How to Empty and Deflate your Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

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If you are moving house or just packing away your inflatable hot tub for the winter then it is important to take time to do this properly, the better you do this now the easier and better it will be when you get it out and set it up again.

How to Drain a Lay-Z-Spa

It doesn’t matter which Lazy Spa you have as they are all drained in the same way. Here are the quick steps:

  1. Decide where to drain the water, nearby drainage or flower bed for example.
  2. Remove the filter located inside the spa.
  3. Fit the two stopper valves inside the spa.
  4. Disconnect the pump unit.
  5. Attach your hose to the water pipe.
  6. Remove the lower stopper valve inside the spa, to drain the spa.

Once the water level is below the bottom pipe level you can open the drain valve in the base of the liner to allow the last of the water out.

First decide an area where you plan to drain the water too, this could be an outside drain or perhaps a near by flower bed. You will need to locate and remove the filter which is inside the tub near the pump. Remove the filter and then disconnect the pump, fitting in the stopper valves for protection and preventing the water pouring straight out.

How to Empty and Deflate your Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub

Once disconnected you can then connect a hose to the hot tub and drain the water out by removing the drain stopper valve. This method will drain the majority of water from the spa, however some may still remain at the bottom. Use a sponge and cloth to remove this water and then dry the hot tub out.

You can use the pump blower to help dry and release any trapped water and moisture. It is important to ensure your liner is dry to prevent any damp, moss and told from growing on it when it is stored away. Taking time to dry it and clean it before storing will make it easier and cleaner when bring it out again ready to set up.

How to deflate your Inflatable Hot Tub

Using the pump/heater you can set this to deflate the liner sucking out the air from the inflatable hot tub. Look at the connection where you inserted the inflation hose. Twist the outer/serrated ring to the anti-clockwise, this will unscrew and then quickly deflate your spa.

Once most of the hot tub has been deflated you can start to fold it up forcing out any remaining air within it.

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