Best Inflatable Wedge Pillows

Chris King
Best Inflatable Wedge Pillows

Prepping for a long journey or simply want to relax far away from home? Either way, you require an inflatable wedge pillow.

As the name implies, this is a pillow that you may inflate and deflate at will. We devote the entire length and breadth of this review to look into this item in totality.

Top 5 Wedge Pillows

We now devote this segment of our discussions to look into some of the best inflatable pillows.

Sleepwell Extra Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

If all you want is that freedom to travel around smoothly and undeterred, we ask that you pick and make good use of the pillow. It weighs a paltry 2.56 pounds. That adds hand in hand with the excellent dimensions that span 31 inches by 31 inches by 8.5 inches by 30 inches when inflated to the maximum.

Due to its being extra-large, the pillow gives you the leeway to enjoy greater comfort while asleep. To add to that, it bears the premium quality material makeup that gives it a sense of durability.

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Sleepwell Inflatable Portable Bed Wedge
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Perfect design for use with sleeping for acid reflux, to support neck back and shoulders while sitting or lying down and can be used as a foot rest to improve blood circulation.
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Though extra-large when fully inflated, the pillow becomes smaller when deflated. For this reason, it is simpler to carry to a remote location. What’s more? You may even inflate it simply by your breadth.


  • Quite large when inflated
  • Shrinks too small when deflated
  • Accompanied by a great carry bag
  • Simpler to inflate
  • Manufactured of premium materials


  • Highly susceptible to the risks of wrinkles
  • Likely to lose the air
  • Suffers prickles quite simply

Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow

When blown up, it assumes a triangular shape that offers a nice surface on which to sleep. The pillow serves as an anti-snore and also aids in stifling the emergence of the nighttime acid reflux problem.

Large Inflatable Bed Wedge Pillow - Portable Velvety Lightweight (17ozs) Cushion with Quick & Easy Inflate and Deflate Valve - Travel for Sleeping Comfort or Foot Elevation
Portable, adjustable and extremely comfortable, the Lemon Hero Large Inflating Bed Wedge Pillows can be used for sleeping better, backrest for sitting up in bed, traveling, elevating your knee or knees, or as a leg or footrest or even lap desk.

Given its highly versatile nature, the pillow is useful just about anywhere. That also makes it give off a range of health benefits. Its excellent dimensions that span 24 inches long by 24 inches wide by 8 inches high further seal the deal. It deflates at the simple press of a button.


  • Truly versatile in nature
  • Good enough for the pregnant women
  • Unlikely to skid off while in use
  • Weighs a paltry 17 ounces
  • Combats many health issues


  • Poor construction materials
  • Lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Yields lower value for money

ObboMed HR-7510 Inflatable Portable Bed Wedge Pillow

Keen mainly in accruing maximum comfort? This pillow is there for you! It is by far the most comfortable of all that we have around. That is mainly owing to its possession of the velour surface.

The dimensions also facilitate comfort. They measure 23 inches by 22 inches by 7.5 inches. That makes the item good enough for your relaxation. It also lends appropriate support to your neck, knees, and back.

ObboMed HR-7660
Advanced double-layered air valve for quick inflation and deflation. Inflation by only through the upper air valve, and deflation by simply releasing the lower layer valve - no worries of losing air while inflating the basin and no frustration for any difficult deflation. Easy inflation by mouth or pump.

Have we also stated that the item is convenient to wash and keep clean? The touch it manages is quite smooth and comfortable to the health of your skin.


  • Latex-free construction
  • The plush surface imbues some added comfort
  • Versatile and portable in equal measure
  • Calls for limited care and maintenance
  • Takes up limited space to mount


  • Takes too long to inflate
  • Does not fold
  • The materials fray and wear out easily

WEY&FLY Inflatable Wedge Pillow

This pillow is intended for regular travels. As such, it is portable and extremely light in weight. Owing to its highly versatile nature, the pillow stands at an advantage over its peers.

Other than maintaining your head at an elevated position, this pillow also serves as a footpad not to mention a back cushion. Its sturdy stature also offers adequate support to pregnant women.

When employed at night, it also prevents snoring and hence guarantees sound sleeps. If you happen to suffer from the night-time acid reflux, this again is the pillow to choose for the job.

WEY&FLY Inflatable Wedge Pillow - Polyvinyl Chloride Lightweight and Portable, Fast Inflating/Deflation Through The Valve, Suitable for Travel/Inflatable Portable Bed Wedge 23.6" x 22" x 7"
Inflatable wedge pillows can be used as foot pads. It can be used as a back cushion when sitting on a bed. It can be used as a support pad for the knee or foot.

On the whole, it comes about in some awesome dimensions. These measures 23.6 inches by 22 inches by 7 inches. A quick valve exists to facilitate inflation and deflation processes. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of leakages. That it suits the temperature of your body and improving your sleep is a plus!


  • Highly versatile
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Portable enough to take to the desired area of use with ease
  • Imbues a host of health benefits
  • Discharges no harsh odor or harmful chemicals


  • Potentially skids
  • Its valve is weak and prone to damages

Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow

Do you travel and sleep a lot? We invite you to attempt this inflatable wedge pillow. It is multipurpose and hence well able to facilitate the dual ends. The pillow does provide versatility as it is light enough to haul around with ease.

