4 Best Portable Inflatable Bathtub for Adults

Chris King
4 Best Portable Inflatable Bathtub for Adults

Are you craving a bathtub experience but have no room or budget for makeovers? There’s great news! Thanks to modern designs, you can now purchase a portable tub flexible for both indoor and outdoor, giving you the ideal detox bath you so greatly deserve.

After a long hectic workday, all you need is a relaxing bath to get rid of all the tension and mental stress. While you may have traditional bathtubs in your home, have you used inflatable bathtubs? Now, you can relax in your own inflatable bathtub, even if you have a small bathroom. What’s more, some inflatable bathtubs are also suitable for shower, swimming pools, spas, etc.

The plenty of options available can make it challenging to find the best bathtub for yourself or your family. Well, we have compiled the list of the necessary factors that you can consider when choosing an inflatable bathtub. The most important thing is to choose a bathtub that you can place it anywhere you like. Before learning how to pick the right bathtub to enjoy and relax, take a look at why you should purchase a portable inflatable bathtub.

Best Inflatable Bathtubs

Best Inflatable Bathtubs

Sampled below are 4 items, each with unique features so you can zero in on one that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Inflatable Bathtub, Tubble® Royale

This product offers by far the most spacious room compared to standard inflatable bathtubs. It is designed to accommodate persons as tall as 6’’2 comfortably. Its packaging is neat and practical fitted with essentials to keep your bathtub in good shape.

Therein you will find a repair patch, a spare valve in case one needs to be replaced, an auto inflator machine, a drain hose, and finally a compact storage bag to pack everything inside for travel or after usage.

The tub is fast to set up with the help of the electric pump, taking roughly about one minute to fully blowup and probably less to deflate. For the drainage process, you have an integrated pipe that sucks the water out with ease.

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Tubble Royale
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the Tubble bath is the top choice among people that do not have a fixed bathtub but strive for the splashing sensation of relaxing in one. Tubble is practical and easy to set up.
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Onto the dimensions, internally the unit squares up to 52 ×22 ×19 inches (L×W×H) while the outer measurements round up to 62 × 31× 17 inches. Its volume can withhold an equivalent of 60 gallons of water, enough to submerge any adult. When empty it only weighs 6kg.

The Tubble tub also comes with a zipper cover top that can either be removed or kept upon will. Warm and cold baths are accommodated with hot baths sustaining a temperature up to 100°F. Tubble manufacturers offer a one year warranty from the time of purchase and a 30-day return policy in case of any unusual mishaps.

Read our full review here.

CO-Z Inflatable Portable Bath Tub

At a cheaper budget, you can get just as much comfort as you would in a spa. In itself, the tub weighs 7.33 pounds and is luxuriously designed with an inflatable pillow, a comfy backrest and armrest. It is made of high-quality PVC material that meets the standard guidelines. Also, it is friendly with rare cases of skin irritability.

It has a water capacity of 220lbs, with the inner measurements recording 47.2× 17.7× 16.5 inches, as the outer extends to 63 ×32.3 ×25.2. Water baths ranging between 30-122°F are conducive to this model.

CO-Z Inflatable Adult Bath Tub, Free-Standing Blow Up Bathtub with Foldable Portable Feature for Adult Spa with Electric Air Pump (High-Density PVC)
Made of eco-friendly high density PVC finished with thermal fusion technology for ultimate anti-deformation, non-toxic, durability and waterproof performance.

If you wish to retain your water temperature for longer, simply zip up the closure and enjoy a drink that you can easily slot into the integrated cup holder. The tub inflates in 3 tiers each independently, and has separate blow holes curved into each tier for quicker filling, approximately 3 minutes.

The drainage is fast too, and optimized with two pipes, one positioned at the side and the other at the bottom. The latter enables fast drainage while the side clears out any residue left behind.

Users 6 feet or taller may have a harder time stretching freely and the drainage pipe could run short.

FlySkip Inflatable Bathtub

Just like the CO-Z, it has superior comfort features characterized by a sturdy rest surface for the back, neck, and arms. It easily doubles up as an outside pool for the kids once the zipper is removed.

The unit holds up well to essential oils, castor oils, medicated baths, milk baths, and any other luxury you need. It provides a soft inflammable floor made of foam padding that cushions your spine and tailbone from harsh floor surfaces.

Structure wise this water-saving unit accommodates 220lbs and can maintain your warm bath for up to 1 hour. Its size is large enough for adults, but can also be converted into a kids bathing room with lesser water quantities.

It sizes up to 63×33× 25 outside and 49.2× 19.7×16.5 inches on the inside. It’s manufactured from sustainable PVC material that is resistant to leaks and tear, until after a long time. The unit is also foldable and easily removable as it only weighs 7.08 pounds.

The prices range is friendly for homeowners who have a rigid budget to abide by. The fill-up technique may take a bit more time and energy as it uses a foot pump pedal however this is a minor setback that can be overlooked.

HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub

The tub is customized to suit the whole family spotting a sparkling white exterior that blends well in just about any aesthetics. It offers an unrivaled backrest which can inflate to 27 inches in size.

