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Amazing Giant Lake Inflatables for 2023

Chris King
Amazing Giant Lake Inflatables for 2023

The still water and the large area of a lake makes it ideal for larger inflatables!

From giant beach balls to an inflatable speedboat, you really can have some fun on a lake!

Giant Lake Inflatables

We have rounded up some of the best inflatables that are perfect for use on a lake.


Island Hopper 25′ “Giant Jump” Water Trampoline

If you have the space then how about this giant water float trampoline, once inflated it can be put out into the lake where kids and adults can enjoy. Designed and built with a heavy, robust commercial construction using 30oz. 1100 Denier UV resistant PVC material.

There are 6 anchor-tie D-rings (3 inside and 3 under tube) for secure anchoring and mooring as well as 2 ladders, one either side to allow for easy access to climb back on.

Sports Stadium Islander

Take your experiences on the water to a whole new level with the Wow World of watersport stadium Islander that can accommodate 12 individuals and provides sufficient room for your needs.

This large open center stadium islander allows for easy exit and entry. It has been made using heavy duty PVC, and the large reinforced grommet makes it simple to tie off to other components. With an average capacity level of well over 12 people, this inflatable island guarantees hours of fun in the water.

The added advantage is that its simple to set up and it can be folded to the size of a book for convenient storage.

Wow Sports Inflateable Floating Island - Stadium Islander for Up to 12 People - Multiperson Raft for Lake
  • SEATING FOR 12: The Stadium Islander is the only 12 person inflatable island on the market! Equipped with mesh seats and back rest, providing comfortable accommodation for a group of individuals.
  • EASY LOUNGING: Large opening in the center makes it easy to get on and off, enhancing the overall spaciousness. In addition to this extra space it hold up to 2640lbs (1197kg).

This WOW World of Watersports will help you make an impression on your friends with an inflatable pool toy that can easily accommodate as many as 12 individuals.

This unit has a maximum weight capacity of 650 pounds, meaning that’s it’s compact enough without causing any compromise to your overall performance levels.

This Sports Stadium Islander will also work well to help you enjoy your time on the water with its highly appealing design and ergonomic features as well.

Giant Inflatable Speedboat

Large inflatables are a must for any pool party, but if you are on a lake with a few friends then this massive inflatable speed boat is for you.

Designed as an inflatable island float it can hold up to 6 adults, its not designed for rowing or being pulled and doesn’t come with any oars. It is shaped just like a speedboat and would certainly be mistaken for a real one when on the water.

6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat Island Party Island
  • Perfect lounge for land or water use Designed for maximum comfort and hours of relaxation Room for 6
  • pump not included REQUIRED FOR INLATION

It takes around 20 minutes to inflate, pump recommended! The boat measures in at 20 feet long and 10 feet wide, and even comes with a built in bottle cooler.

This is perfect for friends chilling on a nice sunny day on the lake, the whole thing is made of Vinyl so you could also have it set up in your back garden and fill the foot well with water to act as a paddling pool.

Inflatable Floating Coolbox & Chiller

The ultimate lads sea gadget Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler. A cool box that allows you to go out into the sea or in the swimming pool taking your beers, wine and drinks with you.

This floating chiller is great for on holiday, going out into the sea with kids allows you to take lots of bottled water with you while keeping it chilled in this ice chest. It has cupholders and handles around the edge of it, with a large removable ice chest holds up to 72 cans and ice.

Intex Mega Chill II, Inflatable Floating Cooler, 48" X 38"
  • No need to get out of the pool for a nice refreshing beverage when you have an Intex Mega Chill 2
  • The base can also be used as a floating base for a cooler up to 48 quarts

The Intex Mega Chill II Float Cooler comes with a handy repair patch just incase it does get a puncture, the dimension inside is 28 inch in length, 20 inches in width and 17 inch deep approximately.

This looks great and also works great, perfect for those little getaways to the lake, or summer holidays on the beach and in the sea.

If you go out on a floating lounger then you can take your drinks with you, there is a small hook to allow you to add rope and keep it attached your your inflatable lounger.

Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Everyone loves a beach ball when by the sea, but how big do you go, this jumbo sized beach ball takes the game to a whole new level, ideal for playing on the beach, although a large amount of space is needed, or paddling in the sea.

Sol Coastal The Beach Behemoth 12' Giant Beach Ball - Inflatable Beach Ball Made of Thick, Durable 30-mil Vinyl with Reinforced Seams - Large Beach Ball with Secure Airtight Valve for Beach Volleyball
  • Massive Fun: Dive into summer with our 12-foot giant inflatable ball, perfect for epic games and water-filled adventures with friends and family in swimming pools, beaches, or outdoors
  • Built to Last: Our big beach ball, crafted from ultra-thick and durable 30-mil vinyl, is designed to withstand rough play and ensure long-lasting enjoyment

At 12 feet wide this beach ball is massive, an astounding 659,000 cubic inch volume, it is just a normal classic looking beach ball on steroids. With its large size it is built for being used, it is made with a  thick, durable 30mil vinyl that also has reinforced seams.

