7 Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Super Rich

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If you are super rich then you are likely to have all the must have boys toys, from super cars, large houses around the world, and of course a super yacht, and the must have toy on your super yacht is a super slide! Huge inflatable water slides off the side of your boat dropping down into the sea!

This is certainly one exhilarating way to get into the sea for a dip!

7 Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

7 Epic Inflatable Water Slides for your Super Yacht

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

FunAir have come up with a stunning steep inflatable water slide that also has a twist in it, sweeping down the side of the boat with a bend coming out to the side of the yacht. The are tall side walls and netting to the top to ensure you don’t fly out as your drop down at a fair speed. FunAir also produce inflatable climbing walls that go down the side of the boating, so once in the water, you can work your muscle and climb out too.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

Inflatable water slides are custom built to your boat, so the taller your yacht, the bigger your water slide, this steep slide hangover the top railings of the boat and drops down the side. It has been designed with a steep drop with a flatter ending and entry point into the water. On the slide itself they have also had the name of the boat added  and coloured in grey and white to match the boat too.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

How about this gorgeous spot to slide in the sea? Whatever the location the inflatable slides can be set up, it weights a fair bit and takes a trolly to move it into place and a number of on board crew to set up. Once in place it can create hours of fun and enjoyment. This water slide is from freestyle cruiser, a leading manufacturer in inflatable water slides for super yachts.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

A smaller water slide that hangs over the top railings of this yacht, perfect for all ages an great fun too. Each water slide is designed specially for your boat and is sized and built accordingly so that it is safe to use and also easy to set up on your boat.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

This inflatable water slide incorporates two twists in it, curling down into the sea. Designed in get and back to match the yacht itself it has netting on the top and tall sides to ensure you stay on the slide as you zoom down it before dropping off into the sea at the bottom.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

This yacht has a very steep slide attached to it that will get the adrenaline going. A steep drop that goes straight down into the sea, it is also coloured the same as the yacht in white and a light brown which looks very sleek.

Epic Inflatable Water Slides for the Rich

Don’t fancy anything too steep? Then this great slide drops off from one of the lower decks and is a lot more gentle and perfect for younger kids. In blue and white it looks great and can be quickly set up. The perfect water toy for all ages and families ideal for any super yacht.

See these water slides in action and feel the adrenaline rush!

Which do you want to try?

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