Best Inflatable Games to Buy for Parties and Kids

Chris King
Best Inflatable Games to Buy for Parties and Kids

The wonderful thing about inflatable games is that the air can be removed after play and the game can be easily stored until you’re ready to get it out again. Inflatable games are ideal for backyard barbecues, birthday parties, school events, and much more.

With so many choices, it’s easy to find the right inflatable games for your purposes. From those meant for the little ones to the ones designed for adult use, you’re sure to be the life of the party with any of the games on this list.

Best Inflatable Games to Buy

Inflatables are definitely an easy way to add some extra fun to an event, but if you want them to stay in good condition for all of your parties, it’s important to take good care of them. When you’re not using them, remove the air, gently fold the game, and keep it in a waterproof and critter-proof container. If you notice a leak, cover it with silicone so that the fun can continue. 

Ready for some indoor and outdoor fun of your own? Have a look at these outstanding inflatable games and you’ll be the funnest house on the block. Enjoy!

Inflatable Shoot and Score Game

There’s something about shooting to score that appeals to all ages. This game lets everyone top their best score over and over again.

Earn 20, 30, 50, even 100 points with the simple toss of the included balls. Not only is this shoot and score game a standout choice for the backyard, but it also floats so you can take the fun into the pool too.

The fun bright colors and large shooting reservoirs make this an option that works well at school carnivals or children’s birthday parties. The fun just never stops! Start a competition or play without keeping score. Either way, no one will be bored when this game is out.

Giggle and Go Inflatable Bowling Pins

As the name implies, there’ll be a whole lot of giggling going on when these pins are set up. The giant size will put a smile on anyone’s face and the whole set up can be arranged on the lawn, in the house or in the school gymnasium.

Giggle N Go Kids Bowling Set Indoor or Outdoor Games for Kids, Hilariously Fun Giant Yard Games for Kids and Adults. Fun Sports Games, Outside or Indoor Games, Easter Basket Stuffers Gifts for Kids
  • HILARIOUS OUTDOOR GAMES FOR KIDS, perfect indoor or outdoor games for family or kids party games. it's lightweight and easy to carry. wonderful games for kids to play and uses no electricity. this giant inflatable bowling set is sure to get your kids off the couch, get some exercise, and develop their hand/eye coordination, balance, and some friendly competition
  • SAND WEIGHTED BOTTOM, yes, thats right, our flat sand weighted base provides just enough weight to keep the pins standing even in light wind while playing some lawn games, but not too much to prevent them from being knocked over when struck by the ball

The name of the game is to knock down all the pins with the ball, which is oversized, making it much more likely. That means this is a game that kids of all ages can get in on. Family fun is always important when choosing activities and this bowling game makes the grade every time.

GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper Balls

These wearable balls turn any party into the sumo wrestling event of the season. Two people put them on and you grapple together to the delight of everyone watching. Just be careful that you don’t fall down because it’s very hard to get back up.

GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper Balls 2 pack of Inflatable Buddy hamster Bbop Ball set - Used also as Giga Sumo Wearable human zorb soccer Suits for outdoor play. Size: 36" For Kids & Adults of all ages
  • PRODUCT INCLUDES - A Two Pack of 36 Inch Heavy Duty wearable Body Bumper Bubble Balls, And a repair kit of 4 hole patches with instructions. Remember to close the valve and then push it into the ball to avoid losing air while playing
  • SAFE DURABLE ECO FRIENDLY - Made of heavy duty durable PVC vinyl that is heat sealed and quality tested by a CPSC Approved lab for safety and material testing on this sumo zorb hamster for human bumper ball set - Adult Supervision is Required.

The balls can also be worn for running races or through obstacle courses to make them more difficult and a whole lot more lively. The balls can also be rolled through the grass or tossed into the pool for games of keep away and catch that will have everyone jumping for joy.

Your next backyard barbecue or pool party won’t be complete without these hilarious and super fun bubble balls.

Sharper Image Inflatable Push Bumpers Sparring Game

Adults are going to love balancing on the bumpers and sparring with one another. Older kids can get in on the action too. Simply try to be the first to knock your opponent off for the win. Set up brackets and hold a sparring tournament in your yard or basement next time everyone gets together.

The inflatable sticks won’t hurt and it’s hilarious to watch as your best friends and family go head to head to see who has the best balance. The fun colors make for some great photo opportunities and you’ll quickly be crowned the life of the party.

Magic Time International Inflatable Self-Sticking Dartboard Soccer Target Game

Imagine one toy that can be played with in many ways. There’s no better way to keep the kids entertained. Try it out as a dartboard for those with an eye for precision or turn it into a soccer goal for those who need a bigger target. Either way, there’s hours of play contained in one toy for all ages.

