Best Inflatable Paddling Pools for Kids

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With the summer just around the corner the warmer temperatures the kids will be outside playing in the garden. what better way to cool off then playing in a paddling pool. Perfect for kids of all ages and easy to set up and fill.

Best Paddling Pools

We review the top paddling pools ideal for the in the garden this summer for kids and children.

Bestway Paddling Pool

With a ten feet diameter, this exquisite sturdy paddling pool is large enough for dad and mum to join in the fun. Though it may take a longer time to inflate and fill it compared to a smaller option, it is worth the effort for your children if you want them to have a proper swim. It comes equipped with a protective cover and a filter pump.

  • The dimensions are 103" x 69" x 22", 14 gallon vinyl pool
  • Capacity is 198 gallons. Also comes with a shelf box. Includes a repair patch
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This pool is perfect for your kids because of its protective features.

Bestway 48 x 10-inch Ocean Life Kids

This is an easy to set up paddling tool that can hold up to 140 litres (40 gallons) of water. It is durable thanks to the fact that it is made from pre-tested vinyl material.

An ocean life inflatable pool (48
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It is multi-colored, and it comes with a repair patch for any accidents occurring. It is multi-colored and is ideal for small gardens.

Intex Crystal Blue Three Ring Inflatable Paddling Pool

This is a 3-ring pool that measures 1.14 cm by 25 cm and has a diameter of 48 inches. It is an excellent swimming starter for children that are over three years old. It is an ideal pool for garden use.

Have fun splashing and playing in the Intex Crystal Blue Pool. This fun, round, three-ring pool is sure to delight as it is a great starter pool for young children over two years old.
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This is a pool that is ideal for children over the age of three and is perfect for the home garden or holidays. It has a three-ring structure that includes three air chambers with double valves and a repair patch.

This pool measures 147cm by 33 cm. It is made of pre-tested vinyl and has three chambers with double valves and is ideal for children age two years and above. It is blue, and it is a perfect pool for the garden.

Bestway Family Pool

This is a Family Pool that can be inflated quickly and is very easy to set up. It is made from vinyl, thus making it durable. It measures 262 by 175 by 51 cm, and it is blue. It is ideal for young families with kids over the age of six.

Make a splash this summer with the Intex Swim Center Family Pool! The wide side walls allow for maximum play room, and three air chambers, each with a combo valve, make inflation and deflation a breeze.
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Intex Swim Centre Family Pool with Seats

This is a sizeable family lounge pool that measures 229 by 229 by 66 cm and can fold very well for traveling or storage. It has four built-in inflatable seats with backrests, two soft drinks containers, and a drain plug at the bottom.

Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool is perfect for a family to relax and keep cool from the summer heat! A comfortable backrest and four cushioned seats make this the perfect pool to relax in while watching your little ones play!
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It is made of pre-tested vinyl, thus durable. It is ideal for the whole family.

Bestway Fill-N-Fun Paddling Pool

This is a colorful pool with sea creatures design that makes it very child-friendly. It is sized 48 by 10 inches, and it is easy to set up since no tools are required.

Splash and Play Fill N' Fun Pool is an ideal size for kids to splash and play outside in the garden. Colourful cartoon underwater graphics across stable vinyl pool walls.
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It features rigid and durable PVC walls that have a permanently attached vinyl bottom.

Bestway Spaceship Paddling Pool

This is a vibrant PVC made saucer inspired pool that has a diameter of 157 cm and a height of 41 cm. It features three air chambers and durable safety valves. It is an ideal pool for children over the age of three. It is suitable for both home and holiday use because it is easily portable.

Garden pool designed just like a silver spaceship of UFO, perfect for kids interested in space.
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Intex 6ft by 20″ Easy Set Swimming Pool

This is a PVC made paddling pool, and it is a perfect starter pool for children aged over three, but the parents too can sit in. It has a water capacity of 886 Litres, and it comes with a drain plug for easy emptying. For safety, one should not lean on the inflatable top ring or climb on the sides of the pool. It should also be placed on flat ground.

Easy to set up - spread along firm, level ground, inflate top ring, then fill with water
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Intex Play Box Pool

This is a great starter pool for children above the age of one. It has a water capacity of 57litres and is made of 0.25mm vinyl for durability. It has a height of 18cm and comes with a Repair Patch. Its floor is also very soft, thus boosting its comfort to the kids.

A ink square play box paddling pool from Intex, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
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