Best Inflatable Camping Pillows on the Market

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The experience of camping will always be remembered! One gets to imagine how the expedition will be like many days before he sets his foot on the ground. You may imagine how great the moments will turn out to be. It usually comes out naturally. You must be one of these people! The script will be the most appropriate since it will help in your choice for the most appropriate equipment.

Best Inflatable Pillows Compared

There are various types of camping pillows; the air-filled, down-filled and the foam-filled. With an experience, the samples that fit the above demands and will always give you best memories ever are the air-filled, inflatable camping pillows. As you read through you will get to see the five best inflatable camping pillows.

 Sea to Summit AerosYour pillow! By SHOTeton Sports ComfortliteExped Air PillowThe Backside by Black Pine Moon Crash
PillowSea to Summit AerosYour pillow! By SHOTeton Sports ComfortliteExped Air PillowThe Backside by Black Pine Moon Crash
Editors PickBest Value
ProsLightweight and offers great supportVery comfortable,Inexpensive & easy to usePacks down small, available in different sizes.Comfortable, easy to inflate, great size.
ConsNot cheapStyle may not suit everyone.Not very thickNot super comfortableMemory foam layer could be thicker
Dimensions14" x 10" x 5"19" x 12" x 4"17" x 12" x 1.5"Comes in different sizes19" x 11" x 5"
Self Inflates?-
Carry Bag Included?
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One of the greatest things that will make your experience memorable is the choice of your beddings. It may either make it reckon-able or spoil the whole expected joy. The keenest focus must, however, be put on the pillow. It is a small necessity but a great determinant of how you will spend your night out there.

Several factors have to be put in place while making this choice. A great focus should be put on the features desired. The pillow has to be lightweight, but with sufficient support during a night sleep, it must not pack too much even though it must be able to expand sufficiently, so that side sleepers will be comfortable too. It should be waterproof though this should not prevent it from being soft and comfortable on your face. It should also be durable.

Best Inflatable Camping Pillows on the Market

The Best Camping Pillow Review

Below is a summary of each of these great inflatable pillows perfect for camping, an overview of each is given and the good and bad points.

Your pillow! By SHO

The name comes out by the fact that SHO is the manufacturer. It is one of the choices you should make when you think of an inflatable pillow. From a distance, one will spot it due to its outrageous, colorful making. This will make you stand out in a multitude. Maybe letting the pillow self-inflate is what can prevent you from having a good place to put your head.

YOUR Pillow! by SHO

The pillow has a perfect design with a completely original and dazzling pattern which is made up of the soft polyester surface. This type of air pillow can also be self-inflated to it maximum comfort levels. This can be achieved by simply blowing into the valves. All this is to ensure you a comfortable sleeping moment.

This pillow will also ensure that you have light travel. Its size (30 x 50cm) is the reason behind. It may appear like a paradox, that the pillow is big enough to ensure a great night yet again small enough to be rolled up to an appropriate fit into a small string packing bag that you are given. The packing bag only measures 13 by 15 by 8cm.

This pillow comes with a lifetime warranty and money back guarantee. This is enough to convince you of its quality, convenience, and affordability. The offer may not be gotten anywhere else when sought. There are probably more benefits that you might discover if you go for this bag. It will turn out to be best when considered.

YOUR Pillow! by SHO - Ultimate Self Inflating Travel, Camping & Festival Pillow
Our Rating
  • SLEEP LIKE YOU'RE AT HOME - There's nothing worse than a bad night's sleep. Banish groggy mornings from your life with this incredibly comfortable inflatable pillow. Used at Music Festivals, on Holidays, Camp sites & even Mt. Everest; browse our fantastic reviews for more insights from our brilliant customers and check out our great UK reviews on
  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD - We all like to be unique; this beautifully colorful bedtime companion certainly makes a statement. If being stylish and on-trend is high on your agenda look no further.

