Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Stand Up Paddleboard

Chris King
Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Stand Up Paddleboard

Paddling boards are fun! Selecting the right one would enable you to have a blast on the water and give you a lovely experience. If you are looking to buy a stand-up paddle board, it is important that you consider a few things.

A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Paddle Board

Having prior knowledge of these things would help you to easily choose a perfect paddle board from the lot without being overwhelmed. So what are these things?

Things to consider when buying a paddle board

  1. The different types of stand UP paddle boards
  2. What the stand UP paddle board would be used for and where
  3. Would you be using the board with others?
  4. Volume/Your weight and height
  5. Other considerations

The different types of stand UP paddle boards

To find the perfect and most suitable board, you must first know the difference between the various types of Stand UP Paddle boards.

Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Stand Up Paddleboard

All-round SUPS – Just like the name suggests, this type of paddle board is for all around use. They are long, wide and thicker than most boards and are perfect for beginners. All-round SUPs are family and dog-friendly and very easy to use. These are the most common paddle boards around.

Surf paddle boards – Surf SUPs are short and narrower at the board’s tail and noise. They make quick turns and are less stable than the all-round Sups. This board type would be most suited for intermediate and more advanced paddlers. This would be a good choice if you want more action from your paddle board experience. It is not exactly for leisure activities.

Race Paddle boards – This type is very popular amongst racers. These type of boards are very long and narrow with a long fin for tracking. Its features are designed for open ocean competitions, flat water races and racing in general. It has very fast speed and gliding efficiency. It is not recommended for beginners, but for advanced paddlers and paddle racers.

Touring paddle boards – These type of boards are meant for long distances on the water. Though they are mostly used by paddlers that are interested in high-intensity paddling workouts, these paddle types are also wide and stable enough for beginners.

Yoga paddle boards – These boards are created with a lot of room to allow for yoga poses and other fitness related workouts. They are long and wide with a soft top and spaces to attach bands. They are designed for balance and stability.

What the stand UP paddle board would be used for and where

Do you want to be splashing in the ocean’s waves or do you want to be using it on more stable waters? You must first establish what you want to use the board for before going to buy a board. Of course if you spend more time on the ocean, a longer board would not be necessary. If you’d be using the paddle board on much calmer waters, you would need a longer board that is enhanced for speed. Longer boards are designed for speed and quick maneuverability.

If you want a board for fitness and exercise purposes, then you’d need a broader and more stable board to accommodate your poses. Needless to say, establishing where you want to use the board and what for, goes a very long way in narrowing your choice of selection.

Would you be using the board with others?

This is a very important point to consider. If you are going to be sharing the board with other people, you would have to consider their own preferences too. You might be an advanced paddler, but the people sharing the board with you might not be. It might be limiting and quite challenging for them if you buy a paddle board for advanced users. Getting a suitable board that would accommodate their needs and yours would be the best course of action.

Your weight and height

It is important to know about the volume especially if you are looking to buy a board in a shop with no manufacturer’s specs in front of you. The volume of the paddle board to buy is usually dependent on the weight and height of the paddler.

If you are short, getting a very wide board would not be very ideal because you would have to stretch far too out to the side to get your paddle into the water. This can be very stressful and it increases your risk of developing a shoulder or back injury. All paddle boards are designed with a specific weight range in mind. The general advice for beginners is to buy a board that is two times the paddler’s weight. The volume is usually expressed in meters. That is to say, if you weigh about (82 kg) 180 lbs., you would be expected to get a board with a volume of at least 164 liters. That is the general idea.

SUP fins

For calm and flat waters, centre spaced large fin would be a typical setup. A board can have about four to five fins, and the more the fins, the more surf oriented it is. Most entry level boards have a standard nine or ten-inch plastic fin. These are suitable for first timers. Although, you can always enhance your tracking performance by attaching a longer fin to your board.

If the board is for touring or racing purposes where tracking is most important, then long, single fins would be most ideal. Fins are usually made of plastic, nylon or glass. If the board is to be used in the shallows where fans can easily get snapped, it would be smarter and cost effective to get flexible fins that are made out of nylon.