If you’re hosting a birthday party or school carnival, this game should definitely be in the lineup. It’s brightly colored and fun kids will love trying to earn points and beat their high score. Even those who aren’t great at aiming will be able to hit the target.

S&S Worldwide Wheel of Fun Inflatable Toss Game

Fans of Wheel of Fortune unite! This inflatable version is a fun choice for senior citizen game nights, pool parties and when you have all your friends over for drinks and games. Just make sure you have good aim so you can rack up the most money.

Even kids will love learning how the game works with this fun inflatable wheel. Simply toss the included bean bags and add up your dollars. Watch out for that bankrupt space or you’ll be out of money and out of the game. If you’re looking for hours of fun for the entire family, you’ll find it with this game.

BUNKR Inflatable Battlezone Battle Royale Set

Got some Nerf games lovers to entertain? This set adds a whole new level of fun to an already enjoyable game. Use the inflatable tires, barrels and crates to create hiding spaces so you don’t get hit with a dart. Set up a fun obstacle course and see who has what it takes to make it through.

BUNKR BattleZone Battle Royale Set (4 Piece) - Inflatable BUNKRs Compatible with Nerf - Perfect for Nerf Party
  • BATTLE ANYWHERE INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Transform your surroundings into a real-life inflatable battlefield (basement, backyard, park, campus, parties)
  • EASY SET UP: Easy to store with oversized valves for rapid inflation / deflation

These inflatable toys are great for indoor or outdoor use and even float if you want to toss them in the pool. Teenage boys will love how much fun it is to use this great set, but even adults and the younger crowd will be excited to get in on the action. Great fun for everyday use, but also ideal for parties.

GoFloats 6’ Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

If you’re looking for a one size fits many inflatable toy, this giant beach ball fits the bill. It’s great for playing catch on the lawn or in the pool and can be used to roll or jump on as well. It’s so huge that no one will be able to turn down a chance to play with it.

GoFloats 6 ft Giant Inflatable Beach Ball - Choose 'MERICA or Classic Design - Extra Large Jumbo Beach Ball with Patch Repair Kit Included
  • GIANT SIZE FUN: 6 foot diameter - fun times at the beach, in the backyard, at school events, and more.
  • RAPID VALVE INFLATION: New rapid valve allows for the fastest inflation and deflation compared to traditional valves - must use a pump to fill beach ball (not included)

The ball floats and there’s no pool party that is complete without it. Play a game of keep away or see if you can float on top of it across the pool. Or set it up on the grass and play an epic game of dodgeball that no one will ever forget.

Inflatable Limbo Kit

Limbo is a game that all ages can play and this set is one that you’ll bring out at all of your celebrations. Use it at a preschool field day or entertain a crowd of kids at a birthday party. Set it up for holiday parties and keep the fun going all day long.

Fun Express Limbo Game - Endless Entertainment with Luau Games for Kids - Boost Coordination and Balance, Enhances Motor Skills and Convenient for Travel, Beach Vacations (3 Piece Set)
  • Exciting Entertainment for Kids: Unleash unforgettable fun, captivate kids with exciting inflatable limbo game for kids and adults, stand out with unique luau-themed activity & create a visually stunning backyard setup
  • Active Play Made Easy: Summer party bliss engage kids in fun & laughter, foster active play with easy-to-setup inflatable limbo game, and create immersive tropical vibes

The set comes with two posts and a pole that you can lower as you go. Remember, if you fall, you’re out. Show off your best limbo skills and keep everyone laughing at the same time. If you’re looking for a hit game, this one is sure to hit the target every time.

Wembley Inflatable Game Ring Toss Hat Football

Really want to make a party fun for the kids? This game is sure to please. One person wears the hat on their head while the others try to get the rings over the targets. Of course, the wearer can move about as he or she chooses, making it an extra challenge.

This game is a fun choice for minute-to-[win-it style parties, school functions or just for some fun on a rainy day. Play with it inside or outside and never have a boring party ever again. Kids of all ages will love it, but adults will have a great time with it too!

Airhead Lob the Blob Cornhole Game

Cornhole is a super popular game, but the standard wooden versions take up a lot of room and are hard to move around. This inflatable version is the obvious alternative as it can be played with anywhere, inside or outside.

Airhead Lob the Blob Inflatable Pool or Land Cornhole Set 37 in. x 26 in.
  • CORNHOLE for the POOL or YARD – Take your game to a new level with Lob the Blob inflatable cornhole game for the pool or yard
  • FAMILY FUN – Test your skills and luck at sinking blobs in the 10 inch hole. Works as a floating platform in the pool or can be tethered to land with it’s grommeted corners for yard use

Set this game up on the lawn for a family barbecue or challenge a group of kids at a birthday party. Since the entire game floats, you’ll have so much fun playing a few rounds in the pool as well. The game comes with everything you need for a rousing good time!

Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field

Perfect for outdoor play, this entirely inflatable soccer field will keep kids of all ages entertained for hours. With sides to corral the ball, even beginners can learn the sport and have a great time getting the ball into the inflatable goals. Whether you’ve got just a couple of players or a whole crowd, the playing field is large enough for everyone.

Sportspower Inflatable Soccer Field, Outdoor Soccer Arena for Kids,Multi
  • OUTDOOR FUN: Kids inflatable mini soccer field for full-field action with goals and field markings!
  • EASY SET UP: Air blower inflates in less than 2 minutes so kids can enjoy outdoor sports action

Ideal for a backyard party or an afternoon at the park, there’s no one who won’t want to take their turn making goals on this inflatable soccer game. Be the star of every party with your own!

Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Toy

Got a basketball junkie on your hands? Trying to find new ways to entertain him or her? This floating basketball hoop is just what you’ve been looking for. Complete with its own hoop and ball, your kids can play a game of basketball while they’re cooling off in the pool.

Swimline Inflatable Pool Basketball Hoop, 36-inch Tall, 48-inch Wide, UV Resistant Vinyl, Includes Basketball
  • MULTIPLE SCORING PORTS- Test your basketball skills and shoot the ball through the middle hoop or shoot through the various side compartments with various scoring options. Scores include 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 500, and the top hoop jackpot.
  • VERSATILE PLAY- Perfect for all basketball games - challenge your friends to a game of 2 on 2, play some H.O.R.S.E, or get creative with a slam dunk contest. The possibilities are endless with Swimline's Original Giant Shootball.

The size is ideal for young to old and as it floats, it creates a whole new challenge that will make anyone victorious when the ball goes through the hoop. What a great idea for pool parties and events where there will be a crowd of kids!

Poolmaster Tic Tac Toe Game

Are your kids sick of playing tic tac toe the old fashioned way? Forget the pen and paper with this inflatable version. It floats so you can toss it in the pool for a whole new dimension to the fun. Or you can set it up on the grass or inside the house to entertain kids in any weather.

Poolmaster Giant Floating Tic Tac Toe Game for Swimming Pool and Backyard
  • Jumbo inflatable outdoor game board features large square windows for young players to practice hand-eye coordination
  • Toss pool toy game for playing and scoring on water or lawn; game includes 5 generous-size X's and 5 generous-size O's

Next time you’re hosting a classroom party or a field day event, add this game to the lineup and watch the kids scrabble for a turn at the action. With bright blue and orange playing pieces, it’s easy to see where yours lands. Try to get three in a row and be the winner.

Catch a Duck Game with Inflatable Mini Pool

There’s something about playing in the water that little kids just can’t get enough of. That’s why this game is sure to be a hit at your house, school or party. Blow up the pond and fill it with water, then add the ducks and watch the fun unfold.

The kids can try their hand at catching the ducks using the included fishing poles. They’ll be so thrilled when they succeed. This game is a fun choice for school carnivals, preschool birthday parties or as an enjoyable way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Hoovy Giant Fun Inflatable Roller

What better way to get the kids outside playing than a giant roller? Think a hamster wheel, but for the kids. One or two children simply get inside the inflated toy and run to roll it around. It’s a totally unique way to keep the little ones entertained outside, but even adults can join in the fun.

Giant Hamster Wheel Human | 65" Diameter | Inflatable Rolling Wheel | Outdoor Activities for Kids and Adults Families Playtime | Inflatable Outdoor Toys | Giant Inflatable Wheel (Orange)
  • 🌞ROLL AROUND: This giant Inflatable Fun Roller Wheel is made for kids and even an adult can fit (not standing up), use it to play games, interact with your families, or simply let your kids roll around in your backyard. Diameter: 65 inches. DO NOT USE ON PAVEMENT, CONCRETE or ROCKS.
  • 🌞SAFE AND DURABLE: HOOVY's Giant Fun Roller is made of the best high quality non-toxic and safe materials! Let your children enjoy this awesome toy without worrying about hazardous chemicals or materials.

This toy is a huge hit at birthday parties and backyard barbecues. It’s definitely going to have all of your guests talking and will make your event one to remember. Challenge each other to races, time yourselves from one end of the yard to the other or simply let the kids roll around and have fun.

DOM Giant Get Knotted Inflatable Game

Similar to Twister, this thrilling game is perfect for a kid’s party, a school carnival or just for family board game night. Lay out the inflatable mat and roll the dice to find out where you’re going to put your hands and feet. But don’t fall because then you’re out.