The item is slightly wider and is hence more comfortable. To add to that, it favors the skins owing to the plush feelings it gives rise to. Owing to the fact that the material folds, it makes great value for regular travels.

Circa Air Inflatable Wedge Pillow - Travel Wedge Pillow for Sleeping Acid Reflux, After Surgery, Bed Wedge Pillow for Head Shoulder, Back, Knee, Leg Elevation Support, GERD, Snoring, Heartburn
Supporting your upper back and shoulders, this inflatable wedge pillow provides an 8 inch gradual incline for an improved elevated sleep position. It can provide relief for anyone with Acid Reflux, GERD, Heartburn, Snoring, Breathing Issues/Congestion.

This pillow is unlike your padded one owing to the fact that it inflates. This way, it maintains the compact shape and size when deflated. Moreover, it inflates without necessarily demanding the use of pumps.


  • Its shells resist the risks of punctures
  • Supports the body amazingly well owing to the extra-wide body
  • May inflate by the mouth
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • Yields greater returns on investments


  • The slippery materials may cause skidding
  • Its materials have the tendency to fray unnecessarily
  • Quite inconvenient to keep clean

Wedge Pillow Buyers Guide

Finding the right inflatable wedge pillow for the job is definitely a good thing to do. That is because the choice you settle on has the ability to make or break the situation. You have to read through the explanations we have given off here to be able to make the right choice. Match the explanations with your own expectations to be able to make the most fit.

Health benefits of an Inflatable Wedge Pillow

This kind of pillow imbues a host of benefits to the users. Below are but a few of those benefits explained:

Provides Utmost Comfort – These pillows do provide the utmost comfort. In doing so, they contribute to the relief of stress while on the move. This stems mainly from the use of soft materials to make them up. While sleeping on them, you will stay away from the shoulder or neck pains not to mention getting into a harmonious position.

Multipurpose – The pillows again serve multiple purposes. They are usable in varying positions, fits many areas and places of use, not to mention being mountable in diverse positions.

Their benefits do not just end there. The pillows also offer support to your shoulders, necks, legs, and backs. What’s more? They are also easily used inside tents, on couches, and on mattresses. Many of them also inflate and deflate easily.

Suppresses Snoring – Just in case you have a partner or you yourself snow excessively, you have the inflatable wedge pillow for your taking. It does maintain your head and upper body in a position that is elevated. In this way, it sees to it that you do not snore unnecessarily while asleep.

Wards off Nighttime Acid Reflux – It is not uncommon for the contents of the stomach to sometimes crawl back to the food pipe. This condition is technically called the nighttime acid reflux. Such pillows have also been noted to ward off the emergence of this menace.

That is because the pillows maintain your torso in a slightly elevated position relative to your torso. That way, it prevents the acids and other contents from crawling back to the food pipe.

Inflating the Pillow

Generally speaking, these pillows are not really difficult to inflate and deploy for use. The only confusing aspect is how to determine the amount of air necessary. It is not advisable that you inflate the pillows wholly.

If that happens, the pillows do get too rigid and hence somewhat uncomfortable to sleep on. Aside from that, the lower portions of the pillows under that circumstance do get higher than average. That inflicts some discomforts to many people as they sleep. Many experts contend that pillows ought to be inflated at 60% for optimal comfort.

How to find the best inflatable pillow for traveling

Many kinds of inflatable travel pillows do abound. It is hence somewhat confusing for a prospective buyer to find the most suitable one. There are some factors you have to bear in mind as you go about this task.

Below are some of the factors you have to care for. Skim them and match the same with the pillows you have in mind or are in your crosshairs.

A good pillow has to be able to take longer and further. Those that are highly dense would be most suitable for the job. Such pillows are generally more sustainable in the long run and also tend to be easier to wash by machines.

The foam they possess has to be squidgy to allow the pillow to mold easily. On the same note, you must also check out the inflation-deflation valve carefully.

These pillows have to come in just the right size. The sizes generally range from 7 to 12 inches. You have the leeway to choose the size that is most convenient for you.

How the pillows inflate also counts a great deal. If possible, do prioritize the pillows that inflate by mouth as they are more convenient. Some also come with their own manual pumps that inflate the pillows simply.

Cleanliness and Maintenance Requirements

Using these pillows is one thing. Cleaning and maintaining them is yet another thing altogether. You have to look into how to care for and maintain them as well. Choose those that have the covers that wash easily. At the same time, the ideal pillow has to be water-resistant too. Avoid those materials that easily sustain wrinkles to ward off the possibilities of air leaking out via the weaker spots.

As you search for the right inflatable pillow, you should also factor the materials that have been used to make them up. The pillow you choose no doubt has to bear highly durable materials. The PVC and the TPU are two of the most reliable materials to make use of. They are leak-proof and prevent the outflow of air.

These pillows are generally used in remote locations. How they may be transported to the desired areas of use also counts. Two main options exist here. These are the bags or the pouches respectively. Make your choice wisely on the basis of your own carrying capacity and space availability.

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