6 Really Fun Outdoor Water Toys for Kids & Toddlers

Chris King
6 Really Fun Outdoor Water Toys for Kids & Toddlers

Fun water toys for kids this summer that they will love!

Kids love toys especially inflatable ones. A kid loves anything that can float on air or that is filled with air.

One advantage of an inflatable object is that it can be kept in a small space when not inflated so that your kid can come another day inflate it and still use it to play.

Best Water Toys For Children

Fun Inflatable toys for kids at the beach and at the pool are fantastic toys that are used by kids to play at the beach and at any pool.

They are inflated hence being bouncy, colorful due to their many colors and most of the time they mimic the appearance of animals hence being fun. Kids usually love them.

Best Water Toy For Toddlers

Water Bomb Balloons

When the summer comes there is always ‘that’ watertight, water pistols, buckets, and of course water bombs. Water pistols are great fun however water balloons take time to fill, you then have to knot them and as soon as they are thrown and they burst that is the end of that balloons.

Bunch O Balloons – Instant Water Balloons – Green (3 bunches – 100 Total Water Balloons)
Forget the trials of filling & tying countless individual balloons, bunch o balloons takes all the hassle out of preparing for a water fight & lets you just enjoy the fun.

With Bunch O Balloons you can create hundreds of water bombs all ready to use in a matter of minutes, all filled, all tied and all ready to throw.

This video shows how they work and how quick and easy it is to fill 100 water balloons in under a minute with bunch o balloons.

This is a great invention created by someone with 8 kids who decided there must be a better way to fill balloons for a watertight. This just screws onto your tap or hose pipe, you fill the balloons as much as you want, and then shake the adapter off and the balloons will disconnect and be tired ready to throw. Easy!

You can buy them in packs of 100 and they also come in different colours too, ideal for creating teams, for just mixing them all up for a colourful water fight.

Intex Giant Gator Ride-On

If as a family you are at a shopping mall and your kids notices this awesome silly inflatable toy, parents be ready to buy it as your kid will instantly fall in love with it. It mimics the appearance of a crocodile but it is inflatable.

INTEX Giant Gator Inflatable Pool Float: Animal Pool Toy For Kids – 2 Heavy-Duty Handles – 176lb Weight Capacity – 80" x 45" – For Ages 3+
Bring a little colorful, friendly gator fun to your next pool or lake adventure with this delightful inflatable.

It brings a little colorful, friendly alligator fun to your beach or pool with its delightful colorful look. It is big enough for 3 children to ride on it. Your kids will be jovial will on it as easily floats on water even with 3 kids on board it.

Fish Squirts

This is one of the loveliest silly inflatable toys your kids will love if they love swimming. You can accompany them to the beach or at the pool inflate for them this fish looking silly inflatable toys and let them have fun by playing with them in the water.

Fun Express Fish Squirt Toys, Bulk Set of 12 - Pool and Bath Toys and Party Favors - VBS Vacation Bible School Supplies/Decor
These colorful vinyl fish water toys for kids are ready to help you cool off. Toss a bucketful of these into your pool and watch the kids scoop them up.

They are colorful, your kids will love the colors as they are bright. Kids love bright things. When your kids presses it, produces bubbles that usually kids love.

Intex Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

At the beach or at the pool, the sun may be scorching your kid so why not acquire this magnificent silly inflatable toy for your kid. It provides an awesome shade for your kid away from the scorching heat of the sun. it is brightly colored therefore fun to be around.

Intex Sun Shade 5 Foot Square Inflatable Durable 10 Gauge Vinyl Kiddie Pool with Ocean Scene and Canopy for Ages 3 Years and Up, Multicolor
Splash and play and keep cool in the shade with this fun Intex Sun Shade Pool! The wide side walls and the extra-wide sun shade allows for maximum play in shady comfort.

It is big enough for 3 kids so your kids can play in the pool’s water or beach then come or rush over and take a shade away from the sun. it measures 62 inches by 62 inches by 48 inches. It is available in all leading stores.

International Leisure Giant Swan

Parents, you lovely kid will love this giant swimming pool float, it mimics the appearance of a duck hence it is funny. Kids love duck-looking toys.

It awesomely big measuring 75 inches. It is so big that two of your kids can simultaneously play on it. It is perfect for relaxation at the beach with your kids or at the pool as your kids can use it to float on water in the baby pool not deep end of the pool.

BigMouth Inc. Gigantic Donut Pool Float

This is one silly inflatable toy your lovely kid will fall in love with. It is colorful with lovely colors that your kid will love. It is big and round in shape. Your kid can play with it at the beach or at the pool while you sun bask at the beach.

BigMouth Inc. Giant Frosted Donut Pool Float, 4' Wide, Inflatable Floatie Tube, Blow Up Swim Ring, Outdoor Summer Pool Party Water Toy
The BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Float is THE ORIGINAL donut float designed and created by BigMouth Inc with millions sold since 2012.

It is durable hence parents can expect long lasting and continuous service to their kids. It is a worthy investment for your kid as your kid will always be joyful while with it.

These fun inflatable toys are awesome toys for families that love swimming or going to the beach to have a little fun. They are not limited to kids only as some can also be used by adults. They are colorful and bouncy making them fun to play around with.

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