The kids are going to get a kick out of playing giant inflatable Get Knotted, but the adults are going to have some fun too. Bring this game out for graduation parties, barbecues, afternoons at the park or to keep yourself and your friends busy on a boring afternoon. It’s ideal for outdoor use but can also be set up inside in a place with enough room.

Inflatable Ladder Ball Game

Ladder ball involves tossing your balls, combined with a string at the target and hoping they wrap around. Sounds easy enough, right? Now try doing that in the pool while your target floats around. That’s what you get with this fun version of ladder ball that is fun for everyone, young and old.

The best part is that you don’t have to play in the pool. It also works on the grass in your yard or in the house. Next time you have a group of bored children, pull this game out and they’ll be happy for hours. It’s challenging, but also fun so young ones all the way to teenagers will enjoy the game.

Intex Fun Goals Water Polo Game

Don’t have a traditional set up for water polo? Problem solved with this inflatable version that was created with the pool in mind. Use the attached anchor bags to keep the goal in place and then challenge your kids to a friendly game of water polo.

Intex Fun Goals Game
  • When using in the water, fill the anchor bags with sand to help keep the goals game from floating away
  • An inflatable ball is included

This set is a nice alternative to the usual pool games and can really take your pool party to the next level. The kids are going to love having something new to play, but even adults will want to try their hand at winning water polo. What a terrific family activity!

MeiGuiSha Inflatable Pool Golf Game

Too hot to go to the local golf course? Or do you have a budding Tiger Woods at home? Either way, take it to the water with this completely inflatable golf game. The green itself floats right on the surface of the water so you can hit a hole in one while you’re relaxing in the cool water.

MeiGuiSha 62″ Kid's Toy Golf Set Inflatable Pool Golf Mat Game Toys for Kids Adults
  • Inflatable Pool Golf Mat: The golf set includes an inflatable pool mat for playing golf in the pool or at the beach.
  • Kid's Toy Golf Set: This golf set is designed for kids to play and improve their golf skills.

Just like a regular game of golf, this one can be played alone or with friends. It’s a different game than most people are used to in the pool, making it a super way to keep kids and adults having fun all day long. Of course, it can also be played in the grass or in the basement if it’s cold outside or the kids would rather stay in.

Inflatable Pizza Toss Game

In a thoroughly modern take on the traditional toss games that are always such a hit with kids and adults alike, this time the target is an inflatable pizza. Players toss bean bags into pepperoni holes in the giant size pizza, attempting to score the most number of points, with each hole having a different points value.

This game brings a whole new meaning to tossing a pizza. Set includes the pizza which measures an impressive five foot in diameter and six four-inch bean bags, three black and three red.

Just take care if you’re serving food cos this pizza is just good enough to eat.

GoSports 7″ Inflatable Dodgeball 6 Pack

When is dodgeball more fun? When you play it with no-sting balls.

GoSports Inflatable Dodgeball - No Sting Balls - Includes Ball Pump & Mesh Bag
  • SIX PACK: Each set includes 6 regulation 7 inch dodgeballs, a mesh carrying bag and air pump
  • NO STING SURFACE: The balls are made from a special blend of rubber that makes them much softer and lighter than traditional playground balls

The balls in this six-ball set are made from a special rubber and because they are softer and lighter than other balls, they are safe to pay with the kids. They can also be inflated to different sizes making them ideal for smaller and bigger hands and the textured surface makes for easy gripping. As they’re no-tear, there’s no worry about things getting a bit rough.

When not in use, the balls are stored in a mesh storage bag.

Imagine all the fun to be had as you all run about the yard hiding from and dodging the balls.

K-Roo Sports Mini Sports Pack: Inflatable Football, Soccer Ball, and Basketball in a Mini Mesh Coaches Bag

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. This set of three inflatable balls will keep sports fans busy for hours. Containing mini versions of your favorite sports balls, if you have a budding baseball pitcher, future soccer star, or mini Michael Jordan in your family, you’re all set to go.

Made from textured rubber for easy grip by little hands, there’s plenty of fun to be had outdoors and in. Just inflate and go. Moms will just love that they won’t have to find space to store three regular balls when not in use. Just deflate and pop back in the mesh bag.


There you have it. A list of inflatable games for all ages, from the littlest tyke to the oldest person you know. As you can see, no matter what kind of game you love, there’s an inflatable version to make it a brand new experience. You don’t have to buy them all but having a few on hand will enhance any gathering and make sure everyone stays happy and smiling the whole time.

Now that you know what the newest game playing craze is, it’s time to get out there in the pool or the yard and have some fun with everyone you know. While you’re at it, be sure you add some of these games to the rotation at your next carnival or fair. Kids love them and when kids are happy, adults are happy.

Inflatable games are the clear winner for everyone. From trivia to target shooting to games you can make up as you go, you can’t lose when the game inflates. So stock your game closet today!

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