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Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent Review

Chris King
Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent Review

There are many tents in the market. But when you need one, you will definitely want to buy the best. Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent With Footprint Bundle is a perfect example. This top rated tent has all the features that you need in a tent. Its design and physical appearance makes it standout from other tents. Going by the many positive customer reviews on amazon, it goes beyond any reasonable doubt that Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent With Footprint Bundle is a good choice and therefore worth buying.

Kelty Mach AirPitch Tent Review

Those who have used it before have been satisfied. Perhaps you are wondering what is it that makes it lovable. Worry not. We are going to provide you with full review of this best selling tent. This will help you to buy with confidence. It will eliminate any worries that you might be having regarding the tent. Here is the review.


These are the key features of the Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent.

  • Big Capacity
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Easy to store
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to set up
  • Protects against all weather conditions
  • Footprint to prevent underside of tent from damage
  • Internal storage pockets
  • Has noise free zipper pulls

This wonderful tent has a big capacity. It can accommodate up to 4 people. This makes it the best fit for you if you are camping with a considerable number of people. It reduces the cost of buying another tent when you are more than three people. Therefore if you want to reduce unnecassary expenses, Kelty Mach Four Seasons Air Pitch Tent With Footprint Bundle is the best fit for you.

Kelty Airlift 4 Tent Dimensions

In addition, the tent is made using polyester. This is a high quality material which makes the tent highly durable. You will use it for long period of time without the tent getting torn. This will save you from replacement costs. It is therefore a good investment to make.

This phenomenal tent is designed to resist all weather conditions. Be it rain, snow or strong winds. For example, it has a rainfly which prevents rain water from entering the tent. You can be sure that you will be comfortable without worrying that you will be rained on. Additionally, once installed, it usually stands strong to resist being blown away by wind.

Furthermore, the tent is easy to set up. In just one minute, you will be through with the installation. You don’t need to hire an expert to install the tent for you. It comes with all the accessories you need to set it up. For example; pump, pegs and more. This makes it your excellent choice.

Moreover, Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent With Footprint Bundle is easy and convinient to store. Once you have used it, you can remove the beams and fold the tent. Besides, it consumes little storage space. To add on, once folded,you can place it in your car and transport to a different location.

The tent has one big door which is used for both entry and exit. The door is big enough to allow the entry of big bodied people or any big sized items that you might need while inside the tent. Its also has one vestibule. This makes it your best option.

When it comes to design, this exemplary tent is up in the game. It comes with a sleek design which makes it attractive. Besides, it has wonderful colors which perfectly match with camping environment. This makes it the best tent for camping purposes.
The tent also comes with footprint. Footprint is important because it protects underside of tent from damage due to tear and wear. This enhances durability.

Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent With Footprint Bundle comes with internal storage pockets. This allows you to store your items . It therefore eliminates the hassle of carrying many storage bags. Different internal storage pockets also allow you to store items depending on their category. This prevents mixing up of things.

Other useful features is that it has noise free zipper pulls. This allows you to operate the tent quietly. The irritating sound that is usually produced when you are pulling up or down the zipper won’t be there. If you don’t like noise, this is the right tent for you.

What tent to go for?

The Kelty Mach four person airpitch tent offers camping with another worldly take. Camping becomes more relaxed, more chilled and enjoyable with the Kelty mach. Taking into account that such small package can be blown up so as to snugly fit four adult people make its the obvious choice.

Why go for the Kelty Mach?

This camping tent offers the camper five main things that makes it the one;

Three seasons – It can work in autumn, summer and spring. It is warm and snag in the cold and unpredictably chilly autumn, cool in the very hot summer and very dry in the wet spring.

Fits four people – Comfortably you can accommodate four people who can sleep, work and have fun in this 2.7m by 1.9M by 3.0 tent.

Durable – Made from tough 1800mm thick polyester material which will provide you service for so many years to come.

Superior construction technology – This includes air pole technology, dual action floor pump, intergraded rain fly, vestibules with ample space, taped seams, internal storage pockets, noiseless zipper pulls, high and low fly vents, guyout points and guyline storage pockets.

Easy to pitch – This is offered by replaced traditional poles with air pitch technology that work faster in. Within minutes the dual action pump helps you set up the tent. And with no poles to take down you can bring it down and fold it with is a lot easier.

What are the downsides?

Their two things that make the tent a bit unattractive

1. You cannot use it in the winter or mountaineering: – due to the fly vents, thin floor and also thin fabric it makes it very unsuitable for the below zero temperatures.

2. The fabric is translucent when lights are turned on: – not necessarily the worst point but some people would appreciate a bit of anonymity and seclusion since the camp is very conspicuous at night.

Good & bad

We round up the good and bad points of this 8 person tent.


  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Big capacity
  • Easy to dissemble


  • Sleeping area is sometimes cold at night
  • Is made of thin materials which can get damaged when exposed to sharp objects

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right camping gear can make all the difference between a good & memorable experience and a bad & regrettable experience. Enjoying the outdoor is easy since nature in itself at its best is very welcoming. With the starry sky as your roof, the clear and sweet brook waters, cool and refreshing breeze, the delicious open fire barbequed rabbit meat. But nature turns in matter of seconds and you need the right tent to help you continue camping despite the raging rains, the howling winds, the scorching a sun and rebellious animals.

In conclusion, it is quite evident that the advantages of Kelty Mach Four Persons AirPitch Tent With Footprint Bundle far outweigh the disadvantages. The tent is durable, can accommodate four adults, is easy to set up,protects against all weather conditions and more.

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