Best Inflatable Serving Buffet Tables

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Imagine you are holding a party outdoor away from your house and you need to carry food and drinks. You will need some tables for putting them on and cool boxes to keep your drinks cold and chilled. Carrying all that can be tiresome. What you need is an Inflatable buffet table which will serve you well without you getting tired. These are inflatable buffet bars that are inflated with air when needed for use. They used as tables to hold food and drinks. They are also filled with ice to keep your drinks and food cold and chilled as you want need them to be.


We round up the top Inflatable Serving Buffet Tables perfect for keeping food or drink bottles chilled and iced.

GGI Inflatable Buffet Bar or Table with A Drain Plug

This is one of the best Service Bar. It is extra-large and rectangular in shape. It is approximately 51-inch-long, 25-inch-wide and 5-inch-high so it is so large. With this you have enough space to put all your drinks and food in. It has a Drain plug in its under valve purposefully for easy inflating the buffet table and to drain the melting water. So you do not require a pump at all. It is therefore inflated quickly and easily. It is light in weight and easily portable and easily stored. It is great for backyard parties, group picnics, hiking, camping and most of the outdoor events.

Best Inflatable Serving Buffet Tables

Tagvo Inflatable Buffet Bar

It is extra-large but smaller than GGI and cheaper too. It is 49.6-inch-long, 23.6-inch-wide and 3.94 inch deep. It has used to hold food, fruit salad, drinks and keep them cool with ice as well. It also has a Drain plug which is transparent for draining excess water from the melted ice. It is made by durable PVC. This Buffet Bar is also light in weight and portable so it is easy to carry and store. Tagvo Buffet bar is great for both indoor parties and outdoor parties, picnics, camping and all those activities.

BPA Free Inflatable Buffet Bar

This is a special salad buffet service table that is mainly used to hold food and salad. It is special in a way that your food is free from contamination since the Buffet Service bar is made from a BPA-free material. With this your food is safe. You can also add ice to keep your salad, beverages and other food stuffs chilled. Since it is inflatable it is obviously light in weight and portable. It also has a drain plug for draining excess melted water from the ice. It is large enough to hold plenty of food, salad and beverages since it is 52-inch-long, 25.5-inch-wide and 5.5 inch high. It has a fair price that is neither too expensive nor cheap. It is good for large parties, camping and outdoor events basically. This is the best choice if your party mainly involves foodstuffs like children birthday parties.

‘Cool Downz’ Inflatable Buffet Bar

This is a simple type of inflatable buffet table that is majorly used to hold food and beverages and keep them by adding ice. It is not as easy as GGI type to drain it. It is also large since it is approximately 51-inch-long, 25-Inch-Wide and 4 inch deep when fully inflated. Inflatable ‘Cool Downz’ buffet table is easily portable due to its very light weight. Anyone can inflate it very quickly and easily. Great for all those outdoor and indoor parties, tailgating hiking and camping activities. It is cheaper than most of the inflatable buffet service tables.

Inflatable Tropical Buffet Table

This is a beautifully designed buffet table with beautiful Tropical color pattern and is of a great quality. It is approximately 54-inch-long and 24 inch wide. Holds plenty of food, drinks and salad. You can add ice to keep your food cool and prevent it from going bad (make your food stay longer). It is easy to inflate and set it up for use or deflate and take it down for storage and cleaning it. It possible to drain excess water from it without losing any of your ice because it has a drain plug that is flexible and easy to use. It is good for colorful parties and children parties and barbecues in your backyard.

In conclusion, these are the best Inflatable Buffet Service Tables to buy for your parties, camping, hiking, backyard events and all that.

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