Best Inflatable Couches & Beds

Chris King
Best Inflatable Couches & Beds

Inflatable furniture is perfect for inside and outside use, if you have moved into a new property and want some quick furniture then these couches and sofa beds are ideal. You can quickly have sitting areas set up for a fraction of the price of a traditional sofa, this is ideal for people that just need a temporary seating area as a short term solution.

While they can be used inside they are also great for use outside and comfy to relax in too. Many are water proof and great for patio use.

Top Inflatable Couches & Beds

We round up some of the best inflatable sofas, and sofa beds that are perfect for guests, kids, camping or even on the beach.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

This inflatable sofa is also a pull out bed making it great for guests, camping and festivals. This can even be used at the beach making it ideal for relaxing in on the sand or even on the water. It has a study back and armrests, there are two inflation valves on this and can be pumped in in a few minutes.

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed

The Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed is perfect for two people to enjoy sitting or as a bed. No pump is included so will need to be bought separately. This is great for camping as it doubles up as a bed too, it is comfy and ideal for guests too.

Intex Inflatable Queen Size Pull Out Futon Sofa Couch Sleep Away Bed, Dark Gray
  • Versatile pull-out sofa that offers an affordable and comfortable 2-in-1 sleeping solution
  • Sofa pulls out into a queen size air mattress large enough to seat or sleep 2 people

Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed

Just like the previous coach this is a single hear version unlike the sofa before. This works in the same way however it is just for a single person. There is a 2-in-1 valve has an extra-wide opening for fast inflating and deflating however no pump is included with this.

Intex Pull-out Chair Inflatable Bed

The base of the chair can be folded out so it can then be used as a bed. When set up and inflated the chair size is 43 x 86 x 26 inches.

Intex 68565EP Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed, 42" X 87" X 26", Twin (Colors May Vary)
  • Inflatable chair that pulls out into a twin sized bed for in home or outdoor use
  • Comfortable backrest and armrests, folds compactly for storage

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

If you want something bigger then how about the Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa, measuring 101″ X 80″ X 30″ in size this comes in a cream coloured finish and designed with a waterproof-flocked top surface and a vinyl bottom, this sofa provides nice comfortable finish.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

If you require some temporary lounge furniture, garden furniture or some seating in an area that is to tight for a large couch then this inflatable corner sofa is a great option, it looks great and is also comfy too. The price also makes it a great option and good value too.

Intex Inflatable 2 in 1 Inflating and Deflating Valve Corner Living Room Air Mattress Sectional Sofa Couch for Living Room or Dorm Room, Beige
  • Waterproof-flocked top surface and a vinyl bottom inflatable couch provides a fantastic addition to any room in your home and great to take camping
  • 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings ensures fast inflating and deflating

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

This chair and footrest couch is a stylish design and perfect for use in the garden or apartment. Finished in a 21 gauge flocked waterproof top, sides and bottom it also comes with a built in cup holder too. The Ottoman is spirit so can be used as a foot rest or as additional seating.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

The Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman looks stylish and is ideal for kids and families, perfect for gaming rooms and for kids when they have friends over.

Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman
  • COMFORTABLE LOUNGE CHAIR & OTTOMAN: Set includes a cozy lounge chair and ottoman; Flocked material and angled backrest make for a comfortable seating surface
  • EASY SET-UP: Inflates quickly and easily; 2-in-1 valve with extra-wide openings for fast inflating and deflating

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

Add some colour to your lounge or outdoor sitting area with these Intex Inflatable Empire Chairs, colors vary and come in red/pink, orange and green.

Intex Inflatable Empire Chair

This single seat chair is large once inflated measuring 44″ x 43″ x 27″ in size. The Intex Empire Chair is designed with a transparent modern trim, has a contoured seat and a waterproof-flocked surface finish making it ideal for outside use.

INTEX 68582EP Inflatable Empire Chair: Durable Outdoor Use – 2-PLY Laminate – Velvety Surface – Flocked Construction – Colors May Vary
  • ✔  VERSATILE LOUNGING – Whether indoors or outdoors, this chair is spacious and takes lounging to the next level; perfect for living rooms, college dorms or backyard patios
  • ✔  COMFORT – Designed with a transparent modern trim, contorted seat and a velvety surface, this chair is the perfect combination of form and function

Benefits of Inflatable Furniture

There are many great benefits to buying an inflatable couch, below are just some of the great pros for them.

  • Easy to transport
  • A great temporary solution
  • Great value and relatively cheap
  • Perfect for guests and camping
  • Can be used inside and out


  • Cats and dogs will puncture them
  • Can be a bit squeaky
  • Not as comfy as a traditional sofa

Inflatable couches are great for new homes, people that need a temporary seating area or something to be used outside. As they can be deflated and easy to carry it makes them ideal for camping, allowing you to have a sofa bed that can be used to sleep on at night and relax on in the day.

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