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Best Floating Inflatable Drinks Cooler for 2023

Chris King

Whether you are at the beach, a lake, the river, or just by the pool, there is probably nothing as annoying as needing a beverage or a snack and having to get up from where you are to get one. Fortunately, now you don’t need to.

Best Floating Inflatable Drinks Cooler for 2023

Now, with an inflatable floating cooler, you can have your best right beside you floating in the pool, while you lounge next to it on your own giant pool float.

Best Floating Inflatable Cooler

What follows is a selection of the best inflatable floating coolers for 2023.

Intex Mega Chill Floating Cooler

If all you are looking for is basics, the Intex Mega Chill Floating Cooler is the one for you. Its 35-inch diameter is plenty big to not only hold your choice of beverages and snacksbut with three inflatable chambers, it’s plenty stable for you to use wherever you are.

There are not only five cup holders, but also a central reservoir to hold your ice and goodies. You can even use attached connectors to link your cooler to other Intex pool floats.

Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler

Need something a little bigger? The Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler will probably fit you to a T. This one has a 42-quart cooler that has an inflatable base that has six built-in cup holders.

Intex Mega Chill II, Inflatable Floating Cooler, 48" X 38"
Removable floating inflatable ice chest that will hold up to 72 cans and ice.

The removable ice chest can be loaded with 72 cans of your favorite beverages. All of this is supported by three air chambers and can be picked up by four handles.

Sevylor Inflatable Cooler Float

If you want a way to float your Coleman 28-quart cooler, this is the practical and durable way to do it. The base is made of a durable 10-gauge PVC with a thick 12-gauge PVC base.

Sevylor Cooler Float
The Sevylor Inflatable Cooler Float allows your 28 quart or smaller cooler to accompany you into the pool or out on the lake or river.

The center is open to accommodate your Coleman cooler. There are also four built-in cup holders, one at each corner. There’s also an easy-to-use valve for quick inflation and deflation.

Intex River Run II Sport Lounge

If you want a way to stick closer to your friend as well as your beverages and snacks, you will be delighted with the Intex River Run II Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, which comes complete with two tube lounges stabilized by five air chambers.

There are also two built-in cup holders and a cooler fitted between the lounges. And if you want to carry this out to the water, there is a rope handle all around it.

Floating Cooler and Drinks Holder

Want just a cooler and drink holder? This pool float is just for you. There’s nothing more insulated leak-proof nylon cooler encircled by six built-in cup holders, each numbered with their own numbers so drinks aren’t mixed up.

Airhead Aqua Oasis Floating Beverage Cooler
  • Removable insulated leak-proof nylon cooler with shoulder strap
  • Holds up to 24 cans

The cooler holds up to 24 cans drinks and 6 cup holders on the outside surround float.

Big Bobber Floating Cooler

This one is reminiscent of the old fashioned red and white bobbers that every fisherman remembers, only this one is giant sized to hold your beverages and snacks. It has a handle so it’s easy to carry too.

AMRC-1700 The Big Bobber Floating Cooler
Big Bobber Floating Cooler, a whale of a lot of refreshing fun!

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your fisherman, this is it.

Inflatable Boom Box Cooler

Keep your drinks cool in style in your very own boom box. This inflatable cooler is designed and styled as an 80’s style music stereo.

Inflatable Boom Box Cooler
Inflatable Boom Box Cooler, 24-Inch by 16-Inch.

Serve your beverages in style with this rockin’ boom box cooler! The inflatable boom box cooler measures 24 inches wide by 16 inches high.

GoFloats Inflatable Drink Guard Drink Holder

GoFloats are little rafts that are drinks holders, allowing you to place your drink into them while in the sea, spa, pool or lake so that they float on the water next to you.

GoFloats Inflatable Pool and Hot Tub Drink Holders (3 Pack) (Choose - Unicorn, Flamingo, Palm Tree and More)
Don’t get caught stranded without a drink! These drink guards are on duty to ensure your drink is always within a hands reach.

They are designed to not tip over with a wide base making it perfect for any size drink, bottle or glass. In a single set you get 3 floating drink rafts ideal for the family, friends or pool party.

Inflatable Drinks Coolers

Floating coolers are great for on the water, but there are a great array of other inflatable coolers designed for keeping drinks or food cool and chilled, these are ideal for parties, kids and friends.

Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler

If you would like to rest on your own island, this one might be the perfect one for you.

Inflatable 6 Foot Palm Tree Cooler, White, One Size
Features an inflatable palm tree at the center and fun palm tree leaves at the bottom with an adorable Inflatable parrot for some added charm.

This inflatable floating cooler is looks like a desert island, complete with a palm tree in the middle. Load the surrounding pool with drinks and you’re ready for an afternoon of cool fun.

Chef Inflatable Serving Bar

This one might look like a huge serving plate, but make no mistake, it’s for your beverages and snacks, only much easier to get to everything. Measuring 51” long, 24” wide and 4.5” deep, you’ll have enough space with this one that you will never need to get out of the pool again.

Inflatable Cooler Table For Party - Cold Buffet Server Table Food Coolers Inflatable Ice Serving Tray Floating Buffet Picnic Pool Table Serving Tray Food Drink Holder Containers For Indoor Outdoor
Don't keep running to your kitchen – bring the food to the party with this Chuzy Chef inflatable serving bar. It can even float in your pool!

With this floating buffet cooler just load this one with your favorite beverages, snacks, or make it into a salad bar. When you’re done or the party is over, just unplug the spout and drain the water.


The next time you decide to head for the water, whether it be in the form of the pool, the river, a lake, or anything else, if you want to make cool beverages and snacks a part of the fun, these handy inflatable coolers will make a huge difference in how you enjoy the time. With one of these, you are sure to notice the difference when it’s time to cool off and you don’t need to head back to dry land in order to whet your whistle.

There’s nothing quite like having ready access to a container full of beverages and whatever else you brought to make things a little more special. Thanks to some creative design and technology, today’s coolers are not only built better, but they are more transportable to wherever you might happen to be, on land or in the water. It’s time to have some cool, bubbly fun in the sun.

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