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Best Dog Pool Floats for Summer Fun on the Water

Chris King

The Best Dog Floaties for Summer Swimming – Share the pool with your dog and each have your own inflatable float.

Best Dog Pool Floats for Summer Fun on the Water

In the summer we as humans love to jump in the pool to cool off, inflatable floats are a must, but what about our 4 legged friends, you can also get pool floats for dogs!

Share the pool with your dog and each have your own inflatable float.

Dog Pool Float

Summer comes with a lot of fun activities to do under the heat, one being a dip in the pool to keep cool. Keep in mind that you aren’t the only one who needs to cool off as our furry best friends also feel the heat, and they’d love a dip in the cool swimming pool waters too.

6 Best Dog Floats For the Pool

A great way of keeping them involved in the fun along with everyone else is to get them a dog pool float; this way, they are enjoying the water just as everyone else is. Here’s a list of some of the dog floats in the market and more guidelines to consider when getting one for your dog.

For the more aggressive and active dogs, purchase pool floats explicitly made for dogs as the material will be puncture resistant.

SwimWays Pool Dog Float

This inflatable dog float is perfect for smaller dogs weighting up to 65 lbs. It is easy to inflate and once inflated measures 51.5″ long, 31″ wide and 9″ high, in size.

SwimWays Paddle Paws Spring Float Dog Raft, Small (0-65 lbs.)
Small dog raft is ideal for smaller breeds and can support up to 65 lbs, made of a paw-and-claw-friendly fabric covering and puncture resistant construction.

The float is designed for dogs with a dog friendly outer material and puncture resist design to ensure your dogs claws don’t damage the float.

For dogs over 65 lbs there is a larger float that measures 64.5″ long, by 43.25″wide and  9″ in height too. The swimways is made of durable fabric that is scratch-resistant, and also contains a spring on the outer part of the float to ensure that the dog is floating steadily in water. The best thing about this brand is that it comes in two sizes, a smaller one that holds dogs that weigh up to 65 pounds and a larger one for dogs that are heavier than that. Our dog will still have contact with water even when on the float as the two holes on either side allow some in to cool them.

SwimWays Paddle Paws Spring Float Dog Raft, Large (65 lbs. and Up), Blue
Large dog raft is ideal for medium to large breeds and can support dogs over 65 lbs.

Midlee Dog Raft & Pool Float

This bone shaped dog float is great for dogs and puppies to relax in the water. This measures 59″ long by 38″ wide so is slightly smaller than the larger one above. Pictured on the pool float is a 85lb German shepherd which gives you an idea of the size of this once inflated.

Midlee Dog Raft Pool Float Inflatable Bone Shape
  • 59" long x 38" (widest part) 29" (middle part)- when inflated. Good for 1 large dog or several smaller dogs.
  • Does NOT include a pump, you will need one to blow up this dog float as it comes deflated.

Again like many dog pool floats this is made from durable vinyl to help prevent your dog won’t puncturing the float when on it.

Milliard Dog Pool Float & Ride On Paw Raft

This giant inflatable paw is a multipurpose pool float, it can be used for your dog to relax on, or you can flip it over and on the other side it has holes to allow you to use it as a cup holder in the pool.

Measuring 50 inches wide by 40 inches long and 7.5 inches high this is one of the smaller dog floats in our round up. The Milliard is made of heavy-duty vinyl, which means that wear and tear or damage from punctures, stains, and mildew cannot cause problems. The best thing about this float is the soft material that feels like suede, and that offers your dog comfort when it’s lounging and floating on the water. It is shaped like a dog paw and its color s blue, which makes it fun and playful for your pet. It is spacious as it measures 50’40’ and can hold up to 110pounds. Therefore, your dog has enough space to move around and play with the water beneath them.

Matching Boat Floats

How about matching pool floats for you and your dog. A large boat pool float and then a smaller one designed for your pet.

These dog floats are being sold by Funboy, who have teamed up with Bark to create this Instagram-worthy collection.

You can get this float from Funboy here

Volwco Pool Float

This cute float measures 55’35’ and can hold dogs of up to 65lbs, which means bigger pups can comfortably float on the pool with this pool float. The outer material, which is nylon, ensures that the float is durable and resistant to biting and scratching, which we all know these little fellas are very good at doing.

The outer sides of the float are bolstered and inflated, which is cool because it offers even more comfort for your dog as he lounges on the pool while laying his head on it. The float has two holes on either side to prevent water from filling up and submerging the float.

Kelsyus Floating Hammock

This float is an excellent purchase as its use is not limited only to your pet, but you can also use it. Its lightweight nature makes it more able to cool your dog off as compared to other brands that have thicker floats.

Kelsyus Spring Float Hammock Pool Lounge Chair, Light Blue
This hammock is ideal for floating at the lake or in the pool. Features side clips to allow tethering to dock, boat, or other floats!

The headrest provided is excellent for your pup to rest their chin on too while relaxing. It has a tether sewn in it that can be fastened to the pool ladder to keep it from drifting off.

Dog Pool Floats Buyers Guide

Just like any other purchase you make, it is vital to consider some factors before purchasing a dog pool float. It may seem like something that you can do with your eyes closed, but if you want to make a good purchase, its best to consider some important factors, let’s get into it.

Size and Shape

Consider how your dog lies typically and what size he is. This attribute will guide you in choosing the right shape and size. Size comes in if your dog lies curled up in a ball, then a round shape will suffice. Other dogs like to spread themselves from one end of the earth to the other; a more massive, more elongated float will work for such dogs.

Also ensure that the float is comfortable, and your dog has enough head and body support from the float.

Weight Limit

Make sure you check the weight limit before purchasing any float; this I crucial as you want one that can comfortably hold your furry friend.

Material and Durability

Remember that dogs are curious and love to dig their claws into things or scratch and bite them. Therefore afloat with sturdy, durable material is crucial as you do not want it destroyed on the first day of its use now, do you?

Stability and Safety

Look for floats that have tethers for security, especially if you plan on being on open water with your dog, and it will prevent it from drifting off. Also, check to see for extra inflation chambers that keep the float inflated for longer.

A pool float keeps your dog engaged in all the fun everyone else is having; it mainly aids in quicker learning if you are teaching your dog to swim. The dog will familiarize with the vast water body and slowly feel more comfortable getting in with the rest of you.

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