Teton Sports Comfortlite

The pillow is also one of a kind that will ensure a light and comfortable travel. When you purchase it, you are usually offered with a stuff sack which you place it in and by so doing making the travel easy. It is also fitted with efficient valves which allow you to inflate or deflate it within a blink of an eye. This is a time saver. You can go on to enjoy other nice moments of the camp.

TETON Sports ComfortLite Self Inflating Seat Cushion

It usually comes with lifetime warranty, hence eliminating the worry about damages. At any point, they happen unexpectedly one can get a new one. One also has privileges of having any malfunctions fixed immediately they occur without incurring any costs.

The design is also of its unique kind; its surface is soft and made of ComfortTech stretch microfiber. This eliminates strain on the neck and ensures face comfort. If you have this pillow well maintained, you will always be sure to get the best out of it.

TETON Sports Seat Cushion; No More Hard Stadium Seat Pain; Office Chair; Car
Our Rating
  • DESIGNED WITH YOUR END IN MIND: Comfort cushion provides alternative to stadium bleacher seats and hard office chairs; Soft stretch top is durable, comfortable and easy to keep clean
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND CONVENIENT: Lightweight cushion packs down to a convenient travel size; Non-slip heavy-duty base keeps cushion in place

Exped Air Pillow

An exceptional air filled pillow of all the time in all seasons. A lot of expertise and thought is invested in the selection of material used and its design to ensure prime comfort.

Exped Air Pillow

Few of its features that may make one opt for it include the flat valves which are usually two in number, one for inflation and the other for deflation. The fact that few energized breath ensures maximum inflation is a time saver. The intake valve is one of its own; it has a built-in flap to block escaping air during inflation.

However when you got too much air in, and you are not getting enough comfort the flap can help you get some out. The material and design ensure skin comfort. The soft polyester tricot fabric gets you all this. The pillow ensures that different head positions are accommodated by it having one end taller than the other and a middle indentation for the head contours. Transportation is neither a bother due to the stuff sack that is provided on the purchase, on deflation the pillow packs to an appropriate light travel size.

Exped Air Pillow, Medium
Our Rating
  • Packing to fist size and inflating with just a couple of breaths.
  • The Exped Air Pillow removes all excuses for leaving a pillow at home

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow

At the more pricey end of the inflatable pillow range this one comes in two sizes, regular: 14 x 10 x 5 inches, and a large at 16.5 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches in size. It has a synthetic fill between pillow case and the TPU bladder increasing comfort and wicks away any perspiration. The Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow offers great support and if that is important then this is a great choice.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow

Light and easy transport is ensured by the accompanying stuff sack which is special in such a way that it ensures that file is packed to its smallest size. It packs away easily and is very compact while also being extremely lightweight.

Sea To Summit Aeros Premium Pillow Grey/Green, Regular
Our Rating
  • Inflate pillow in just a couple of breaths with the multi-functional valve. Brushed 50D polyester knit is very soft and durable
  • Synthetic fill between pillow case and TPU bladder increases comfort and wicks away perspiration

The Backside by Black Pine Moon Crash

This is a great choice if considered. It measures about 19*15*5 inches. A very appropriate small size that will ensure amazing fit in the backpack side pocket in its stuff bag. You can then be assured of no bulk transport.

Backside by Black Pine Mooncrush Self-Inflating Camping Pillow

The pillow’s design and fabric; the 50-denier Stretch Tech and nonstick base prevent the pillow from sliding off. Its thick layer of memory foam ensures flexibility and maximum comfort. These are just but a few great features to make you go for this pillow.

The Backside by Black Pine Mooncrush Self-Inflating Camping Pillow
Our Rating
  • Self-inflating backpacking and camping pillow for easy use and storage
  • Flexible and soft pillow made with a thick layer of memory foam

If you get through these entire features with a keen focus, you will ultimately settle for your best choice. It, however, goes undisputed that the inflatable camping pillow is the most definite choice. A single experience will make you look forward to another camping session.

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