Inflatable Snowshoes – ‘Small Foot’

Chris King
Inflatable Snowshoes – ‘Small Foot’

These inflatable shoes are durable yet compact enough for taking on almost any type snowy weather. It’s important to note that snowshoes have over the years underwent various upgrades in features to become an important aspect of your snowing regime. For this reason, these inflatable shoes are tailor made for durable and long lasting performance results.

‘Small Foot’ Inflatable Snowshoes

For those who are not aware, these shoes are designed to provide optimal performance when moving in the snow with hassle-free results.This shoe was chosen based on its overall performance results and its superior design quality features.

Small Foot Revolution Snowshoes

  • Outer layer: Small foot special, double layered
  • Weight: 23oz per pair
  • Thickness: 3.7 inches
  • Load capacity: 125-297 lbs
  • Included: 2 bags, repair tools, manual pump and deflation cap

Classified as the third model in the small loft lineup of shoes, the revolution snowshoe has been designed for solid performance as the preceding modes. The unique rubber air bladder slips easily into the small foot shoe sleeve, which zips around the inner section of the snow show shoe.

Inflatable Snowshoes - ‘Small Foot’

More so, the user’s foot is supported by well over three robust straps, two that go around you’re the toe section of your foot, and the third provides a snug fit behind the foot section. More so, the seams and the underside section are adorned with a heavy weight Small foot shoe, that protects the shoe shell from the effects of abrasion.

Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the manual bike pump that is integrated with the Schrader valve of these inflatable shoes. In fact, both shoes will take an average of 1 minute to inflate with the included pump.


Perhaps one exceptional feature of the shoe is that it comes with two rows of painted crampons that are positioned under the foot. To be specific, one is placed under the toe, while a smaller second row is positioned under the heel. Users will also appreciate the coated metal sites that are perfect for tracking up steep and snow filled areas.

Further lending to its superior design quality features, is that these inflatable shoes are durable for long lasting performance results. The material construction comprises of nylon textile and aluminum, which are material that are perfect for taking on the snowy terrains.

Furthermore, this unit comes with a free heel hammock design that provides the user with better balance and an enhanced center of gravity for improved traction. This is the same design that works for downhill snow tracking since the hills pierce the snow and help to stabilize your foot with exceptional results.

The shoes can also be inflated using the pump in 60 seconds, and they are also simple to strap onto the user’s foot. Once the shoe is inflated, these lofted shoes will provide sufficient support for you and your loaded camping bag pack as well.

The pump for inflating the shoes is rather inefficient, and the manufacturers should have opted for a better version. An excellent recommendation would have been the dual actions pump that inflated during pushing and pulling action for reduced snowshoe inflation times.

To enhance the shoes ability to float on snow, the manufacturers should have improved the horseshoe tubular hull trails that are available with these snowshoes. As a result, the shoe provides optimal balance even in heavy thick snow and for users who have large amount of weight as well

This small foot shoe also comes with cinches traps and aluminum clips that feature a compact cord. Once the user pulls the cord, the strap conveniently releases, and the user can remove the shoe. While this might be a convenient feature for users, it feels weak, and the shoe comes with a more robust strap design.

In conclusion, equipping yourself with the appropriate regimen for your snowy weather has its inherent benefits. The Smallfoot Snowshoes are an excellent recommendation due to their superior design feature and enhanced performance results. We tested the shoes and discovered while it may come with excellent design features, it does have some room for improvement as well. This shoe is perfect for taking on snowy trails, and it doesn’t matter if you are carrying a loaded camping bag. More so, the shoe is also simple to set up using the manual pump, and it provides long-lasting performance for your needs.

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