6 Best Inflatable Outdoor Movie Projector Screens

Chris King
6 Best Inflatable Outdoor Movie Projector Screens

Create your own outdoor cinema in your garden, or create a movie night event using these huge inflatable cinema screens.

Hook up an outdoor projector and speakers and way you go, oh and don’t forget the pop corn! If you have a spa in your back yard then you can create a dreamy hot tub cinema set up too!

Best Inflatable Outdoor Movie Projector Screens

Best Outdoor Movie Projector Screen for your Backyard

We round up the top large inflatable screens ideal for watching movies on.

EasyGo Products 17’ Inflatable Mega Movie Screen

The EasyGo inflatable screen is a 17-foot screen that includes inflation fan, rope to tie down, and a storage bag for easy storage. It takes approximately 2 minutes to fully inflate the screen. It is 96 inches by 58 inches. The screen is removeable and washable. The EasyGo comes with O rings to allow you to secure it against the wind and helps with stability.

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Inflatable Mega Movie Screen
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The mega inflatable movie screen is easy and convenient to set up in 2 minutes or less. Included is a user manual with a step by step guide for fast installation. Also included is the air blower, rope, tent, and inflatable stakes.
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It doesn’t allow for rear projection, so you need to ensure a clear view from your projector to the screen. The motor is very quiet so you won’t have noise disrupting your movie and with the removable screen you can attach it before you begin inflation.

Nozzco 16’ Inflatable Movie Screen W/ Printable Party Theme Movie Ticket Templates

Nozzco has a larger screen measuring 16 feet. It includes stakes, ropes, storage case, and movie ticket templates. It has a lightweight motor that is quiet and allows the screen to inflate within a few minutes, the screen is attached by Velcro so that you can easily remove it for cleaning or repairs.

16 FT Outdoor Inflatable Projector Screen -NOZZCO- Portable Giant Movie Screen + 10x Printable Movie Ticker Templates + Lightweight & Easy to Inflate –Premium Material Made for Family Pool Party
With the amazing 16 ft movie screen, you and your family can have fun and watch the big game, a great blockbuster or a cinema classic from your backyard!

This screen is also not set for rear projection and if being used indoors it can be difficult to set up and hear your movie over the sound of the motor.

Gemmy Deluxe Air blown Movie Screen

This is a 12-foot-tall screen and it is more convenient for indoor use if you want to use it to create a home theater. It comes with everything needed to set it up including the blower, stakes, and storage case. This screen has a fast inflation time of less than one minute, however, it is not as sturdy as most inflatable movie screens and should not be used if there is a lot of strong wind.

Gemmy 39127-32 - Airblown - Movie Screen - 120"x70" Widescreen Deluxe w/Storage Bag - Blue
The screen self-inflates in minutes to create a full-size, widescreen movie screen that shows your favorite movies, TV shows, video presentations and more.

If you have a partially sheltered area outside you may be fine watching movies outside with the wind but make sure that the screen is blocked from the direction the wind is coming from.

Holiday Styling Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen

The holiday Styling screen has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. It has a 12-foot screen and is made of 60 denier nylon for strength and durability. It is very portable even thou it is rather large; it weighs roughly 18 pounds. It has a quiet electric motor that allows the screen to fully inflate in about 2 minutes.

Holiday Styling 19FT Giant Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen – 230” Blow Up TV & Movie Screen - Thick Airtight Material for Portable Front/Rear Projection - Backyard Movie Night, BBQ, Pool Party
The jumbo super size huge inflatable movie screen you have been waiting for with a 19ft diagonal size and 17ft diagonal viewing area. Just connect your projector and speakers and let the fun begin!

The screen is also removable for easy cleaning and repair. This screen is compatible with front and rear projection.

TCS Inflatable Widescreen Movie Screen – 7.6’ Indoor Outdoor Backyard Camping Inflatable Movie Screen

This is one of the smaller inflatable screens, the screen is roughly 10 feet, with the highest rating yet of a full 5 stars with Amazon. It takes just a few minutes for this self-inflate screen to be completely aired up and the blower is fairly quiet and is not likely to disrupt your movie.

