Inflatable Body Bumper Balls & Zorbs

Chris King
Inflatable Body Bumper Balls & Zorbs

Bumper balls is a great game for pairs or groups, play soccer of football wearing these body orbs and bump into your opponents while trying to score.

Inflatable Bumper Balls

The bumper suits cover your body, head and arms with your legs remain free allowing you to move and run around freely. With your body and head all covered and protected you can bounce and knock into others without hurting yourself or them as you are in an air filled bubble.

The zorb balls can measure up to 5FT, or 1.5 meters, they have padded shoulder straps that help support the ball and you, these are also adjustable so they can be changed depending on your height and for comfort. There are handles inside that you can grip to and hold the ball.

With the large diameter of the bumper balls you are well protected with a large wall of air protecting you.

This bubble ball is made of 0.8 mm ultra thick PVC. It has excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, better sealing performance and ductility.

Playing Bumper Football/Soccer

To play bumper soccer you would require two goals and two teams with 2 or more on each team. Each player would wear a bumper ball body suit which is inflated and the aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible within the time limit of the game.

Using a softer and large inflated soccer ball makes the game easier and more fun as the ball won’t run away as much.

With each player in an inflated bubble they can bounce and knock into each other making the game very entertaining and funny. For extra protection you may wish to wear a helmet and shin pads to protect your legs.

Playing Bubble Sumo

If there is just two of you then playing knockout where you have to bounce and knock your opponent out of a ring or lined area is great fun. Bouncing into them to try and move them out of the designated zone is a great game for two people and all ages.

Are bumper balls safe?

While you are well protected in the air bubble it is important to take care and you are certainly not 100% safe, there is no protection to your neck to make sure to take care when knocking into other people playing.

When playing in your bumper ball ensure the ground is suitable, grass, astroturf or concrete is great, however stones or areas with sharp stones may damage the ball.

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