Other considerations

Pricing- Like most outdoor equipment, stand UP paddle boards can be quite expensive. But there are good deals to be found. You do not want to buy a cheap board that would not last long, but then, you do not want to go overboard either. Consider boards that have a good guarantee and average prices.

Paddle- Just as there are different SUPs, there are different paddles. Most boards come with paddles attached to them. In general, light paddles are better as they would help reduce stress and fatigue while paddling.

Inflatable SUP vs Hard Rigid Boards

When it comes to the debate of hard boards against inflatable SUPS, most people tend to lose the point. A good number of people think that price is the major factor that differentiates these two. However, the truth is that these two are normally on the same page in terms of price range. What really informs your choice of either of these two is manner of usage and preference.

When making a choice between an inflatable SUP or hard board, it comes down to:

  • How rough or smooth are you on your equipment?
  • Where do you intend to store your SUP?
  • Which means of transport do you plan to use when transport your SUP?
  • Which kind of paddler are you?

iSUP vs Rigid Boards

Below I have outlined the pros and cons of each so you can see the benefits of an inflatable or a hard board.

Inflatable SUP pros

  • Durable – The fact that inflatable SUPs are strong in rocky rivers and shores makes them highly durable.
  • Compact – You can effortlessly roll these boards once they’re deflated and proceed to fit them right into a duffel bag. All you need to do is roll them, zip them up and you’re great to go.
  • Rigid with soft surface – When inflated to the appropriate psi, these boards are surprisingly rigid. Their soft surface is amazingly great for cushioning your fall.
  • Lightweight – Compared to its solid cousins, this board is really lighter.

Inflatable SUP cons

The following are some of the cons of the inflatable SUP:

  • Inflating and deflating them takes time
  • They’re less stable
  • They are less agile
  • Their speed can be lower

Hard Boards pros

  • They are faster
  • Perform much better in terms of handling, agility and speed
  • They are the perfect ones for those experienced in paddle boarding

Hard Boards cons

  • Not the best for beginners
  • Difficult to transport

Inflatable SUP or a Rigid Board?

Really the one you should buy is down to your needs, there is no massive price difference between a typical inflatable SUP or an hard board, however the space saving nature of an iSUP is a big plus. I have moved over to iSUP boards and love the ability to be able to easily pack it away in my car where I keep it stored most the time. Inflatable SUP’s are robust and well made so are also perfect for beginners and first timers.

A Guide on What to Consider When Buying a Stand up Paddle Board

When in the market for a new stand up paddle board, you must consider a number of things. To get the right board, here are some of the things you need to consider:

Talk to the Professionals … They’ll save you substantially

Professionals boast extensive knowledge coupled with rich experience in the sport. They’ll help you settle for the best board that meets all your specific needs. By consulting professionals, you’re sure that you’ll not be buying a board that will serve you for a long time.

Try your prospective board before buying

Before digging deep into your pocket and making a purchase, it is prudent to test a board. Always try your best to do this as it goes miles in saving you blushes later on.

Board length is not everything

Many people have a misconception that you must the best board must have the longest length. The truth is that this is just a myth. Of course, length is one important thing to take into consideration; however, you must consider other things such as fin configuration, rail shape, thickness, width, volume as well as the outline of a board. All these elements combined are what makes the board effective and work for you.

Select a board that matches your lifestyle

Stand up boards are available in an array of sizes and shapes. All these can get somewhat confusing. After breaking them down, essentially the three major types of boards include:

  • All-round shape – It’s the most popular. Typically, it’s used for those wanting to paddle on flat water.
  • Performance surf shape – They’re ideal for those experienced in paddle boarding.
  • Race – These ones aren’t suited only for racing. They’re also incredible for paddling over any distance.


Construction is always changing with the rapid growing market. EPS (Expanded polystyrene) foam is the industry standard as far as construction is concerned. The foam used in a board’s core plays a huge role in the strength of a board.