TCS Inflatable Widescreen Movie Screen – 7.6' Indoor Outdoor Backyard Camping Inflatable Movie Screen5 Stars
The impressive 10-foot screen transforms any outdoor area into a full-on movie theater so you can enjoy your favorite stars in larger-than-life size. It even comes with stakes and tethers for easy set-up.

It weighs roughly 19 pounds and is easy to take down and store. This screen also includes very sturdy stakes, however buckling in the screen can be an issue with high winds. This is also not rear projection compatible, so you need to ensure that you have plenty of open space in front of your screen for the projector.

Gemmy 44416 Airblown Movie Screen Deluxe Inflatable

This has a 14-foot screen and 4.3-star rating with Amazon. It includes motor, stakes, and ropes. It inflates roughly within 2 minutes with 2 self-propel fans.

Gemmy 44416 Airblown Movie Screen Deluxe Inflatable, Giant 173"
Air blown movie screen 151x85 widescreen deluxe with storage bag Giant that is great for parties, cookouts, & other outdoor events.

The blower is quiet, so it is less likely to interrupt your movie experience. This particular inflatable screen does not do as well with wind so that is something to think about when setting it up, the stakes are made of a fairly cheap clear plastic that is prone to breaking if they are not installed properly.

Supreme Loch IWS200 Inflatable Projection Screen

This is one of the lower rated screens with a 3.7-star rating with Amazon. It has a 20-foot screen and includes blower and fasteners. It takes roughly one minute to become fully inflated. It is large enough for quite a crowd so you can enjoy it with the whole family and all your friends.

16Ft Inflatable Front and Rear Projection Portable Movie Screen Blow up Outdoor IWS120 Diagonal Total (View Area 120" ; 16:9) Projection Screen: Blower, Bag, Ropes, Stakes.
The new LOCH IWS120 Inflatable Screen will be ready in seconds to immerse you in your favorite movies or TV shows with its high quality. The LOCH IWS120 Inflatable Projection Screen can be used BOTH for front or rear projection and it only takes about 50 seconds to inflate.

This screen is compatible with rear and front side projection; however, this screen does not stand up well to high winds and the stakes are not very strong and are more than likely going to break when there is very much wind. It has a single vent, so it takes longer to deflate compared to how fast it inflates.

Buying an Inflatable Screen

There are a number of things too think about when getting ready to purchase an inflatable movie screen.

How do I project onto the screen?

An inflatable screen gives you a white canvas to project your film onto, you will need an outdoor projector that can play the film onto this.

YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector 15000L Brightness Full HD Video Projector 1920 x 1080, ±50° 4D Keystone Correction Support 4k & Zoom,LCD LED Home Theater Projector Compatible with Phone,PC,TV Box,PS4
ABER Y30 indoor and outdoor projector adopts an advanced German LED light source, high quality materials and delicate manufacturing process. It delivers bright large-screen with fantastic image clarity, outstanding color accuracy and incredibly sharp image detail to both homes and businesses.

This projector is ideal for the job, small and compact while able to project onto any of these large screens.

What type of screen do I need?

The answer really depends on the space. If you have a huge yard you can buy whatever size you want, also do you want it inside for a home theater or strictly outside. Always read about it see if it is a front projection screen only or if it can do both front and back.

If you want it for a front projection you need to make sure that the projector will have a clear view and if you live somewhere a bit windy you need to think about the screen strength and if you have an area to set it up that is protected from wind.

Do I need a blower or pump to inflate?

Some fill like an air mattress, you turn it on and fill it then close it off and it holds the air, and others come with a blower that you that stays on constantly and continuously blows air into the screen. This can be annoying because you will have the sound of the blower going while your movie is playing.

What features should I consider when buying?

Some have removable screens that are useful for cleaning and any type of maintenance that may need done on it and it can make storage a lot easier. Some screens will include “movie tickets” that you can hand out to your guests that give that old-time drive-in theater feel, and some have themed accessories for movie parties.

Some of the inflatable screens on this list come bundled with some of the fun accessories and inflation blowers. When you are a first timer with this type of thing it is nice to know that you won’t have to purchase any extras and have it all come in one box.

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