Inflatable Pool Floats for Children & Babies

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Make the summer holiday great for your children. Buying the inflatables for your kid could be the greatest gift ever as the bring a lot of fun in the pool. These great pool toys do not only bring fun in the pool but they also ensure protection of sunburns by providing shade. The best inflatable rafts this year include:

Arshiner Babies Kids Swimming Pool Fish Float


The Arshiner Babies Kids Sunshade Swimming Inflatable Boat Swimming Pool Fish Float is a durable product made of a strong material of PVC. It comes in a bright yellow color that is appealing. It is designed for children in the age bracket of 1 to 3 years of age. It is suitable for both the genders. It is very safe and a trusted brand.

Kids Baby Inflatable Pool Swim Ring Seat


The Kids Baby Inflatable Pool Swim Ring Seat Float Boat Swimming Aid with Wheel Horn has a zebra like design. It is a very durable product. It ensures maximum fun for your kid in the pool as it has a steering wheel and has a horn that sounds. It is very safe for children in water because it possesses very great buoyancy qualities. It is suitable for children that are not over 4 years of age and can carry a maximum of 20 kgs.

Intex Childs Kids Inflatable Animal Ring


The Intex Childs Kids Inflatable Animal Swim Ring Swimming Paddling Pool Float Toy is suitable for children between 3 to 6 years of age. It us lovable to all kids as it has beautiful graffiti and patterns of animals. It is also very colorful making it very appealing. It comes in 3 designs to select from.

Intex Pool Cruisers Inflatable


It is designed for children in the age bracket of 3 to 6 years of age and can accommodate a maximum of 27 kgs. Comes in a single design only which features a red fire engine and a blue racer.

Kids Float Aid Jacket Baby Training Beach

It comes with straps that can be adjusted according to the needs of the users. It offers great comfort especially to the neck and the back and has three chambers for storing air for buoyancy. It is designed for children that are above three years of age. It works best for children’s day out.

Best way Children’s Mini Mat Octopus Inflatable

It can be used by children who are in the age bracket of three to ten years of age. It maximum stores air in its two chambers for buoyancy. It has a cute octopus design and comes also with a rope. Comes in three colors that is yellow, blue and green.

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Paddling

It comes in a variety of colors and best for children under three years of age. In case of emergencies, it comes with a repair patch. It has two valves hence very easy to inflate. It has coolers for controlling the summer temperature. It is perfect for your kid as it is small in size and weightless.

Your child will have great fun during swimming and bathing with these top inflatables. They come in very great qualities and a variety of colors. They will serve the purpose well and are very safe for use for your child. Get one of the best for your kid and let them enjoy the summer season in style.

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