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Best Snorkel Vests for Easy Snorkeling

Chris King
Best Snorkel Vests for Easy Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be a fun activity as long as it is done responsibly. By wearing a snorkel vest, you are keeping yourself as safe as possible!

Most snorkel vests are stylish, adjustable, comfortable, and easy to use. Since this is a safety device, you want to make sure you choose the right one with the correct fit and accommodations.

If you don’t have the time to spend hours researching the best vests, you’ve come to the right place!

Best Snorkel Vests for Easy Snorkeling

5 Best Snorkel Vests for Easy Snorkeling

Here is a roundup of 5 of the best snorkel vests for easy snorkeling.

1. Jetty Inflatable Snorkel Vest – Best Value

This attractive, premium snorkeling vest is made to provide comfort and mobility while keeping you afloat!

The Jetty inflatable snorkel vest keeps you stable in the water thanks to the tight fit around the waist and spandex sides. The fit of this vest banishes the need for a crotch strap!

This vest is incredibly durable while being comfortable at the same time. To ensure even more comfort and stability, this vest comes in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large).

Seaview Palawan Inflatable Snorkel Vest for Adults & Kids - Premium Snorkeling Vest for Low Impact Water Sports. Inflatable Swim Vest. Balanced Flotation, Secure Lock, and Comfort Fit.
  • SAFETY WITHOUT SACRIFICING STYLE- Our snorkel vests for adults are constructed from durable premium materials with your safety in mind. Other inflatable life jackets for adults on the market are uncomfortable and definitely not stylish. With our snorkeling floatation device, you can be safe and look great at the same time. Our snorkel float is perfect for any leisure water activity, including snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, sea kayaking, and other low-impact water sports.
  • COMPACT WITH ADJUSTABLE COMFORT- One size DOES NOT fit all. We designed the life jackets for snorkeling to be the most comfortable & compact inflatable life vests on the market. The single-sided entry design allows you to quickly take the vest on or off. Our Palawan vest is available in 4 different sizes to provide the wearer with the ultimate fit. We designed our snorkel vest kids to tighten snugly around your waist to avoid the vest riding up rather than using an annoying crotch strap.

This inflatable snorkel vest can be inflated or deflated in just seconds! You can also adjust the buoyancy as needed. This is a wonderful feature for a split-second decision to dive a little deeper to have a closer look at marine life.

The Jetty is one of the best snorkel vests for easy snorkeling due to its quality and versatility!

Pros: lightweight, comfortable, sturdy
Cons: looks a little different than advertised

2. Innovative Scuba Concepts Snorkeling Vest – Great for a Family Vacation

The Innovative Scuba Concepts snorkeling vest is a great choice for kids, adults, and vacationers!

This snorkel vest comes in three sizes: children (up to 100 pounds), adult (100-190 pounds), and XL(190-230 pounds). All sizes are made with 210 denier urethane-coated nylon making this a durable option for frequent use!

Innovative Scuba Deluxe Jacket Style Snorkel Vest, SN0403
  • Vest is designed to add buoyancy while snorkeling without sacrificing comfort. The jacket style vest incorporates a neoprene cummerbund and back panel. The combination produces a vest that is comfortable to wear, stays in place and looks great.
  • Made from durable 210 denier urethane-coated nylon for maximum durability. There is a 5 x 5 inch back pocket to hold valuatbles that are either sealed or waterproof.

The Innovation Subca concepts snorkeling vest is positioned around the neck and includes adjustable straps around the waist and the crotch. These straps help stop the vest from riding up in the water.

Another great feature is the mouthpiece used for inflation! This allows you to quickly adjust your buoyancy!

If you plan on traveling with your scuba gear, this snorkeling vest is a good choice! It is small, flat, and dries quickly so you can put it in the proper storage and save space.

Pros: can easily be packed in a suitcase, includes a kid’s size, durable
Cons: rides up when you’re upright in the water, sizing runs large

3. Rrtizan Adult Inflatable Swim Vest – Best Breathability

This snorkeling vest is made for comfortability and versatility.

