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How To Keep The Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub

Chris King
How To Keep The Water Clean In Your Inflatable Hot Tub

An inflatable hot tub is a great investment. There are days when work and school and other obligations will stress you out and make you feel worn down and tired. Or you may have swelling, strains, and muscle sprains that are hard to deal with. Spending time in a hot tub can be the best way to deal with any of these pains.

Many health conditions like blood circulation, back pains, and arthritis can be cured with a few minutes in the hot tub. Or you can just use it as a way to sit back and relax when the day has been tough.

Keeping your Water Clean

No matter the reason for getting the hot tub, it is important to keep the water clean. When the water gets dirty, it not only takes away some of the enjoyment of sitting in the hot tub and getting to relax, it can be harmful to you and your family. The good news is there are a few things that you can do to keep the water clean so the hot tub is more enjoyable for everyone.

Let’s take a look at all the steps that you can take to keep the water in your inflatable hot tub as clean as possible.

Check the Water Filters

The water filter is an important component of your inflatable water tub because it will trap the leaves and dirt and other things that get into the water. They can get dirty quickly and may stop doing their job. Clean the filter out regularly to allow it a better chance at completing its job. Replace when necessary as well.

Your water filters need to be checked and replaced on a regular basis. Even when you take care of the filters, it is possible they will wear out and not work as well as you would like. You can look through the filters and see if they seem dirty and worn out. Replacing them every month or so is the best way to ensure they work properly and that your pool will stay cleaned out.

Pay Attention to the Chemical Levels

Another way to ensure that the hot tub is working well and the water will stay clean is to keep the chemical levels in check. This also helps keep your family safe when they use the water. There are a few different options, including bromine and chlorine, that will work to keep the water in the hot tub safe. each has its benefits including:


If you go with chlorine, you can choose between the tablets and the granules. Chlorine is a popular option because it works quickly, it does not require a lot of maintenance of the hot tub to work, and it is cheap. Some of the drawbacks of using this though is that it can be smelly, especially right at first when you get started, and it may irritate some sensitive skin types.


Just like with chlorine, you can choose between the granules and the tablets. This one works a bit differently than the chlorine but it can help make sure the water in your hot tub is sanitized and stays clean. The benefits of using bromine is that it is ideal if you have sensitive skin and it has a low pH value. It also doesn’t smell as badly as the chlorine. The cost is higher though and it takes longer to dissolve so you may need to plan ahead a little faster.

When you get a new hot tub in your home, you can quickly prepare for the nights of relaxing and spending time with your family. But if you want to continue to enjoy that relaxation and all the fun of an inflatable hot tub, it is important to keep the water clean. Use the methods above and you can ensure that hot tub water stays clean and safe for everyone to use.

Keep the Lid On

It is easy to get distracted and not take care of the hot tub. You may finish having a soak in the hot tub and forget to add the lid back on. This may allow more dirt and bad stuff to get into the water. Add the lid on when you finish using the hot tub and see what a difference it makes in keeping the water clean.

Your hot tub will come with a cover that you can use to help keep things out of the water. If this one is too hard to put on after every use, shop around and see what other covers are available that may be a little bit easier. The important thing is to find a cover that fits and then keep it on whenever the hot tub is not in use.

Take a Shower First

Taking a quick shower before jumping into the hot tub can help keep it clean. The body has natural oils that will wash right off when they come in contact with the water in your hot tub. Then there are the deodorants, facial creams, perfumes, sweat, and all the grime from the day that can get in as well, contaminating the water in the process. The shower does not need to be a long one to work. A few minutes to rinse off can make all the difference.

Replace the Water

Over time, you may need to replace the water that is in your hot tub. The trick with this one is to learn to know when to replace the water. The best bet is to do so before the water starts to smell or look cloudy. But when is the best time to do that before the water is completely ruined?

To do this, take note of how many gallons it takes you to fill up the hot tub. Then you can divide that number by how many people will routinely use the inflatable tub. Divide that number by three and you will know how often to replace the water in your inflatable hot tub before it gets ruined.

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