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Blow up Tents & Playhouses for Kids

Chris King

A great way to experience the great outdoors as a family is to go camping. But if a camping trip is the last thing on your schedule, let your kids’ imagination run wild with a blow up tent.

Blow up Tents & Playhouses for Kids

As a parent, you may agree that spending time with your kids outdoors is a truly memorable experience. It allows you to connect and bond with your children on the best parts of childhood that remain constant, regardless of trends.

These inflatable tents offer convenience and save time. Additionally, they’re easy to set up in your backyard. If your kids feel bored on a weekend afternoon, you just need thirty seconds to set it up.

Best Blow Up Tents and Forts for Kids

If you are familiar with the traditional pole tents you will agree to the hassles to carry and construct them. These tents include materials that are bendy, breakable, and turn rusty over time.

Fortunately, we cannot say that for inflatable tents as they come with reliable and durable material. To help you purchase the best option for your kids, we’ve mentioned some top picks, along with a buying guide.

1. Digital Camo Blow Up Tents for Kids by AirFort

Our first choice is suitable for kids of all age groups. Adults can also join their kids in this inflatable tent. Easy to set up, this option is in the list of customers’ choices. You can inflate this tent in seconds so your kids don’t have to wait for hours to go on an adventurous ride.

Another thing that makes this tent special is its carrying bag. This bag is small and it doesn’t occupy much storage. You can carry it around even on longer trips. Also, the spacious interior makes it perfect to accommodate toys, blankets, and pillows. Other pros of this blow-up tent include:

  • You won’t need any additional equipment to set it up
  • The size is perfect for independent playtime
  • It comes with a small, easy-to-carry bag to pack it in

2. Merry Go Round Blow Up Tents for Kids by Hiya

This blow-up tent by Hiya has a unique design, making it a suitable space for children’s activities. Children can spend hours in this spacious tent. These tents are available in different themes, but if your child loves the merry-go-round, this inflatable tent is enough to make them excited.

The barrier-free entrance easily lets your child move in and out. Plus, the absence of metal scaffolding reduces the risk of injuries. Other pros of choosing this inflatable tent include:

  • You can place it anywhere in the house or outside in the backyard
  • The translucent opening allows you to keep an eye on your child
  • Barrier-free entrance offer safe in and out access
  • You can inflate this blow-up tent within seconds

3. UFO Blow Up Tents for Kids by AirFort

This durable and breathable blow-up tent is all your child needs to organize a perfect party with their toys. And if you’d like to join them, it has enough space to accommodate adults as well.

This tent is the best alternative to screen time and helps enhance your child’s imagination. A benefit of this tent is that you can inflate it using a household fan. If your child loves going on outer space adventures, then this tent is the perfect spaceship. Here are some extra advantages of purchasing this inflatable tent:

  • Suitable, safe, and secure for all age group kids
  • Construction is breathable and durable
  • Setting and cleaning this tent is pretty simple

4. Mod about Grey Blow Up Tents for Kids by AirFort

While it sports a similar design as the previous tent, the theme is simple. These tents are easy to carry and come with a matching bag. It’s lightweight enough for your kids to carry it around while traveling.

This one is a big fort with a small package. The entrance allows your kids to pass through it safely by simply lifting the flap. The benefits of these tents include:

  • It contains a mesh divider that keeps your child away from the fan.
  • A large transparent window allows you to watch your kids while they play.
  • Adults can also accompany their kids in this large tent.

How to Choose the Best Blow-Up Tents for Kids?

This section will simplify your buying decision and help you choose the best blow up tent for your kids:

1. Size – The first thing that you don’t want to go wrong with is the size. When purchasing a tent, you need to carefully choose the size. But with blow-up tents, anticipating the size of the product can be difficult. Most manufacturers mention the dimensions on the packaging. Some also mention how many people the tent can accommodate at one time. Also, consider the dimensions of the tent when you completely inflate it.

Size also correlates with comfort. For instance, if you are looking for a tent that fits two to three persons, you should go with the one that is suitable for four persons. Many inflatable tents are tall enough for a child to fully stand. In such tents, there won’t be any space concerns. Furthermore, consider the total weight of the tent before inflating. That way, you can determine whether it is easy to carry or not.

2. Design – An inflatable tent’s design can significantly affect how comfortable your child feels using it. While choosing a tent, never prioritize aesthetics over comfort. Understandably, aesthetic appearance is an important element when purchasing a tent for your kids, but considering how much time they’ll spend inside, you don’t want them to feel comfortable. Speaking of which, tents with numerous chambers are perfect for your child as it allows plenty of room to play freely.

Inflatable tents specially designed for kids include various child-friendly features. Be sure that you go with a lightweight and portable option. At the same time, it should be robust and have the ability to withstand high winds.

3. Accessories – Also, check if the pack contains all the essential accessories. Some common accessories that you should check before purchasing include a pump for inflation, a cord for portability, hooks for lanterns, straps, and storage pockets.

4. Materials – Polyester is a popular material for inflatable or blow-up tents. Besides polyester, manufacturers also use Poly Cotton, which is a robust material made from cotton and polyester. You can also purchase inflatable tents that can withstand rain. These blow-up tents have a waterproof polyester construction to offer protection from the rain.


Now that you’re aware of the best available options and important considerations, you can choose the best blow up tent for your kids. If you don’t have the time to evaluate different options, you can go with any of the above-mentioned four blow-up tents for kids. These tents are comfortable and large enough to fit a grown-up along with the child.

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