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Best Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks

Chris King
Best Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks

It can be difficult shopping for the right kind of kayak. You want a kayak that is strong and safe, yet comfortable. Something that one might not think about is how easily transportable their kayak is. If you’re looking for kayaks that are easily transportable as well as sturdy and comfortable then Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks are some of the best choices.

Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks

There is a variety of Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks to choose from. Each kayak is different depending on the qualities you are looking for in the kayak. They come in different sizes, different shapes and can have different seating arrangements. Depending on your preferred style, there are two different colours you can choose from as well; black or blue. And the kayaks have different purposes; some are for recreational and some are for fishing.

Panther XP Inflatable Kaya

The Panther XP Inflatable Kayak is a blue and white Aguaglide desgiend for recreational activity. It can only fit one person but it is suitable for any woman, child or beginner kayaker, so if you are just starting out kayaking this may be the perfect kayak for you. It can fit paddlers who are under 120 pounds; basically any paddler who has smaller proportions. The proprietary XP floor technology makes for a smooth paddling experience.

Panther XP Inflatable Kayak

The floors of the kayak feature an inflatable chamber with the signature Aguaglide X-beam technology, making the floor extremely strong and durable, so you are guaranteed to feel safe sitting in it. Hull material is made from polyester to protect from UV rays. The boat has molded handles that are around the boat making for simpler transporting.

Aquaglide Panther Xp Kayak
  • Capacity: 170 Lbs. (77 Kg) 1 Person
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year

However the Panther is not for kayakers with larger proportions; it can fit up to 250 pounds and any person with a 35” waist. The Aquaglide 58-5215025 Rogue XP One 8′ 1 Person Inflatable Kayak w/ Rod Holders is a one person kayak as well, but this is the option you want to choose if you are a larger proportioned paddler. The price for the Rogue XP is one of the most incredible deals out of all the Aguaglides for such a sleek, high quality kayak.

This kayak doesn’t only have to be for recreational purposes but is also well designed for fishing and diving. Like the other Aguaglide it also features UV protection from its polyester design and has a sturdy floor that uses the X-beam technology. It includes a footrest and repair kit which is a great added bonus so that the paddler doesn’t have to pay for those extra commodities.

Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Inflatable Kayak

Perhaps you’re looking for an inflatable kayak to fit two people. The Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Inflatable Kayak-Blue/White then, is what you want. It fits two people and up to 400 pounds.

Aquaglide Rogue XP Two Inflatable Kayak

This one is the exact same as the Rogue meant for one person, with a floor of the same strength and quality and has the same polyester design to protect from UV rays. You would think because of the addition to accommodate an extra paddler that it would be higher in price, but there is not much of a difference from the price of the other Rogue.

Aquaglide Rogue Kayak Xp Two
  • Capacity: 400 Lbs (181 Kg) 1-2 Person
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year

Aquaglide Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Fishing Kayak

If you’re looking for a kayak that has the ability to fit two people but can also be used for technical angling as you paddle by yourself, then the ideal kayak for you is the Aquaglide Blackfoot HB Angler XL Inflatable Fishing Kayak with Backpack. Looking at this kayak you’ll notice immediately how beautiful it looks with the color black, giving it a more stylish flare. It has a fishing cooler and seven Scotty fittings; the addition of the fishing cooler makes it so much easier if you are planning to fish in your kayak.

Aquaglide 55-5215050 Blackfoot

In fact, this specific kayak is designed perfectly for fishing; it’s thinner build makes it easier to fish than the more chunky builds of kayak. Also because it is thinner, it is more streamlined for more a glide as you paddle across the water. It is the sturdiest kayak yet thanks to it’s drop-stitch. So you don’t get interrupted as you play with your technical angling kayaking, it has a forward Splash-Guard to keep you from getting splashed.

Aquaglide Blackfoot Hb Angler Kayak XL
  • Capacity: 600 Lbs. (272 Kg) 1-2 Person
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year

The Aguaglide Blackfoot HB Angler is the inflatable kayak you need for more intense kayaking. However it is not a good kayak if you love to paddle over rougher waters and not necessarily care about technical angling. It can fit two adults while still leaving lots of room for any gear you bring along.

What makes it perfect for rockers is its whitewater outline. The whitewater outline gives the paddler better control on rough water and rocks and can maneuver over them with ease. This kayak features Duratex tubes wrapped around an extremely strong HardBottom, or HB, backbone; this makes it one of the most long lasting kayaks on the market, so this is the perfect kayak if you want your kayak for years to come. For safety of the paddlers going over rough water are also whitewater.

Aquaglide Pro-Formance Fishing-Ready Inflatable Kayak

Maybe you are a hardcore fisher who is looking for an inflatable kayak specifically made for fishing. The Aquaglide Pro-Formance Fishing-Ready Inflatable Kayak Seat with Mesh Pockets is exactly what you need for an optimal fishing experience. The seatbase is inflatable and has a high back rest to make it more comfortable while you sit back, relax and enjoy fishing.

Perhaps the best feature of this kayak are its many storage compartments, which includes mesh pockets, fishing rod holders and a beverage holder that is removable. With all these pockets you will be fully prepared to bring as much as you need to have a long day of fishing.

Aquaglide 58-5215031 Yakima 10’2″ 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

The last one to mention is the Aquaglide 58-5215031 Yakima 10’2″ 2 Person Inflatable Kayak with Drains and it’s the inflatable kayak with the best price yet. It fits two people up to 400 pounds and supports 31” waist. Unlike the other kayaks it has Ergonomic Yakima Seats which provides better contact with the kayak and is very supportive. The adjustable elastic straps keep your gear close to you so you don’t have to worry about struggling to grab whatever you need or worry about keeping any of it safe. This kayak can be inflated and deflated much easier thanks to the Boston Valve.

aquaglide Yakima

But, as in the name of this kayak, it’s most prominent feature is the Cockpit Drains; these drains wont leave a single ounce of water in your kayak, it will effortlessly drain your kayak of excess water. This is the ideal kayak if you will be going through more messy waters.

Aqua-Glide Yakima 2 Person Kayak
  • Capacity: 400 Lbs. (181 Kg) 1-2 Person
  • Warranty: Limited 1 Year

There are so many Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks to choose from, with different attributes on each kayak for different uses of the paddler or paddlers. Overall, Aguaglide Inflatable Kayaks are wonderful choices for any avid kayaker.

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