Best Inflatable SUP Backpacks and Carry Cases

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An inflatable paddle board is a great way to take to the water and an easy way to always have your board with you, no need to have it attached to the roof of your car or taking up all the space with the seats down, just roll it up and put it in the trunk of your car. Many paddle boards will come with some sort of carry case or backpack, making it easy to park up and then walk down to the water with it on your back leaving your hands free.

As mentioned many inflatable stand up paddle boards come with a back pack, however if you don’t have one then don’t worry as we round up some of the best SUP backpacks on the market.

Best Inflatable SUP Backpacks

When looking for a backpack first look to see if the manufacturer of the board you have do a matching case that will fit your paddle board perfectly.

Tower iSUP Backpack Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards

Tower paddle boards are very popular and therefore this back pack is certainly worth having. It will fit the Adventurer Package which includes the board, paddle and pump too. Everything you need!

Tower iSUP Backpack Bag for Inflatable Paddle Boards

It has comfy soft backpack straps for easy carrying and lots of storage including a Velcro and snap top closure, there is also a handy interior zipper for storing the board fin. To cap it off there is also a bungee on the front for more storage, ideal for bottles of water, your map or any other easy access items.

Ten Toes RAMBLER Ruck Sack Backpack

If you have the Ten Toes inflatable SUP then this ruck sack is worth checking out. It is made from a durable nylon shell helping to prevent damage to your board and accessories. It has a cleverly designed mesh netting on the top and sides for better ventilation helping to dry your board and preventing trapped moisture. It will fits all of the Ten Toes’ inflatable standup paddle boards making it ideal no matter which model or size you have.

Ten Toes RAMBLER Ruck Sack Backpack

There are adjustable sides and shoulder straps for making it hold on your back comfortably and also a torso strap for better distribution of weight.

Supflex Backpack Bag

This ruck sack is designed to hold everything you need when inflatable paddle boarding. The board, paddle and pump. It is big enough to store any inflatable board up to 12’6″ in size.

Supflex Backpack Bag

The comfy SupFlex backpack has shoulder and waist cushioned adjustable straps for better comfort and an external transparent zipper pocket ideal for keys or map. This is a good size case and perfect for checking it on to flights and taking your paddle board away.

Ten Toes NOMAD Rolling Backpack with wheels

If you want a backpack that is better suit for taking on flights or has wheels so you roll it along instead of carrying it then the Ten Toes NOMAD Rolling Backpack with wheels is for you. Again this will fit all of Ten Toes’ inflatable standup paddle boards, it is made from a heavy-duty nylon with super tough wheels too.

Ten Toes NOMAD Rolling Backpack with wheels

The bag is well made, strong and robust, it is on the pricey side and certainly not cheap, however it is made to last.

Inflatable SUP’s With a Backpack

If you are looking at buying a inflatable paddle board then consider ones that also have a backpack included this will save having to buy one too.

Popular boards that include a backpack or carry case

Check out these boards that come with everything you need to get going.

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