Best Paddleboarding Spots Around the World

Chris King
Best Paddleboarding Spots Around the World

Stand up paddleboard is the fastest growing sport in the world and this is with good reason. Paddle boarding is a whole lot of fun, an effective workout and is also very easy to learn.

You can take your kids on paddle boarding this summer and you will have nothing to worry about. Almost all water bodies around the world have become a playground for stand up paddlers. You can enjoy the water view with your loved ones or even pets and forget that you are getting a good workout too.

Top 5 Best Paddleboard Locations in Sydney

Sydney is a beautiful city with a lot of beaches and as such one of the best destinations for this sport. If you are thinking of paddle boarding this summer, we have put together the best five paddleboard locations you can explore in Sydney.

Clareville Beach

Claireville is one of the best beaches for paddle boarding in Sydney because of its relaxed and protected water body. Because of the calm water, it is suitable for beginners and kids. So if you want to try out paddleboarding for the first time in Sydney, I suggest you visit this beautiful beach. There are instructors on the beach that can guide you on the sport before you try it out by yourself.

This location is also one of the best because of its outstanding amenities and features. The Clareville Beach has an outdoor shower, a picnic site with a variety of tables and viewing areas, electric BBQs, parking, among others.


Photo of Narrabeen Beach by Phil Whitehouse – Flickr


The Narrabeen is yet another calm beach. The calmness makes it suitable for paddle boarding, especially for beginners. This beach offers private and group paddle boarding training, depending on what you want. The north Narrabeen Lagoon is a captivating site; you should look out for it when you visit. Also, this beach is never too crowded, which makes it a perfect learning spot and you wouldn’t be bumping into people on the beach.

Watsons Bay

At Watson’s Bay, you will enjoy scenic views of Sydney’s skyline, coastline and a glimpse of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This beach is one of the favorites for experienced paddleboarders. There are also instructors on this beach for guided lessons so you can bring your whole family along this summer. Beginners can also train in this Beach because it is wide and has calm waters. You can also visit the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel after paddleboarding.

Coogee Beach

The Coogee beach is a very popular family retreat destination. It is undoubtedly one of the best paddleboard locations in Sydney. It is calmer than its nearby beaches, which makes it ideal for paddle boarding. This beach has a beautiful and clean sandy shoreline with picnic facilities that you will love. You can also go on the popular Bondi to Coogee walk for an exciting adventure. This is a great location to test your paddling balance on the board while you enjoy the beautiful breeze and get a good workout too. It is a great location; one of Sydney’s finest, especially for the warm weather.

Balmoral Beach

The Balmoral Beach is yet another excellent paddleboard location in Sydney. The Balmoral beach has still water body which makes it ideal especially for beginners. Several professional teachers on the beach can teach you the sport, or you can choose to learn it yourself in calmer areas of the water. The good thing is that paddleboarding is not a difficult sport. One good thing about this beach is that SUP beginners can remain in the slightly exposed island. This is why the Balmoral beach is one of the best locations in Sydney for first-time paddleboarders. The beach also has several cafes you can utilize when you are not in the water. If you are a first timer, you can visit the Balmoral beach before visiting other locations.

Best Places to Paddle Board in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its wonderful beaches. But what many do not know is that stand-up paddle boarding is starting to be the watersport of choice. This sport combines the graceful experience of surfing with upper-body toning benefits of paddling.

Paddle boarding began in the 1960s right in Hawaii. The Beach Boys of Waikiki would paddle out on their long boards and take picture of tourists learning to surf. But it was not until the 1990s that stand-up paddle boarding started to become one of the fastest growing watersports in the United States. There are numerous places to enjoy paddle boarding all around Hawaii. But we have narrowed it down to the top 5 places to paddle board in Hawaii.

Waikiki, Oahu

There are several places to paddle board in Waikiki. The “Pops” or Popular area is known for its bumpy waves, which makes it ideal for those experienced paddle boarders. Here you will find some sharp reef edges so it might be a good idea to wear a pair of booties to help protect your feet. Most of the time this area is less crowded than other places in Waikiki. There are a few places in the Waikiki area that are perfect for beginners to learn how to paddle board. With many businesses in the area, you are able to easily find an instructor. Many instructors offer private individual lessons, but some have the option of having a private group lesson.

Sunset Beach, Oahu

Sunset Beach is found on the Northern side of Oahu. They are best known for the big wave surfing that occurs in the winter time. Which means that this beach hosts many worldwide surfing competitions. But during the summer months, the water becomes much calmer. This calm water makes it perfect for paddle boarding. It is so calm that you are able to paddle to Waimea Bay, which is a 4-mile journey. There are also some coral formations in the area. This means that you can hop off your board and go for a swim or snorkel around if you want to.

Kailua Bay & Lanikai, Oahu

Kailua Bay and Lanikai are less than a mile apart and are home to crystal clear, azure waters. Lanikai is a hidden paradise within the Hawaii beaches. It is home to the softest white sand and deep blue water. This beach might be hard to find, but it is totally worth the adventure. The waters will allow you to paddle board to the popular twin Mokulua Islands. Kailua Beach is home to year-round serene paddle boarding conditions. This is why Kailua Beach is known as the best water sports destination in the whole world. The surrounding areas include Mokapu Penisula, Mokulua Islands, and Flat Island bird sanctuary. So there is plenty of other activities that you can enjoy while visiting Kailua Beach.

