Best Inflatable Lights for Camping or in the Garden

Chris King
Best Inflatable Lights for Camping or in the Garden

Illumination is one of the most important amenities when camping. No camper has ever survived without any light source, may it just be a firewood! Since we are in a modern age today, camping lights have been made readily available. Specifically, the inflatable lights or solar lights should be one of your best choices!

Inflatable lights are lantern-shape devices that can provide sufficient illumination. They are ideal for any outdoor adventure because of their compact design. Moreover, their shape enables them to blend in with the environment. Also, these lights are energy-efficient, considering that they are solar energy powered.

5 Best Inflatable Lights to Choose From

If you are planning for an extended camping trip, then you should carry an inflatable light. Here are some of the best brands of inflatable lights to be considered when buying one for yourself!

1. MPOWERD Luci Original – Inflatable Solar Light

This inflatable solar light by MPOWERED is one of best options you have. Specifically, this tool has a durable construction, which is ideal for extreme outdoor conditions. Moreover, this tool only relies on the sun for its power source. It does not require any batteries, which makes it 100% environment-friendly! Just place this device under the sun for 7 hours, and it is ready to serve you!

MPOWERD Luci Original - Inflatable Solar Light

One solar charging can give you 12 hours of non-stop illumination!
Also, this device is an LED light. It has three lighting settings: bright, super bright, and one-second continuous flashing! You can also expect that this inflatable light is usable in emergency and survival situations!

2. MPOWERD Luci Color – Color-Changing Inflatable Solar Light

If you want your inflatable light to have a creative touch, then you should choose the Luci Color. It has the same mechanisms and features as the Luci Original. However, its single charging can keep up for only 6 hours. Despite that, this lighting is still reliable for outdoor uses.

The Luci Color sports a color-changing setting. Specifically, it can change up to 8 brilliant hues (green, blue, purple, red, cyan, white, orange, and yellow). It also includes a color-cycling mode in where all of the hues switch in transition!

MPOWERD Luci Color - Color-Changing Inflatable Solar Light

This inflatable light is perfect for romantic getaways! Despite its cozy ambiance, this tool is extremely durable and waterproof. It is also collapsible and just weighs 4.4 ounces!

3. LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light

Another option to consider is the LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light. This tool can last up to 16 hours on its low setting, while 10 hours when on in high mode. These settings have ideal uses. Use the low setting when you are sleeping or idle. This is the safest adjustment you can have for this inflatable light. When you are doing some midnight errands, then you should use the high mode.

Charging its batteries are quite easy, too. Just place it under the sun for 7 hours, and you can expect that the internal batteries are charged already! It uses a set of efficient solar panels to charge the entire system quickly.

1Pack LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light

You will also love the fact that this inflatable light is submersible to water. It can deep as 1 meter and can float. This feature is essential for rescue missions and emergency responses. Specifically, the LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light has an FL1 Standard IPX-7 rating!

4. OldShark Inflatable Solar Inflatable Light

The OldShark Inflatable light is one of the easiest to use. It is perfect for traveling outdoors and camping. You can easily inflate or deflate it by just squeezing the inflating nozzle.

Its illumination is pretty superb, too. Specifically, it uses 10 LED lights that can emit up to 90 lumens of light! Moreover, it has three light settings: bright, super bright, and the SOS flash (for emergency situations).

OldShark Inflatable Solar Inflatable Light

This inflatable light is also lightweight and has a compact design. You can store it in your drawer, toolbox, or even your pocket!

One of the greatest aspects of this tool is that it does not require any maintenance. It does not use fuels or batteries also. It just relies on the energy that is coming from the sun! Therefore, this tool is a cost-efficient choice!

5. Ivation Inflatable Cube Solar Lantern

The inflatable light of Ivation is one of our recommended choices. This tool can perform remarkably in outdoor and camping adventures. Moreover, it is also usable in emergency situations. It has an inflatable design that enables it to float in water! Moreover, it comes with a waterproof PVC enclosure, which keeps its circuits from being compromised by the water!

You can also use the same enclosure as a lamp shade. This lamp shade can diffuse the illumination for 15 square feet! If you are camping with your family or friends, this feature will truly benefit you!

Ivation Inflatable Cube Solar Lantern

This inflatable light can also charge whether it is collapsed or inflated. It is a design which is unique to the Ivation lantern. An 8-hour charging will power this device for 12 hours! Of course, it comes with two brightness levels. Choose the lowest setting if you are trying to save battery. When there is an emergency, turn this device into strobe mode.

Final Verdict

All of these featured inflatable lights are among the best in the market right now. They have the capacity to illuminate even the darkest camping site! They are also a reliable source of light when you are working in dim areas. Aside from that, each of these lights has emergency features as well.

We chose these three based on their construction. First, they are compact and fully collapsible. They require less or maintenance, which makes them very cost-efficient. Moreover, these tools rely on solar power alone. This means that you no longer need to buy replacement batteries.

When it comes to illumination, these three are also the best. Each of them can produce 90 to 100 lumens of brightness. For a solar lantern, this degree of illumination is quite compelling already! Using them in harsh conditions would not be a problem either. This is because they have sturdy construction and perfect waterproofing.

However, we recommend that you should still try all the products that we listed. This will guarantee you that you can get the best inflatable light that can satisfy your preferences!

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