Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

Chris King
Best Inflatable SUP for Surfing

Are you looking to buy the new inflatable stand up paddle board for some great fun out in the open waters? If you are, then you definitely know just how confusing and overwhelming shopping can be – especially with all the different models, features, etc that are on the current market.

Best iSUP Surf Boards

It is challenging for just about everyone. That is why we have done the hard part for you. Here, we have compiled the best 5 Inflatable SUPs. We have compared prices, features, durability, and other key features to make sure that just about everyone is bound to find a right inflatable SUP to suit their needs.

Best Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards for Surfing

PathFinder Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

If you are working on a budget, then this item is just what you need. It is an impressive board that can be yours for a very low price. It measures 9’9’’ long by 5’’ thick, giving a user a large and very comfortable deck pad. It has a large deck pad, adjustable aluminium paddle, pump, valve wrench, and a carry bag. Thanks to its drop stitch construction and the use of PVC, it is highly durable and lightweight at the same time.

Compared to other boards in the current market, PathFinder Inflatable SUP is one of the most popular and the best budget-friendly inflatable SUP on the market. This board rolls to a 1 foot diameter by 35’’ when deflated making it very portable and easy to store. It also comes with an on board heavy duty “D” ring hooks to attach a leash.

Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2

This board gives you the best value for your money. Not only do you get a durable board but you also get a hand pump with integrated pressure to help you inflate the SUP and a 3 piece fiber glass paddle. This product is 10 ft 4 inches long. This increased length plays a major role on its manoeuvrability and ease when in water. It is made from highly durable PVC material and drop-stitch construction. It also comprises of a valve wrench, a patch kit, and a removable fin for the paddle board.

When inflated, it measures at a very compact size of 12 inches x 33 inches, making it highly portable. You can easily roll up your paddleboard and fit it inside its backpack bag. Aside from these very useful physical items, the board comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers everything, except normal tear and wear.

Tower Inflatable 10’4” Stand Up Paddle Board - (6 Inches Thick) - Universal SUP Wide Stance - Premium SUP Bundle (Pump & Adjustable Paddle Included) - Non-Slip Deck (Adventurer 2-10'4")
  • [WIDE SUP DESIGN] – The Tower Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is 10’4” long and provides 32” of deck width for improved stability and balance while standing.
  • [SUPERIOR MANEUVERABILITY] – The large single bottom fin helps improve overall speed, handling and steering for easier use by kids, teens and adults alike.

Vilano Journey 10′ Inflatable SUP

This model is a steal for the price. It is very sturdy, tough, and stable board. The Vilano Journey 10’’ Inflatable stand up paddle board is inclusive of just about everything you need to have a successful cruise. It comes with a 75.5’’ 3 piece paddle, valve wrench, a backpack style carry bag, a pump with pressure gauge, removable 8’’ fin, and a patch kit. This inflatable paddle board is a breeze to paddle and provides it’s used with great fun throughout

One thing to look out for when shopping for an inflatable SUPs is stability. Keep in mind that the bigger the board, the more stable it is. Vilano Journey 10’’ does not disappoint. . It measures in at 10’’ long by 31’’ wide and can hold up to 200 lbs. This item will navigate and maintain balance even when more than one person is on board. It is made from very high quality materials that durable and very long lasting. The anti-slip diamond deck Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP is available in two cool colors: White/ Grey and Blue/ Grey.

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Priced a bit higher than all above models, this item is worth every penny. It comes in a variety of many fun and versatile colors ranging from aqua to red. It measure in at 10’6 x 31’’ x 6’’ when inflated and a compact size of 11’’ x 36’’ when deflated. This model has a rigid and stable shape that is great for all skill levels ranging from beginners to pro. It can handle tough water conditions as well.

It comes inclusive of 3 piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle, carry back pack, coil leash, a repair kit, and a high pressure dual action pump with pressure gauge. PEAK ISUPs is made from tough military grade PSV that protects it from any dents or damage. If you are not yet convinced, then you can opt to give this model a shot by using their 30 days money back guarantee option. PEAK Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle is so durable and long lasting that every customer also receives a 1 year warranty.

Peak 10'6" All Around Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick iSUP and Accessory Pack | Durable and Lightweight | 32" Stable Wide Stance with Non-Slip Deck | 300 lb Capacity (Blue - 2017, 10'6)
  • ENDLESS SUMMER FUN ON THE WATER - Inflated: 10'6 x 31" x 6" | Rolled up: 11” x 36” | Weight 23 lbs
  • BEST ALL AROUND iSUP DESIGN - Rigid and Stable Shape, Great for All Skill Levels and Conditions

Atoll 11’0″ Foot Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

This is the beast of all inflatable SUPs on the current market. If you can afford to splurge on one, we would highly recommend it be this. It comes with a 2nd generation aluminum adjustable 3 piece paddle with nylon blade, detachable and highly durable removable fin, front and back bungee tie downs travel backpack with waist strap that is large enough to fit a paddle, paddle board, pump, and a repair kit.

Atoll 11’’is thirty percent lighter than other compact models, thanks to its ultra light construction. This 11 inch long board is 6 inches thick, making it even that more sturdy. Most models measure in at 4’’ but Atoll is rigid, still, and sturdy enough to maneuver through without taking on any water or sagging in the middle. Lastly, Atoll 11’’ comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers workmanship and material defect.