Prior to committing to buying a board, you must ensure that the manufacturers give not less than a 12-month warranty. All genuine and reputable companies selling quality boards normally guarantee a 12-month warranty.


Since surfing began in Hawaii, stand-up paddling (SUP) has been practiced in one way or another. Actually, the stand-up position comes in handy as its used by surf instructors for keeping an eye on their clients. An upright position gives you the best views when on water. You’re able to see minnows dart right under your board. There is no doubt that stand-up paddling is an enjoyable and fun way of having a great time in water.

Best Beginner Stand up Paddle Boards

Here, we have compiled a list of our best SUP boards that we can recommend to first timers that are looking for the best available option out there. These paddleboards are a bit wider and more stable than others on the market, meaning that learning to balance on them will be easier. Our selection comprises of boards that will offer great stability and comfort to you.

From top of the line boards to affordable soft tops, we’ve got a paddleboard for every beginner paddler. Let’s get to it:

ISLE 10’5 Versa ® Standup Paddle Boards

This model is available in a beautiful aqua blue or wood color. This SUP is approximately 4.5’’ thick and includes adjustable carbon shaft and adjustable paddle, which can accommodate paddlers of all sizes. Thanks to its highly comfortable grooved carry handle, it is easy to lug your SUP down the beach. It is very lightweight and ultra durable, yet stylish in its sleek design. The deck is non-slip with a length of 10’5. It can support users up to 245 Lbs.

It is the ideal SUP board for beginners who are yet unfamiliar with their desired paddling position. Whether you wish to stand, sit, or lie down, ISLE Versa has everything a beginner needs to get out there and have a fantastic time on the water. This model is meant for small surfs and lakes and it is certainly among the most affordable boards on our list. Thanks to its versatile shape and quality construction, it is a perfect choice for you to learn and enjoy for years to come.

ISLE 10'5" Versa | Rigid Stand Up Paddle Board | 4.5” Thick SUP and Bundle Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | 32" Stable Wide Stance | Up to 235 lbs Capacity (Blue - 2017, 10'5")
  • ALL-AROUND CLASSIC SUP DESIGN: Rigid and stable for riders of all skill levels. Perfect for activities like flatwater paddling, yoga, fishing, and more. Ideal for any skill level and provides an easy, stable ride.
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The Versa offers new thermal-molded technology that eliminates waste in the construction process and creates an eco-friendlier epoxy board that’s both lightweight and ultra-durable. Stylish in design and color.

Naish Odysseus Paddleboard

Another perfect paddleboard for beginners is the Naish Odysseus Paddle Board. Yes, it is shorter and wider when compared to other models out there but that just makes it amazingly fast. Naish Odysseus Paddle Board offers ton of stability due to its extra width. However, it is still incredibly easy to maneuver. It’s a stable enough board for any first time user but it can also be used for surfing once you get a hang of things. This item can be used by paddlers weighting up to 275 Lbs. The rider will have access to a large yet comfortable footing area and the soft deck pad provides a ton of grip, ensuring you stay on your feet even in rough water conditions.

Made from quality materials, it’s great for individuals looking for extra durability. Granted you might have to cough up a little bit more, it is worth every penny. Naish Odysseus can tackle rough conditions without getting any major dings. If you have limited storage space, consider this short and fantastic model.

Naish Odysseus Paddleboard
  • Radical multi-concave bottom shape that channels water nose to tail; paddles amazingly fast and straight for such a short wide board
  • Ideal for riders up to 275 lbs

XTERRA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Supporting up to 250 pounds, this model is for those beginner paddlers that do not have a lot of storage space. An inflatable SUP is always a great option for anyone living in an apartment or with limited storage space. XTERRA rolls up to the size of a sleeping bag, measuring in at 11’’ x 32’’. It is quite stable and can be used for individuals looking to undertake water yoga or for anyone who wants a more stable board. Its dimensions add to the stability, yet it is still light enough for easy transport.

You can use it on flat water, river, or to surf those small waves. If your little one loves spending time in water, you are easily able to take him/ her with you for a little paddle boarding without worrying about capsizing. It’s incredibly durable and inflatable SUPs are a good option for travelers. You can easily carry it through airports and take it with you for your next great adventure.