This beach ball is large, so blowing it up like a traditional ball is not advisable, an electric pump is a must. With that in mind you will need to blow this is up using a car air pump, once inflated you then need to get it to the beach, this isn’t large, it is massive!

Intex Pacific Paradise 4 Person Lounge

Aptly named, this ‘Relaxation Station’ is just what you need for a day out with your friends. It is durable, comfortable and cozy.

Holders for your drinks, firm plastic steps to help you climb easily, 4 large seats with backrests and a sturdy middle mesh – this lounge is truly a treat! Get ready to get the perfect tan while chilling out at a lake, beach or pool.

Intex Pacific Paradise 4-Person Relaxation Station Water Lounge River Tube Raft
  • Comfortably seats up to 4 adults
  • Rope ladder with rigid plastic steps makes climbing aboard easy


Paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking are all very popular and can be a relaxing and enjoyable day or weekend away.

Relaxing on the water in the middle of the lake with the sun coming down on you, what could be better? How about lying in a hammock in the middle of the lake with the sun coming down on you?

The Hammocraft does that and sounds like what you may think, a floating hammock craft that takes your hammock to the water. Comprising of a metal casing that is strapped down along the lengths of two parallel paddleboards.

An implicit opening and bunch framework permits you to hang the lofts from the casing with little work, all while encouraging simple tallness conformity and considerably less demanding separation when you’re pressing up for the day. It can hold up to five lofts at once, so you can have four different folks to bail you out (or abandon you), on the off chance that the darn thing flips over in the water.

The frame is quick and easy to put together using push button connectors, this makes it simple to carry down to the lake and se up, while also being easy to also disconnect and pack away when finished with at the end of the day.

Hammocraft available to buy now, check it out here.


Be it in a pool or floating in a lake or near the beach a floating island raft is perfect to enjoy with groups of friends on sunny summer day.


From 6-12 people there are many great inflatable islands that you can take along and enjoy for the day. Quick and easy to inflate they make great places to relax and catch up. Many also have built in drinks holders so you don;t even need to go back to get a drink.

Inflatable rafts are the more popular craft for fun on the water. Modern technology for raft boat materials has made this water craft great for one person or several. They are cost effective and safe for all forms of recreational events, such as fishing, river rafts, lake rafting, flat water rafts, and pool side fun. When you let the air out, inflatables can be stored anywhere. They can be carried by hand, on a bike, or in the truck of a vehicle.

Inflating them is just as easy and they inflate really fast. Inflatables are so sturdy and versatile, that they can have added features attached to them, like a motor or a sail. Inflatable rafts are very stable because they are manufactured with buoyancy tubes on the outside for perfect balance. Their low center of gravity design gives it a safety feature which makes it impossible to flip over.

Some of the best inflatable rafts for the type of recreation you are involved in are reviewed for their different features and their great benefits:

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft

Features:• Comfortably seats up to 4 adults• Durable 18-gauge vinyl• Rope ladder with rigid plastic steps makes climbing aboard easy• Mesh lounging area for cooling water on your feet• 4 drink holders• Weight capacity: 704 pounds

Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station Water Lounge 4-Person River Tube Raft

Intex created the Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station for large home pools or low, calm level river areas. As one of the best inflatable rafts, it seats up to four adults for a day of fun and relaxation. The mesh area helps to keep everyone cool. Each seating area has large backrests for great comfort. For safety, the Station is designed with an all-around grab rope on the outside of the raft. Its inflated size is 120” x 120” x 26”.


AQUAVUE Voyager – Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft by Sieco Design

Features:• 1 person raft• Convenient pull rope• Safety handles/Oar locks• Two air valves for mouth, hand pump, and electric pump inflation• Quick air-release valve for quick and easy deflation and storage• Made from PVC• Size: 62” x 40”• Viewing window: 40” x 20”

AQUAVUE Voyager - Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft by Sieco Design

This inflatable pool side or beach raft is sturdy enough for young children or 1 adult person. It features a clear bottom which gives people more fun and adventure.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Shock Rocker by Swimline

Features:• Four built-in handles• Durable heavy gauge vinyl• Weight capacity: 650 pounds• Measures 75 inches in diameter – 75 x 34 inches high.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Shock Rocker by Swimline

This jumbo, round pool raft can hold adults and children. Its handles are for kids to enjoy holding onto as they play around in it. This four seated raft has soft, sturdy headrests. It is made of thick, heavy gauge vinyl that can inflate and deflate easily.

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