Made from a mix of polyester and PVC, the Rrtizan keeps you feeling safe and secure while also providing a less plastic feel than other vests. This great mixture also increases buoyancy!
The mesh sides and back of this vest create superior breathability! With the color variations being such a bold teal and bright orange, this provides amazing visibility which enhances safety.

Another safety-enhancement feature is the ability of this vest to inflate very quickly!

Rrtizan Swim Vest for Adults, Buoyancy Aid Swim Jackets - Portable Inflatable Snorkel Vest for Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boating and Other Low Impact Water Sports Safety(Black)
  • ☛【Purpose】: A life jacket that won't hold back your water sport enjoyment, and that can give the novice or expert the floatation they need when doing water activities.
  • ☛【Safe & Durable】: Rrtizan snorkel jacket is made of ripstop polyester outer layer and thickened PVC inner liner which ensure our life floaties jacket don't leak during use. The snorkel vest will elevate your confidence and self-reliance in the water, and the bright neon colors are easy to be recognized at a far distance.

This snorkel vest comes in one size but has a waist strap you can adjust to your liking. It is also meant to accommodate people weighing between 80 and 220 pounds, so there is a wide range this vest is good for.

The Rritzan adult inflatable swim vest’s breathability and durability make it one of the best snorkel vests for easy snorkeling!

Pros: bright color variations, inflates quickly, breathable, durable
Cons: no pockets, one size

4. ScubaPro Cruiser Adult Snorkeling Vest – Most Comfortable

The ScubaPro Cruiser snorkeling vest is stylish, comfortable, and protective!

This vest ditched the bulky horse collar design and instead has a zipper which allows for it to be easily put on and taken off. It’s also a lot more form-fitting which adds to the extreme levels of comfort this vest has to offer!

SCUBAPRO Cruiser Adult Snorkeling Vest (Small, Yellow/Black)
  • Increase and control buoyancy
  • Easy-to-use oral inflator and dump valve for added flotation control

For even more comfort, this vest is made with a neoprene back to give you protection from the sun, so you enjoy snorkeling without the fear of being sunburnt.

The ScubaPro is equipped with a mouth valve in the front for easy inflation and deflation. A small but super useful feature of this vest is the front pocket! It’s great for storing small items and is uncommon among other vests.

The ScubaPro vest takes comfort and protection seriously, making it one of the best snorkel vests!

Pros: comfortable, protective against the sun, has a front pocket
Cons: vest rides up after prolonged usage, no crotch strap

5. Scuba Choice Youth Snorkel Vest – Great for Kids

This vest is an amazing option for kids! Children as young as 4 or 5 are now able to have fun snorkelling while still being safe and protected. This vest can fit children up to 100lbs which allows for kids as old as 12 to still be able to use this!

Scuba Choice Youth Kids Snorkel Vest Neon Yellow/Blue with Name Box
  • Fits to children up to 100lbs
  • Removable strap keeps the vest from riding-up when inflated

The Scuba Choice has an oral inflator right on the front for inflating and deflating. Of course, kids may need help with this, but it is easily accessible for the parents.
There are also crotch and removable waist straps that keep them safe and secure!

Pros: can be used with a wide age range, includes crotch strap
Cons: the neck area is a little narrow, twist lock may make it difficult to release air


We review common questions when it comes to snorkel vests and buying one.

Is a snorkeling vest the same as a life jacket?

No. Life jackets are intended to keep you above water with dense flotation foam whereas snorkel vests do not. They allow you to adjust your buoyancy as needed.

Do I have to inflate my snorkel vest?

It is recommended that your vest is always lightly inflated! You wouldn’t want to wait until an emergency to do so.

Why do I need a snorkel vest?

A few reasons are:

  • You are not a strong swimmer
  • You might get stuck in a current and get tired
  • Some vests keep you warm
  • You won’t get as tired treading water


The snorkel vest you choose is particularly important since it will be used to keep you safe! You want to choose one with features for your specific needs.

With a wide range of sizes and variety, you can be certain you will find the best snorkel vest for easy snorkeling. Once you have chosen the correct vest and it is fitted correctly, it’s time to jump in the water and snorkel!

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