Atoll Inflatable Paddle Board with Premium SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories & Back Pack, Non-Slip Comfort Deck for Unisex Adult - 11ft (Army Green)
  • Explore the best in wide paddle board with Atoll boards - now 50% stronger than the competition. Uncover why Atoll paddle board seat is the top-rated choice on Amazon and worldwide. Elevate your water adventures with unmatched strength
  • Elevate your sup boards inflatable - standup paddleboard with a 3rd Gen adjustable paddle (2 lbs 2 ounces) and detachable, durable fin - compatible with all universal/US fin boxes. Explore without worries

Bottom line

When hunting for a perfect inflatable SUPs, it is best to first consider your budget, what specifics/ features you are more interested in, what items you wish to be inclusive, and its warranty. These above mentioned boards have been picked as they are the best in their classes. From the most affordable, to the best value for your money, to the most expensive, you are guaranteed to find just the product that is best suited to your needs.

All mentioned inflatable SUPs are compact, lightweight, easy to carry, stable, durable, and rigid.

Please leave a comment below if you have any more questions regarding our top 5 best inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Boards for Surfing.

Guide to Stand up paddle surfing

This is an outdoor sport that is steadily gaining popularity in the world. The sport is believed to have originated in Hawaii. In this type of surfing, riders stand on the surfing board and use paddles to navigate through the water. It’s easier to catch the wave on a paddle board than on a surfboard.

The remarkable advantages of iSUP surfing include having a stable board or platform, paddle that catches the first wave with much ease and no need to hop as one is already standing. This type of sport is easy to learn and one can do it on any water body. Furthermore, one can try out different styles and techniques. This article, therefore, explores guide to SUP surfing and advice where to be practiced.

Getting started

For the beginner, it’s usually advisable to start in calm waters with no tidal currents and preferably on a day that is not windy. This increases chances of the mission succeeding. The moment you stand on the board, it’s necessary that you find balance by sitting on your knees. As you stand, ensure that your feet are close to each other in a line and facing forward before paddling forward. Your feet should be shoulder –width apart. This helps one to pull against the paddle with much ease. If you cannot surf this way, then it’s prudent that you put one foot slightly ahead.


Hold with one hand the paddle at the half the shaft while the other hold the T-Bar grip which is at the summit of the paddle. Bend the knees slightly while maintaining the back straight and place the paddle into the water ensuring that a third of it is immersed in the water. Strive to pull your body towards the paddle and avoid pulling the paddle towards your body.

Pick the paddle out of the water when it moves past your body rotating the blade. Pass it through the air and back to starting point. Repeat the stroke and as you move swap your hands putting the stroke on the opposite side of the board. Continue swapping for strokes at opposite sides of the board as you navigate through the water.


This is vital in the event that you encounter a shark or a wave. The pivotal turn is the easiest and fastest way to make 180 degrees turn. To enhance a pivotal motion you should take a step back in order to allow the sinking of the tail so that the nose emerges from the water. Wide strokes make the board makes faster turns from the nose to tail. After making the turn, it is necessary you step back to your surfing point enabling the board to level out.

Paddling out through the waves

You are often going to encounter not so perfect conditions during surfing and the sailing can be turbulent times. This is why you need to be prepared to handle this tricky situation although it’s very simple to deal with such occurrences.

Unbroken wave

Stay parallel to the wave and make good stroke heading up the wave. This is where you bent knees and ankles are to be used to absorb the impact of the wave by strongly flexing them. Should the wave be so steep, it will be necessary to keep your legs in the surfing position to allow board control. As you pass the wave, use the paddle as a brace.

White Water/Broken wave

This type of the wave is trickier than the unbroken wave. When you approach the white water wave, speed up your saddle. As you approach the wave, move about one step from your surfing position. Make a strong stroke just before the nose makes contact with the wave. This is meant to ensure the board heads straight into the wave. After making this stroke, step back to allow the wave nose to rise and after the wave has passed under the board move forward to inhibit the effects of being pushed by the wave.

Bailing out

This happens in the event that you lose confidence to move past the wave. To effectively bail out, through the paddle over the wave and after being clear of other surfers, hold the leash closer to the board preventing it from hurting other surfers.

Catching a wave

First, move your legs into your comfortable surfing position. Make a firm and determined stroke as you make contact with the wave. This is aimed at producing speed to get you on to the wave. When you feel the wave pulling you forward, step back and spread your legs apart standing in your preferred stance. This makes the tail sink while the nose comes out of the water making contact with the wave. When the board speeds up, move into your comfortable riding stance leaning over in order to make a firm turn.


Make sure you are a good swimmer before trying out this sport. Avoid places where other surfers and swimmers are as well as shore breaks. Make sure you go surfing when there are no off-shore winds and no choppy conditions that make surfing dangerous. Also keep off crowded places.

SUP surfing is one the most exciting sports that one can easily learn and perfect. With the above comprehensive guide, it’s time to try out surfing today.

About the author: Chris loves the outdoors and has developed a love of gadgets and inflatable toys, from kayaking and paddle boarding to relaxing in his hot tub at home. The founder of WhichInflatable and has been the editor for 7 years.

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