XTERRA Boards - Inflatable 10' Stand Up Paddle Board Bundle - Premium SUP Package Includes Board (6" Thick), Pump, Adjustable Paddle, Easy Transport Back Pack, Ankle Leash & Repair Kit (Black)
  • INDUSTRY LEADING PADDLE BOARD DESIGN - Xterra's inflatable paddleboards offer years of adventure and fun on the water. It's the perfect SUP for both beginner and veteran riders and it's balanced, rigid 6" thick base makes it easy to control and maneuver. An adjustable aluminum paddle allows riders to change the paddles length to match their height. Perfect for fresh or salt water, the board weighs 29 pounds when inflated and supports riders up to 250 pounds.
  • UNMATCHED MILITARY GRADE DURABILITY & QUALITY - This standup paddle board gives you the durability of a hard body paddleboard with the convenience of an inflatable board. Military grade drop stitch material covers the top, bottom, and sides of the iSUP. The entire body of the stand-up paddle board is double reinforced so that the board won't warp or lose shape over time. Tough materials and durable design means this board does not ding or dent. Get ready for endless summer fun on the water!

C4 Waterman Feathercore Da Beachboy Stand-Up Paddle board

Available in an eye catching electric red color, the C4 Beachboy just screams fun. If you want a model that will grab other paddler’s attention, then this is it. It has just about anything a beginner needs for a first paddleboard. This incredibly sleek board has a classic long –board look, measuring in at 10’6 x 32’’. It is a great option for larger riders or for family fun as it can hold riders weighing up to 300 Lbs. The wide profile creates a large stable area to stand so even tall individuals can use it comfortably

We also recommend C4 Beachboy for those beginners who are interested in giving SUP yoga a go as they will have access to a very comfortable soft top to lie on or sit. Any family member can enjoy paddling the C4 Beachboy.

ISLE Soft Top Stand Up Paddle Board Package

We have saved the best for last. Available in a beautiful wood design, this 5 inch thick SUP comes inclusive of an aluminum adjustable paddle, center fin, and carry handle. It is also available in 9’6 and 10’8 lengths. Supporting users weighing up to 275 lbs, this SUP model uses s 100% waterproof EPS foam core and high density polyethylene for the bottom. ISLE Soft Top is very affordable and another perfect option for beginners who are working on a budget.

ISLE Soft Top is lightweight and incredibly stable. It’s our top pick for the best beginner stand up paddle board as it is affordable, easy to transport, offers great stability, highly durable, and has a very polished finish.

ISLE Clasic Soft Top 10'8 Stand Up Paddle Board (5" Thick) SUP Package | Includes Adjustable Paddle, Center Carry Handle, Center Fin, Non Slip Deck Grip - Wood Finish
  • SPECS: 10-feet 8-inches | Supports Riders: Up to 275+ lbs. | Great For Families | Soft Top Deck
  • ALL AROUND SUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable for All Skill Levels | Flatwater & Small Waves

Thing to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Our top 5 best beginner stand up paddleboard review contains boards that we guarantee will not disappoint. However, before making any purchase, you need to consider:

Price – Hunt around for a SUP that is in a mid-price range but also durable. Customer reviews can come in handy here.

Size – Deck size is very important as it adds stability and makes a board more functional.

Maximum Weight – If you plan on riding with your kids or friends, ensure that your SUP can support heavier weights and bigger riders.

Material – Look for models made from extra strong materials. Any paddleboard made with military grade material can withstand time without breaking.

What to Wear for Stand up Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is one of the most common sports among people found near a beach. In the summer is the time when most people get out and do their paddle boarding as a way to pass their time.

When out paddle boarding what should you wear? Well there are a few things you want to consider that makes it comfortable to paddle board in:

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Can move in
  • Keep you warm, or cool

Paddle Boarding Attire and Clothing – What to Wear on your SUP

Below I have rounded up things to wear or things that are suitable, and also what is important too.

