What to Wear when Standup Paddle Boarding in the Winter

Chris King
What to Wear when Standup Paddle Boarding in the Winter

While there are different types of paddle boarding, they all provide fun, entertainment and adventure. However, standup paddle boarding is more fun as it allows for versatility. For instance, you have an option to use your day on a down winder or you can invite your friend so you can go for a meditative paddle session. Aside from those, you can choose to paddle board all year round.

What to Wear Paddle Boarding

This gives you the chance to experience all the weather and season changes all through the year. While paddle boarding however, you have to dress appropriately. In this article, we will be informing you about the various type of clothes that you can wear during standup paddle boarding.

Factors to consider when choosing clothes for SUP boarding

As aforementioned, stand up paddle boarding is fun only if you dress appropriately. Here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing clothes for paddle boarding:

The Weather

This is a main factor to consider. If you are going for a year round paddle boarding, there are very high chances that the weather will keep on changing. Find appropriate clothes both for the warm and cold conditions for your own convenience.

What to Wear when Standup Paddle Boarding

Time of the day

People go paddle boarding at any time of the day. However, you cannot go with any type of clothes as the conditions keep on changing. The kind of clothes you wear will depend on the time of the day.

Quality of the clothes

You do not just wear any clothes during standup paddle boarding. During cold conditions for instance, you should wear the clothes that effectively covers your extreme parts of the body such as the chest. Heavy clothes do not guarantee warmth. Go for quality.

5 Tips on what to wear during standup paddle boarding

Considering the above factors, we have come up with a list of five tips of the clothes that you can wear during various seasons in a year while paddle boarding. Below are the tips:

Wear or carry a personal flotation device (PFD)

Many states know that standup paddle boards are vessels thereby there is need for you to carry protective devices and clothes. Some of them include lifejackets and PFDs. In addition to that, you can carry a whistle in case of an emergency or there emerges a need for you to communicate to the other paddle boarders.

Board shorts and a rash guard

As a standup paddle boarder, there will be need for you to purchase clothes that are waterproof and dries fast. Normally, these kind of clothes include board shorts and rash guard. These will not only protect you from the scotching sunlight but also wick quicker than any other standard short.

Wetsuit, booties, a hood and a pair of gloves

If you are the type to paddle board all year round, you should always be ready for cold days too. You can achieve this by acquiring wetsuits for the extremely cold days. Generally, you should also pick a winter suit that is 6/5/4mm for the coldest days. However, the winter suits can be quite restrictive especially to your movements so you have an option of picking a dry suit instead.

Swim suits and trunks

For warm days, you can use the waterproof sunscreens and dress in swimsuits and trunks. This way, you can swim easily without having extra layers to restrict your movements.

Always cover your extremities

During paddling adventures, the water’s temperature can go to as low as 50 Fahrenheit. In that case, it is important that you cover yourself both from the extreme outside temperatures and from that of the water. You can achieve this by creating a base that is water resistant and warm. This includes the use of a rash guard covered in a wind resistant hoody.


Paddle boarding is fun but standup paddle boarding is more entertaining and adventurers. It has versatility and amazing escapades. However, it is important that you dress appropriately while at it. This will allow you to cope with the different kind of weather all through the year. Depending on the weather, you can carry protective clothes such as gloves, hoods, sunscreen lotions, shorts and rash guards amongst others. The bottom line is; regardless of the weather condition, always cover your extremities.

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