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Everything To Know About Air Tents Before Buying

Chris King

Everything you need to know and the ultimate guide to buying an inflatable tent can also be known as an air tent or inflatable beam tents or an aero tent.

Everything To Know About Air Tents Before Buying

Inflatable Air Tents are going to be much lighter than the traditional pole tents, whose poles alone are going to be very heavy for most people to carry proportionately speaking. Inflatable AirTents are good alternatives for the people who are going to be mountain climbing, especially if they are doing it for days at a time during the summer.

What is an Air Tent?

An inflatable tent can also be known as an air tent or inflatable beam tents or an aero tent. What ever it is called the different is the poles are removed and replaced by inflated beams, this makes it quicker and easier to set up your tent. Although the tent maybe quite large you are only inflating the beams, so a tent can be pumped in in just a few minutes using a hand pump.

Right size of tent

First stand inside the tent and see if you hit your head, then lay flat to see if it can accommodate your height, can you walk around it. Will it sleep the number of people who will use it, is there enough space for everyone, if you are taller than average than will it suit. Consider this different things when looking at the tent.

Types of tents

There are many ranges of tents, so you need to know what type of tent you want for what activities and how many people do you want to accommodate in the tent, where is the destination that needs camping, for example mountain tents are good for high altitudes and can be able to withstand bad weather. Family tents host space enough for larger groups. They can be very comfy and it has space for kids to play as well.

Buying an Inflatable Air beam Tent


Is it single or double layered and what material is it made of? Are they waterproof and have ventilation for good air quality flow. Is the fabric repairable if torn or damaged? Most tent outer layers are water proofed and the inner layer are mesh like to act as insulator hence warmth within the tent. The single layer has one layer which is both waterproofed and has ventilation. The double layer has better insulation and when the outer layer is torn the inner can withstand as long as it can take.

Anatomy of a typical tent

What service do you need this tent to provide? This will help you to know the shape of the tent. Is it ridge, dome or tunnel? Look at what comes with the tent, ground sheet which will not allow crawlies inside your room. Can it be a hybrid?


How long can he tent last? This is mainly known by the type of material, is it long-lasting, also look at the pole are they easy to break. The shape is it streamlined to the altitude and the hardships of thearea. Is it stable enough to support does it have the right pegs to enable flexing of the wind. Where are the poles connected to each other?

Type of camping

Weight is a key consideration depending on what you do. If you want light weight tent then there are some samples of tents that would work for you like dome tent. A camp that will take more time needs a stable tent e.g. Mountain tent. Also one that you are hiking needs a backpack which will make your camp easier you can go for tents such as mountain tent.


A breathing vent is very important, so you need to consider because you might end up suffocating while you asleep. Check on the windows and doors. Good tents have zipper doors which are easy to open from the bottom and can be fixed if spoiled.

Some tents double up to make canopy making a space suitable for cooking. Some tents include porches! I know, it’s shocking, but yes it does have porch, it creates more space to make you feel like home. Then check on the windows, are they airy and do they have mosquito mesh net ensuring you are safe from malaria or from flying insects

Tent Material

Choosing an Inflatable AirTent that is made from the right material is essential. People need to make sure that the material provides enough ventilation and protection from all of the elements, which is certainly not always going to be the case with what people choose. The best inflatable Air Tents have waterproof outer layers while also having inner layers that provide a degree of insulation and protection from the insects.

While people who are camping during the summer might wonder about the utility of a Inflatable Air Tent that has insulation, people should remember that the insulation is going to maintain the internal temperatures of the tent.

If people have some ability to warm the tent up from the inside or cool the tent off on the inside, it is going to be that much easier if the Inflatable AirTent has an insulated layer that is good at maintaining the internal temperatures. As such, a given Inflatable AirTent is going to be much more versatile. People can use the Inflatable Air Tent whether they are camping during the summer or camping during the winter, and everything in between.

Importantly inflatable tents when camping absolutely have to be waterproof. Water is going to be a hazard regardless of the temperature. While the waterproof material is not going to be able to stop people from getting their tens wet during a downpour, the waterproof material should at least manage to provide them with a layer of protection when it comes to the standard levels of moisture that people are going to encounter in the field.

When buying an Inflatable Tent, people should also make sure that they are able to get tents made with durable material.

Even if people are not planning on using the same tent for a long period of time, they are still going to want material that is not likely to rip and tear on them during a camping trip. The right tent will be made with the sort of material that will last people a long time in all circumstances.

The Zippers

People need to get Inflatable AirTents that are easy for them to zip and unzip in the morning. People should be able to open their zipper doors from the bottom and the inside, and the zipper doors should be relatively easy to fix if something bad happens to them. When it comes to Inflatable AirTents, there is really no reason for people to get snaps and other fasteners, which might be the case for some of the other tents that are on the market.

Insect Protection

It is a good idea to get an Inflatable Air Tent that comes with a mosquito mesh net. It is true that people will get some protection from mosquitoes as long as they are able to close their tents quickly. However, having an additional layer of protection can make a huge difference.

People don’t want to have to rely on slathering themselves with bug spray and other sorts of insect repellents in order to stay safe on a camping trip, and this is less likely to be the case if they are able to get Inflatable tents that come with an additional layer of protection from the most dangerous of mosquitoes.

Camping is one of those memories you never forget, the hardships, the laughter the bond, are few among the many. So how do you make camping easier and more comfortable, how about an air tent. Yes, they are the best in making your camping interest and tolerable even for those who have had hardship in camping.

They have benefits compared to traditional pole tents. For instance, they are quicker and easier to get step up, more comfortable and flexible in the wind.

Generally that is what you look for in a tent, this ensures you look for quality in tents and never regret. You may think it is expensive but consider the it has a strong resale value so air tents really fits within the normal price range, hence it is affordable and available. So what are you waiting for? It is worthwhile and you will be happy.

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