These are the things you should be wearing, or must have when out on your stand up paddle board.

Board shorts and a rash guard

When paddle boarding you will need to keep safe and also wear something that will dry fast. Board shorts and rash guard will do the trick. This will keep you safe and they dry very fast once you are out of the water. This means that you will not have to spend a very long time while wet.

A swim suit

For those living away from the tropical climatic area, when going form paddlboarding, you will need to ensure you have a swim suit. But then do not just go for any swim suit. There are many different types whereby some are good and others are a bad choice. If you are not sure which to choose you can seek out help from the nearest SUP shop. They are very likely to have a specialist on all this. A wet suit is not the right thing to wear. This is for summers and paddle boarders.

Swim trucks.

In the place of swim suits, other people can wear swim trucks instead. This serves the same purpose as the swim suit others have on.
Very warm wear during the cold season.

If you decide that you are going to go outside even in the cold season when the temperatures are about 50 degrees Fahren heit and bellow, then you need to insulate yourself. Remember you will need to keep warm and remain warm when outside there. You should be insulated from the cold air and also the cold water you will be paddling on. To do this you can use a well-insulated rash guard and maybe add on it a wind resistant hoody suitable for the water to keep the cold out. Then on your hands you can use very secure and warm gloves. These will help keep the cold away from you.


Remember you will be under the sun. This is unless you are in a creek that is well covered with trees but that is also unlikely. Therefore remember to protect yourself from the sun. Especially your skin and eyes. To keep this in check you can use a hat. This will keep the rays away from your face. A wide brimmed hat has been recommended for people in this sport.

However, there are other ways you can still ensure you are well protected from the sun rays. This can also be by the use of sun glasses. They are very important in keeping your eyes safe and your retina from being destroyed by the rays being reflected by the sun. Thank God for the 10 dollar sunglasses in the SUP shop. Then if you lose them, it won’t be as bad as losing your other pair.

Personal floater device

This is a very important addition to your outfit. Remember, you are in the water and anything can happen when there. There are some cases when this is a requirement for you to enter into the water.

Stearns Adult Classic Series Vest, 3000004475, Blue, Universal
  • US Coast Guard-approved adult life jacket
  • Great for boating, tubing, swimming, and water sports

In this cases, this rule is enforced by the coast guard. This is a safety measure to ensure that in the case where there is an accident, then you are well protected from the water and from drowning. There are people who thing this is not important but trust me, it is the most important part of your paddleboarding wear. The choice of the personal floater device or PFD is a personal choice. Even though, you should the best one for you. You can ask for advice from the nearest SUP shop.

Water shoes

There are people who cannot enjoy the water barefooted. They are either sensitive to the water or rocks or just prefer to be in shoes instead. Well the water shoes are the best choice for them these are shoes designed for the water and dry very fast once in the water.

Water Shoes Womens Mens Barefoot Unisex Aqua Socks Slip-on for Indoor Outdoor Snorkeling SWS002 dot Black
  • Comfortable Fabric: Upper fabric is made of smooth and elastic material, breathable and quick-dry ability. They are like socks which perfectly fits your feet and bring you a great soft snugly feeling when you wear.
  • Portability: SIMARI water shoes is ultra-light and compressible, really convenient to carry when you go out. Smooth and flexible shoes neckline designed would take care of your ankles and easy to wear or take off.

A camelback

When paddleboarding there are several things you may want to carry. This includes keys, phone, snacks, water bottle or a whistle. All these thing are important to have with you when in the water.

For starters, they can help you get in touch with people outside there. The whistle can also be used to call for help when need be. In some cases a whistle is a requirement by the coast guard before going into the water. Well a camelback will come in handy. Then with it you can carry all these things you would want to carry. A water bottle can also be strapped to the board instead of carrying it in the bag.


Remember many people opt for the summer to go for paddleboarding. Well the summer comes with its own challenges and requirements including the use of sunscreen when outside. Remember you may end up having a lot of fun and forgetting that the sun is burning you.

