straight away aftercare is brill……however the liner that was sent out does not come with the drain pipe underneath and I am informed that the attachements that came with the spa will fit the plug so you can attach the hose correctly. This is not the case. The plug onthe new line is a fraction of the size of the old and easily pops out if caught which then causes your entire contents of your spa to pour out onto the floor as there is no pipi to attach a hose to????. The attachment provided by bestway is big and bulky and if fitted while the tub is full of water will lift that side about3 inches off the ground. The attachment has a screww female fitting however there is no male adapter for it to attach to I have explained this to bestways and im banging myhead against the wall. If anyone can advise please help

  15. Jan

    I have the square hawaii lazyspa bought end of 2017
    How do I deflate it pls??
    Pretty sure the pump wont do it unless I’m missing something
    And the air inlet won’t unscrew even with the tool provided
    If had to keep finger on the valve but obviously can only get so much air out like this
    Pls help

  16. Shaun

    A tip. Clean the inside of your hot tub BEFORE you deflate it, that way you and dry all the sides and bottom easier, then deflate it, and pack away.

  17. Lynn

    How do I drain my tub with a garden hose, followed all the instructions and there is no water coming from the hose?

    • Sue Girling

      Easy way to get the water out with just a hose is put a little bit of water through the hose with no attachments at all just hose on the end the water comes out, once this is done put the hose under the spa water as if to top up then making sure the hose is lying on the bottom of the spa and won’t move turn the hose off and then unclip the hose from the tap taking any attachments off and put it so any water goes down the drain. The spa water should now flow out of the hose and into the drain. .

  18. richard angelo

    Easiest way to get all of the air out….

    Use your vacuum cleaner, attach hose to the air inlet and turn on. Also works well on the inflatable top cover.

    • Joy

      I rolled mine up in a tarp and used cord to tie it all together, looks like a rolled up alien body in a tarp. About 2ft wide by 4.5ft long and 1ft deep all trussed up. My question now is where to put the thing? Can I put it outside under the deck? Or do I have to either put it in the attic or in the crawl space under the house? I have the pump and parts in our attached tool shed just no room for the deflated spa in there.

  19. Al

    The pump kit comes with an additional attachment, screw that one to the pump BEFORE the normal attachment, then attach normal attachment and switch on to pump up as usual. The additional part acts as a Venturi valve and deflates the Spa

    • Joanne Liscum

      Hi Al can you let me know what you mean by the additional attachment, what does it look like as mine just inflated again rather than deflated?


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