6 Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs Perfect for Kids Parties

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If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs then they will love these large blown up inflatable models of all the popular dinosaurs. These are perfect for presents, or if you are planning a birthday party then how about some of these dotted around the house or in the garden to give the kids a little fright and something to enjoy on the day. be it Jurassic park or jurassic world makes your holds bedroom come to life with these giant Inflatable Dinosaurs that include all the well known classics.

Inflatable Dinosaur Costumes

Be it the T-Rex or the flying Pteradactyl these area great for obsessed children and kids parties. Boys and girls love these and there is always a spell where they love dinosaurs, so if you are thinking about a surprised birthday party then think about inviting some dinosaurs along too! 

Large Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur

Jet Creations Inflatable Giant Tyrannosaurus 126 inches Long green dinosaur toys outdoor lawn for kids and adults, DI-TYR10, Black401
  • Specialty a realistic replica of the Jurassic period Tyrannosaurus dinosaur
  • Feature Size: 126-inch (L) head to tail by 50 inch (W) by 98inch (H). Jet Creations inflatable T-Rex stands with its own legs, without any support, Simply fill the feet with water or sand to weigh it down

This Classic T-rex Dinosaur is fearsome looking and at 37″ tall is large enough for most kids and great for parties. It can stand up on its own and has feet and little arms sticking out just like the real thing. The monster of all dinosaurs and the kids favourite, looks great and perfect for children parties or as a birthday present.


Inflatable Large Triceratops Dinosaur

Jet Creations Triceratops Dinosaur Inflatable 43 inch Pool Party Decoration Birthday Gift Kids and Adults DI-TRI4
  • Inflatable Triceratops, good for indoor and outdoor play
  • This durable lifelike inflatable animal is the perfect way to instantly theme an occasion or decor or bring a classroom subject to life; comes flat and inflates in minutes

This blow up Triceratops Dinosaur with it’s 3 horns and shield boasts great printed detail and measures an impressive 110cm long. It can be quickly blown up and can be used and stood up inside and out in the garden. 

Inflatable Stegosaurus Dinosaur

Jet Creations Inflatable 46" Long Stegosaurus (Green)
  • 🦖 [DINOSAUR WITH BIG PLATES] Jet Creations Stegosaurus, an Ultra Realistic inflatable dinosaur standing with upright bony plates and tail tipped with spikes.
  • 🦖 [SIZE] 46 inches Head to Tail x 20 inches Tall. Actual size vary slightly different due to the nature of product.

If you have the space then how about the very large and very long Stegosaurus Dinosaur, this blow up model measure a huge 46″ long. It looks great and has a detailed print to the outside that looks great. With its four legs the Inflatable Stegosaurus Dinosaur is freestanding and won’t topple over. Perfect for kids and always one of the popular dinosaurs with children.

Inflatable Brachiosaurus

Jet Creations Inflatable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur, 48 inch Long-Great for Pool, Party Decoration, Birthday for Kids and Adults DI-BRAC4
  • FEATURE A realistic replica of the Jurassic Period Brachiosaurus dinosaur
  • SIZE 48 inch (L) by 15 inch (W) by 28 inch (H).

With it’s super long neck the Brachiosaurus is another kids favourite, this one is 122cm long with a height of 70cm with its long tall neck.This looks great and with the others too it is a must buy and a well known dinosaur.

Spinosaurus Inflatable Dinosaur

Jet Creations DI-SPI Inflatable Spinosaurus, 48" Long Toy, 30" H…
  • Featuring 4 color printing process and superior construction
  • Durable Construction

A popular dinosaur and well known in the film Jurassic park the Spinosaurus has the fin along the back, known for its speed this blow up dinosaur is 76cm in height and stands proudly on its two feet and using its tail to ensure it stays upright. This model is perfect for a dinosaur themed birthday party, it is cheap to buy, great value and easy to blow up.

Inflatable Pteranodon Pteradactyl

Inflatable Pteranodon-Pteradactyl
Inflatable Pteranodon Dinosaur, 57" WingSpan
  • Pteranodon dinosaur model
  • Giant inflatable dinosaur

With its huge wingspan this Pteradactyl makes a great feature and perfect for hanging from the ceiling, or for kids to play with and throw around. This blow up Pteradactyl has a wing span of 61 inches and is perfect for children bedrooms and dinosaur obsessed kids. 

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