When outside there, remember the heat and rays being reflected by the water are also a major thing when it comes to sunburns. So to avoid the burns, why not go out there when already wearing sunscreen for protection. Coupled with a hat or visor and sunglasses then you are good to go.

Yoga clothing

Just like they work very well for yoga, these clothes can work very well for SUP. They are right for a very hot yoga class then they can be okay for such a class. If you only have yoga clothes then do not worry you are sorted.

What not to wear SUP Boarding

While there are lots of suitable clothes and items you should be wearing, there are also a few things that are not suitable:

Cotton Clothing

When paddle boarding you may just feel you can throw anything on and way you go, however cotton clothing has it downfalls if you do fall into the water. Cotton quickly soaks up the water like a sponge and takes an age to dry out, and there is nothing worse than wearing cold wet clothes, even in the sun it will still take a while to dry out. Try and avoid wearing cotton clothing while paddle boarding.


There is no need to wear shoes, trainers or sneakers on your board, most boards have rubber grip for your feet giving good balance and grip. If you were to fall into the water your shoes would quickly become filled with water and be more of a hindrance. There are no benefits to wearing shoes when paddle boarding. Keep them for running.

There are very many wears out there that are well made for the use by people who paddleboard. There is also the right outfit and the wrong outfit. When looking for the clothes you should wear, if you are not sure, consult an expert in the field and you will be sorted.

What happens when you want a convenient and top rated solution that lets you enjoy your time when engaging in SUP activities? Well, an excellent choice for you would be to invest in the Best Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories as the ultimate solution for your unique paddling needs.

Since the advent of the first SUP accessory to hit the consumer market, more and more exceptional solution for SUP have been released to improve SUP activities.

The important point is that you make an informed decision when investing in a given SUP accessory for your unique needs, Here are some of the top rated accessories that you may take into account:

Best SUP Gear & Accessories for 2022

Below I have rounded up some of my favourite Paddle board gear so far for this year.

SUP Padded Carrier/Storage Strap

Discover the excellence of this SUP padded carrier strap that is easy to adjust than the conventional strap and works great for paddleboarders of all heights and body types as well. It comes with a triple padded design that is made using soft and durable neoprene for the ideal comfort levels.

SUP-NOW Paddleboard Carrier SUP Carrying Strap to Carry Paddleboard Paddle Board Accessories for Women and Men
  • V2 UPDATES- We recently updated our instructions and our paddle board strap. Our instructions are much more clear and the strap is now made of all metal hardware. Please note that the strap will not work with tandem paddleboards.
  • 100% METAL HARDWARE: When you buy an authentic SUP-Now Strap, you are buying the only paddleboard strap accessory on the market that doesn't use any plastic pieces.

The straps allow you to carry the weight of the board on your shoulder. It also comes with a removable drawstring bag for your bottles and sunscreens and other items.

Stand Up Paddle Board, Bungee It Deck Attachment

Improve your sup regime with this Bungee it Deck Attachment that allows you to carry an extra water bottle or PFD on your next SUP excursions. The bungee Deck Attachment is a tie down kit for simple and fast attaching of your favorite items to the board. Besides that, it also comes with 4 NSI bomber rubber plates along with Spectra loops that stick on the board for added comfort.

NSI Stand Up Paddle Board, Bungee It Deck Attachment
  • 4 Rubber Plates With Spectra Loop
  • Shock Bungee Cord

The manufacturers have also made the Deck attachment durable enough to provide the ultimate scratch and impact resistance.

Earth River SUP Dry Bag – Secure Waterproof Bag

Enhance your capabilities when out on the water with the Earth River SUP Dry bag that is a custom designed dry bag that only appears better than the conventional alternative on the market, but it also provides addition ingenuity and quality for SUPing needs.

Earth River SUP Dry Bag - Secure Waterproof Bag Inc. Secure Clip, Backpack Straps & Transparent Front Panel (10 Liter Yellow)
  • We have custom designed a dry bag to keep your stuff dry on, or near the water. The perfect accessory for your stand up paddle board, kayak, canoe, or surfing adventure.
  • Available in four sizes and constructed of tough resilient material we put them through of stringent testing process and added features such as a semi translucent window and backpack straps on 10L models and up. The straps can be used to carry the bag, OR be used to securely tie down the dry bag to your SUP bungee cord system.

