Must Have Water Toys & Inflatables for your Yacht

Chris King
Must Have Water Toys & Inflatables for your Yacht

A luxury yacht is one of the best opportunities for having exhilarating, unforgettable water-based fun for the entire family. Not much long ago, possessing your very own watercraft (let alone two!) on your super-yacht was considered kind of extravagant by a lot of people. Now the mantra is – he who has the most toys wins!

And why is that, you ask?

Over the years, technological advancements and cool innovations in superyacht toys and accessories have seen a wide array of toys emerging in the market. Moreover, people like ‘doing’ things for relaxation now. Enter – inflatable water toys for yachts, translating into hours and hours of fun for one and all. Plus, modern yachts are more creatively spacious, having space for stowing in transom garages, over-sized swim platforms and upper decks along with davits to launch them.

Water Toys for your Yacht

Here we have charted out a list of the top 4 most fun water toys and inflatables that will make your yachting experience simply divine!

1. Giant Inflatable Water Slides

When it comes to the list of the ultimate water toys for yachts, giant inflatable water slides have been at the top for good. Nothing says ‘fun’ like sliding (falling) into the deep sea on a giant slide.


The Freestyle Cruiser™ offered by the brand the FreeStyle Slides is the world’s first custom created, sealed-air inflatable giant water slide for the yachting industry. Since the brand is known for cutting-edge family entertainment, you can expect nothing else from this unique inflatable slide which comes in a Leg Supported (LS) and/or a Non Leg Supported (NLS) version. These super fun slides are custom fitted according to the sizing of your specific yacht. Both the versions of the inflatable slide have multiple anchor points on the length of the slide and also have legs for lashing lines that go back to the ship.

The best part about these slides is the thrilling 45-degree drop from the top at high speeds for adrenaline junkies and water fun seekers. The cruiser slides from Freestyle can be deployed in 20 minutes.

2. Towable Inflatables – Banana Boats, Flying Fish etc.

Some of the most popular toys that promise hours and hours of fun on a luxury yacht are towable inflatables like as banana boats in funky colors and gigantic water doughnuts which are pulled along at great speed behind the tender, providing its thrilled users non-stop exhilarating fun on the frothy sea waves.
Since inflatable water toys are perfect for storage capacity in smaller spaces, they becomes a breeze to store and can be carried in multiples at the same time.


From the selection of towable inflatables that are most in demand by water lovers, the banana boat is the most popular, as it allows many of your friends and family to ride in this bouncing, splashy tube which can be compared and regarded as the nautical version of a bucking bronco.

3. Inflatable Floating Island

An inflatable floating island is a highly unique product as you experience the sea up,close and personal while lounging in the sun and working up a tan, without letting your drink turn cold! A Texas-based company has launched a gorgeous floating island that is any yacht lover’s dream, as it is fully configured with six removable sun loungers and has space for three occupants to float away on the blue oceanic waters, as they rest comfortably in the ergonomically-designed chaise loungers. These can be easily removed and later used on the beach as well.


This inflatable island has features like side tables and also comes accompanied with a dipping pool and docks for your personal watercraft.
Other more classier inflatable islands come with customization options like canopies, ladders, ice chests and sea pools.

4. Inflatable Climbing Walls & Trampolines

Needless to say, a climbing wall and/or a trampoline in the middle of the ocean makes for a truly remarkable, fun experience that none of your yachting friends will forget in a hurry! A climbing wall has color coded walls so you pick the route you want to go up with via the color. Don’t worry about losing your grip as you will safely fall with a kerplunk.


An inflatable floating trampoline has multiple sizes to choose from depending on the number of guests you want to entertain.
Plus, some come with options that can change it into your very own on-the-water water park.
How cool is that?

Well, yacht-lovers and water-toy-addicts, here was our list of the best inflatables and water toys in the market that promise you the most exciting experience ever in your super yacht trips on the blue waters.

Whatever inflatable you fancy, there is definitely a water toy out there to delight you for hours.

About the author: Chris loves the outdoors and has developed a love of gadgets and inflatable toys, from kayaking and paddle boarding to relaxing in his hot tub at home. The founder of WhichInflatable and has been the editor for 7 years.

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