Its measurements are conditioned to fit in any standard bathroom stall recording 60 inches long, 34 inches wide and 27 inches in height. The inner dimensions add up to 48× 23× 17.5 inches. The vinyl material from which it is made from supersedes that of similar items by an additional 30% density.

Its drainage is a dual system with drain plugs on the two bottom tiers hence promoting quick and easy water removal. However, this unconventional feature may result in difficulties while trying to empty the tub.

HIWENA Inflatable Portable Bathtub, White Durable Soaking Bath Tub with Large Backrest, Freestanding Inflatable Pool Bathroom Home Spa
The inflatable bathtub is simple and durable, allowing the family to take a spa, bathe, relax at home and enjoy the comfort of the bathtub. Of course, you can also take it with you when you are camping outdoors, so you can enjoy bathing and play.

Users still have the option to siphon out the water using a drainage hose if you do not wish to end up with wet floors, or perhaps if the first technique proves ineffective. The item weight is relatively light measuring 6.8 pounds.

Persons 65 inches and below have plenty of room to enjoy, but are cautioned against exceeding baths beyond the 42 degree Celsius mark.  It has spiral valves are reinforced into airtight vessels which hardly allow any air to escape as you take your bath.

Why Purchase a Portable Inflatable Bathtub?

There could be a variety of reasons for choosing an inflatable, and more importantly, a portable bathtub. For example, your bathroom may be under renovation. Other reasons include a camping trip, a rented apartment without a bathtub, plumbing issues with your bathtub, lack of space for a bathtub inside the house, and more.

A portable inflatable bathtub not only lets you relax and have the best experience but also offers portability so you can carry it with you anywhere you want. The main benefit of having a portable bathtub is that you can use it on a camping trip and have the ultimate fun.

Portable Inflatable Bathtub Buyers Guide – Factors to Consider

Here’s a list of the most important factors that you need to consider when purchasing a portable inflatable bathtub.

Intended User of the Bathtub

Firstly, you should know who will be using the bathtub and for how long. You may go for a premium quality product if you want to use the bathtub for a couple of years. Otherwise, you can go for any cheap inflatable bathtub if it’s for one or two users. If you are buying one for children, go through the list of all kid’s sized inflatable bathtubs to choose the best one. Also, adults have bigger bathtubs, which mean you have to check the dimensions, material, space, etc., before making a purchase.

Bathtub Size

You must know your requirements further. Do you want comfort or a product that lasts long? If comfort is your priority, you can go for large size and premium quality inflatable bathtubs. Since most of the bathtubs come in a rectangular or spherical shape, you should decide where you want to place the bathtub in your house or elsewhere. You don’t want to end up buying a portable inflatable bathtub that is either too small or too big for your bathroom. Hence, measure the area carefully, and your purchase will become easy.

Bathtub Durability

Durability is an important factor when buying a portable inflatable bathtub, so you can carry it anywhere, such as a friend’s pool party, a camping trip, etc. You want good quality material and features that increase the lifespan of the inflatable bathtub. Moreover, durability will come into play when you place your inflatable bathtub on uneven surfaces, such as during a camping trip. You don’t want the bathtub to split open due to a minor tear because you placed it over a tiny rock.

Safety Characteristics

The height of the bathtub shouldn’t make getting in or out of it difficult, especially for kids, disabled, clumsy, or elderly people. Water leakage from the bathtub can increase the chances of slipping and tripping in your bathroom, which can lead to serious injuries. Some of the consumers don’t wish to buy bathtubs that are over 2ft when climbing in.

Inflation Rate

You don’t want to wait for more than a few minutes when inflating your portable bathtub using a pump, right? Well, you are not the only one as it costs valuable time that you can spend on enjoying the cold or hot water inside the bathtub (depending on the weather). Make sure that you have the pump if the bathtub requires an electric pump to inflate.
Don’t forget that you have to pay attention to the drainage rate of the bathtub as well. Speedy and efficient drainage not only saves time but also prolong the lifespan of the bathtub.

Bathtub Material

There aren’t many things to consider when looking for the right material bathtub for your need. The main thing that you have to take care of beforehand is to reduce the chances of tear, spillage, and holes in the bathtub. You can do that by choosing a robust, durable, and firm yet comfortable bathtub material. Go for the bathtub made of a material that is environmentally friendly or involves environmentally friendly methods of production.

Bathtub Features

What features do you want to have in your bathtub will also influence your selection. Do you need an armrest and separate soft compartment-style portion in the bathtub so you can relax? Do you want a backrest that doesn’t put a strain on your back? You may also require head support to lay your head down when you are relaxing in the bathtub. Cupholders are a plus that will allow you to have your favourite drinks and beverages in the pool with a low risk of spillage.


Now, you know the main and most critical factors to consider when you want to purchase a portable inflatable bathtub. We hope this guide helps you make the right decision so you can enjoy the highest level of comfort and have a greater experience of bathing in an inflatable bathtub. Make sure that you set a budget and only review the bathtubs in your buying range and compare the top options before choosing one.

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