Further lending to its superior design features, is that this bad comes with an appealing design that makes it stand out from the rest of the items in your SUP regime. The Dry Bag is available in well over four sizes and is constructed using a resilient material for the ultimate longevity. The top section can fold down three time and clips can be used to shut the unit to create a semi-air tight seal for optimal buoyancy.

SUP Cooler Bag and Mesh Top

Take your SUP capabilities to the next level with SUP cooler that lets you keep your favorite beverages cool when taking on the water. It comes with a special mesh pocket that is used to keep your valuable safe. The superior design of this cooler lets you enjoy chilled drinks and beverages especially on hot days on the when SUPing on the water.

The Dry Bag will not only keep your valuables safe but dry with its amazing waterproof capabilities and superior fabric structure as well. This waterproof bag is also designed to provide the ultimate longevity for your unique SUPing needs.

SUP Leash & Waterproof Dry Bag Combo

Release your true SUP potential with this SUP leash and waterproof dry bag combo that comes is regarded as a cutting edge leash that comes with advanced stainless steel swivels for the ultimate convenience when on the water. Furthermore, it also features a unique paddle board leash that comes with advanced double stainless steel ankle strap and can stretch to well over 10 inches for endless fun when on the water.

Users who invest in this particular accessory will gain access to three items including leash and waterproof bag as well.

Dakine SUP Coiled Calf Leash

Keep your board close and achieve the ultimate levels of functionality when on the water with this Dakine SUP Coiled calf leash that has a reputation for top quality products and attention to detail as well.

The Dakine brand name is well known for its products in surfing and the superior standards of quality that they tend to uphold. This coiled leash has been designed to provide optimal comfort and convenience when exploring the water. Equipped with a leash, you can have sufficient peace of mind that you will never lose track of your board and you can, therefore, have more fun on the water.

SUP Deck Bag with Waterproof Insert

Release your true potential with the SUP deck bag waterproof insert that is ideal for use with smooth hoverboards and can also be used as a bungee system for additional fun when taking on water. Outdoor enthusiasts will also appreciate the inclusion of the waterproof insert that is meant to keep your essentials safe such as keys and phones as well.

SUP-Now Paddleboard Deck Bag with Waterproof Insert (Green Trim)
  • FREE WATERPROOF INSERT: keep your essentials like your keys and phone safe.
  • CARRY HANDLE: makes the pouch easy to carry when not connected to your board.

The pouch also comes a simple to carry handle that makes it ideal for carrying the pouch when it’s not connected to the board.

Further lending to its superior quality is that the waterproof insert provides optimal levels of scratch and impact resistance to make it an excellent addition to your outdoors regime.

Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Decal Sticker

Make your SUP activities convenience with this SUP board decal sticker that is durable and weatherproof for the ultimate longevity for taking on the outdoors. On top of that, it also comes with a thick vinyl with special UV laminate that can be used to protect your decal from the effects of rain, scratching and most importantly sunlight.

The decal is also available in a handy size to make it an excellent addition to your board as well. With this particular sticker, you will not only increase the aesthetic appeal of your board, but you also stand out from rest of the SUP enthusiasts out there on the water.

NALU Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Decal Sticker Orange Standup Paddleboard accesssories
  • Classic Stand Up Paddle Board SUP Design by NALU
  • Durable and Weatherproof - Thick durable vinyl with UV laminate that protects your decal from stratching, rain, and sunlight. Made in the USA!

What are the Best Inflatable SUP Board Brands and Makes?

Since the advent of the SUPing as a contemporary and exciting outdoor sport, the consumer market has been exploding with some top quality brand manufacturers. This is a good thing since it means that users have a broad spectrum of options and the competition amongst companies are also high. An excellent suggestion for before you can purchase your ideal SUP brand would be to have sufficient insight into some of the prevalent brands that are available on the consumer market today producing some of the best stand up paddle boards.