Kealakekua Bay, Kona

Kealakekua Bay is one of the many historic sites in Kona. It is home to the famous Captain Cook Monument. With no paved roads in the area, many visitors choose to kayak or paddle board their way up to it. The best time to go paddle boarding is in the morning hours. During the afternoon the wind picks up and makes the water become choppy. The Bay is also home to the only underwater state park in the island. This makes it an awesome place to do some snorkeling. On most days you are able to see up to 100 feet down into the clear waters. At the state park do not be surprised to see manta rays, sea turtles, spinner dolphins, and other marine life.

Wailua River, Kauai

Kauai is home to the only navigable rivers in Hawaii. The eastern-flowing Wailua River is the most popular river to go paddle boarding down. This river has a slight current, which is considered a Class Zero. The current makes it perfect every level of paddle boarder, so it is the perfect adventure for the whole family. Down this river, you will be able to paddle through jungle greenery. There are many tour companies in the Kauai area that offer packages that include hiking to waterfalls, zip lining, and paddle boarding. With so many activities to do in Kauai, it is not only perfect for paddle boarding but also offers many other family fun activities.

Best Places to Paddle Board in South Lake Tahoe

Stand-up paddle boarding is becoming massively popular, so it comes as no surprise that the crystal-clear waters of Lake Tahoe became such a popular hub for paddle boarders and other water-sport enthusiasts. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran on the lake, or you’re just starting out and want to give it a few tries before you commit and invest in your own gear, South Lake Tahoe is a great place to learn, improve, and have an all-around great time.

El Dorado Beach

Lakeview Commons at El Dorado Beach is a tried and true favorite of locals and visitors alike. Not only can you rent all your gear right there on the beach, but they’ve got a great event schedule that includes ladies night, a concert series where you can watch live music from your board out on the lake, and stand-up paddle board races. Not to mention, Lakeview Commons also has some of the most stunning views on Lake Tahoe.

Camp Richardson Resort & Marina

More experienced paddle boarders should check out Camp Richardson Resort & Marina, it’s a great place to spend an entire day out on the lake. Hours worth of undeveloped shoreline make it perfect for exploring and picnicing, and being only 10 minutes west of South Lake Tahoe, it’s easily accessible. Camp Richardson also offers a wide selection of lodging and camping, plus restaurants, shops, entertainment, and of course the marina.

Kiva Beach

For a quieter, less busy paddle boarding experience, Kiva Beach is a hidden paradise. Only accessible via a short walk from the free parking lot at the visitor center, Kiva Beach is just out of the way enough to make you forget where you are. An amazing view of Mount Tallac and the surrounding mountains off in the distance makes this a great destination for anyone with or without a paddle board. Taylor Creek is accessible from this launch point, a favorite among many paddle boarders.

Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cove is a popular summer destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. A popular paddle board trip from this launch point is heading 4 miles north to Cave Rock. This route is more rocky than the ares in South Lake Tahoe, so this route might be best left to those with more experience. There are many lodging options, Zephyr Cove Lodge offers 4 guest rooms great for families, there are also 28 cabins, an RV park, and a campground. You can also take a 2.5 hour scenic cruise on the lake, or enjoy beach activities such as volleyball, swimming, or a couple beach cocktails from Sunset Bar & Grille

If you happen to be an avid paddle boarder looking for a longer journey, Lake Tahoe Water Trail offers more hard-core adventures. A 72 mile shoreline with over 40 launch and landing areas, Lake Tahoe Water Trail is the ultimate paddle board experience. There are trip maps available for up to 7 day trips, or you can spend as little as a couple hours out on the lake.

Timber Cove Marina

At Timber Cove Marina, you can launch your paddle board, or try one of the many other activities Timber Cove has to offer such as parasailing, high-speed boat rides, jet ski rental, and boat rental. This is a great launch area for larger groups who aren’t all interested in paddle boarding. Timber Cove also offers restaurants, shopping, a great beach, and lodging at Timber Cove Resort.

Regan Beach

Let’s say some of the people in your group have no interest in water sports whatsoever. Head to the oldest beach in South Lake Tahoe, Regan Beach, to get in some paddle boarding while having fun with the whole family! Everyone can enjoy nature and take in the beautiful scenery with a large grass area perfect for picnics and yard games. You can also find an observation deck, playground, restaurant, and sand volleyball court, so everyone can find something to do.

If you’ve never been out paddle boarding before, now is the time to get out there! Paddle boarding has grown so much in popularity that it’s now more accessible than ever, for everyone. Whether you live near Lake Tahoe or are planning on making it your destination, it’s a great place to get your feet wet and soak up some sun with friends, by yourself, or with the whole family!

Final Words

Paddle boarding is a very exciting and fun activity that is also quite easy to learn. So if you haven’t tried the sport before, you need not worry. Sydney beaches offers great opportunities to beginners to master the sport and one good thing is that you may not need to buy your paddle board just yet. There are free paddleboards for rent in the locations mentioned above, and they don’t cost much.

So pack your bags and prepare for a fun-packed paddleboard retreat in Sydney. For experienced paddleboarders, you should also check out our suggested locations; they are best places to paddleboard in Sydney.

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