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Celebrities on Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Floats

Chris King
Celebrities on Giant Inflatable Swan Pool Floats

Swimming pool lots floats and inflatable have been around for years, they are great for kids and the lie lows ares are great for adults to float away topping up their tan. The fun of inflatable changed when Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris shared a photo of themselves swimming with a giant inflatable swan, a huge white swan then takes inflatable pool floats to a whole new level. Since they posted this picture everyone wants one and the company that makes them has seen a huge increase in orders.

This photo posted up by singer Taylor Swift received over one million favorites on the photo within a single day.

Other Celebrities that took to the water and shared photos on their Giant Inflatable Swan on Instagram includes:

Kendall Jenner relaxing on an Inflatable Swan

Kendall Jenner relaxing on an Inflatable Swan with her girlfriend.

Kourtney Kardashian chilling in her giant pool swan

Kourtney Kardashian chilling in her giant pool swan

Alessandra Ambrosio

Model Alessandra Ambrosio catches some rays while relaxing on her inflatable swan.

Emily Ratajkowski's on a gold-winged horse-god

Emily Ratajkowski’s on a gold-winged horse-god

Paul Anzalone the man behind the design for Swimline Corp and who came up with the swan float design in 2006 explained: “It took about five years for people to really catch onto the swan’s full appeal. Plus, we like large animals. Our first was a giant duck; that is still in our line and making pools look like huge bathtubs all across the country.”

The Giant Rideable Swan Inflatable Float is perfect for kids and adults, at nearly 2 metres long this huge swan is perfect for pool fun and girls to relax and sunbath on. There are handles on the neck of the Swan to hold on to and you can get up to 4 kids on there at one time. This is made of heavy duty vinyl and is very robust, can be pumped up using a push pump or electric compressor once in the water it looks elegant and is great fun for all ages to enjoy.

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