A Guide To the Best Stand Up Paddle Board Leashes

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A SUP leash is an important extra that keeps your board with you at all times ensuring you can reach it and use it as a floating aid if you are to fall off and into the water. Without a leash you could find your board is swept away from you in a current or by the wind, even a slow stream will quickly whisk your inflatable stand up paddle board away from you in seconds, leaving it out of reach or requiring a bit of a swim to get it back.

By using a paddle board leash it acts as a safety device if you were to fall in and is certainly a must have if you are using your board in the sea or a moving river. A break away leash is important on moving rivers or fast currents as you may get tangled with the leash, therefore being able to let go of the board and untangle yourself could save your life and therefore is an important consideration when buying.

Best Stand Up Paddle Board Leashes

Below we have rounded up some of the best paddle board leashes on the market that are worth checking out.

Premium 10′ SUP Leash Coiled Paddle Board Leash

A popular choice is this 10 foot leash, it is coiled and comes in a range of colors making it a great choice for family boarders. It has a comfy padded velcro strap which also has a small secret pocket built in ideal for a key.

A Guide To the Best Stand Up Paddle Board Leashes

With this leash it also comes with a waterproof wallet and strap that is perfect for storing your phone or wallet, keeping them safe and preventing them getting wet. The leash is made from 7mm urethane cord and is about a foot long when coiled up.

Unigear Premium SUP Leash 10' Coiled Stand Up Paddle Board Surfboard Leash Stay on Board with Waterproof Phone Case/Wallet (White)
  • MORE STRONG and SAFE: This leash is made of Super Strong 7mm urethane cord, Strong enough to handle the longest and heaviest boards, but since it is designed for flatwater paddling it is lightweight and flexible. New molded-in double Stainless Steel swivels, plus a triple wrap rail saver
  • MORE COMFORTABLE AND EASY to USE: Made of TPU elastic polyurethane with soft sponge, you will forget you are wearing it. The super comfortable double over Ankle Cuff has an easy pull tab with a hidden key pocket. It is easy to attach to your board and prevents rail wear or dings

Dakine Mens One Size Leash

The Dakine SUP coil ankle leash is 10 feet in length and has a cord width of 5/16 inch. The straight-coil-straight coiling method keeps coiled leashes on the board and out of the water preventing any drag. This is ideal for open water and paddle boarding. This also has comfy padded ankle strap making it a great choice for all.

SBS – 8ft Soft Top Leash

If you are looking for a budget straight paddle board leash then the SBS 8ft Soft Top Leash is a good choice. It is good value, just loop it through the existing leash tie and you are good to go. It is 8 foot long and ideal for paddle boarder or surfers, the cord is strong and robust with a comfy padded ankle strap.

Santa Barbara Surfing SBS - 8ft Soft Top Leash - 8' Replacement Leash for Wavestorm and Other SoftTop Surfboards
  • EXACT REPLACEMENT: We made sure our soft top replacement leash is just like the original leash on your Wavestorm surfboard.
  • PERFECT LENGTH: The SBS 8ft soft top leash is the same length has most softops such as wave storm and BIC, which is the length you want.

Buying an SUP leash

These are common questions and things you should consider when buying a leash, it is important to think about your board and how, and where you will be paddle boarding.

How long should the leash be?

A common question and an important one is the length of the leash itself, like paddle boards the leash also comes in a range of different lengths. Many experienced paddle boarders and online paddle boarding sites recommend to have your leash a foot longer than your board, so your board length + 1, a 10 foot board would require an 11 foot leash.

Coiled or straight?

Once you know the length of the leash you want there is then a choice of coiled or straight. A coiled leash will usually sit on the board and not fall into the water, where as a straight leash will usually go into the water and cause a drag when paddle boarding. If you want speed then the coiled leash is great, for beginners a straight leash is great, if you fall in the board won’t bounce back and hit you and it also gives you extra moment on the board with your foot that the leash is attached to.

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