Tower adventure

Tower adventure is a particular SUP manufacturer that provides direct pricing and excellent SUP solutions for its clients. The brand company has been in the consumer market for several years now and is well known for carbon fiber, wooden SUP paddles, and flat water paddle boarding accessories as well. Additionally, the company also allows its users to shop online, and they have their main company branches in San Diego.

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard

For those who are looking for an excellent package for inflatable stand up paddleboards, carry bag and pump, then this Solstice Bali Stand up package is the ultimate solution for you. In fact, the solstice is regarded as one of the best brands to make SUPs up until now with their exceptional diversity of SUP boards. By the same token, most of their boards are often as the best-selling, and best value for money as well. The Solstice Bali boards perform very well in all types of water and are an excellent addition to more than one individual.

Connely SUP boards

Connley is also another excellent board manufacturing company that is on the consumer market today. The continually set high standards for testing, experimenting and innovation with novel SUP designs to enhance the overall performance of the boards and users in water activities The company has been providing its users with top quality solutions for taking on the water since 1965 and they have top quality boards available for their users as well. The Connelly skis are handmade with well over 50 years of research and development procedure behind every ski on the market.

Red Paddle Co

The red paddle is a company that was started in 2008 as a small wholesale unit. At the time, paddle boarding was just starting, and the guys had a good idea of making superior quality inflatable boards. Since then, the company has been innovating its users and the consumer market with a bevy Of SUP boards that are meant to provide both solid performance and impressive affordability.

Besides that, the company also has an extensive history in the realms of the water solutions world, and they have units that provide the ultimate value for money. The company has a mission statement of providing their clients with top quality boards and ensuring the client receive features that suit their SUPing needs.

Given all these points, the SUP market is packed with various brands, and it is, therefore, important that you have insight into the functionalities of the board. The brands mentioned above are some of the few excellent ones that you should take into account each time for your unique needs.

Where to Buy A Stand up Paddle Board

You can either buy them online or if you are within the location of some of these shops, then you can go in and buy it.

Pelican Shops

Pelican shops have a very wide variety of stand up paddle boards and they pride themselves in having the best prices around New Jersey. There are a number of shops spread out in different locations all operating under the Pelican shops.

If you are not within the area where the pelican shops are located, then you also have the option of ordering online. The online store also has a wide selection of stand up paddle boards and it offers a convenient shopping experience since you can take your time when choosing what you want. You can see the boards available on

DelMarVa Board Sport Adventure

If you are in Delaware, then this would be the best place to buy a stand-up paddle board and experience the best customer care. This shop is very customer focused. It is one of the places that a beginner would feel comfortable. The staff at the shop take the time to get to know what exactly you want and then they can offer you suggestions.

There is a wide selection of stand up paddle boards and when you purchase a board from them, it comes with benefits like getting training in safety as well as teaching you a few manoeuvres that you will find useful when you are on the water. For people who are not in Delaware, they can order their SUP board online.

Paddle Surf Warehouse

This is one of the best places where to find stand up paddle boards in California. It has all kinds of SUP boards. It is located in an area that has very many other shops that also sell Stand up paddle boards but a lot of people in the area would rather go to this shop because of its focus on the sport and the fact that all the employees are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the sport so the entire shopping experience is fun and informative.

It is a place where you can even just go to talk about paddle boarding and actually learn more about the different boards before you make a purchase. Their website also has an option for you to chat with an expert before you place your order online.


If you are looking to get second-hand stands up paddle boards but in great condition and at a cheap price, then eBay is the right place to look. Here you can find a number of people selling their boards and you can even get to know more about the boards. The chances also of getting limited edition board are quite high on eBay.


Amazon is dedicated to online shopping and among the things you can buy here are SUP boards. Most of them are new on Amazon, unlike eBay. On Amazon, you can even get the chance to order directly from the factory if the brand you like has an online store on Amazon.

You can make a choice between online shopping and going physically to a shop depending on what is convenient for you.

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