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Solstice Durango Kayak Review

Chris King

This Solstice Kayak is a good inflatable for those who want to experience the best of the outdoors and with a reliable kayak to match.

Solstice Durango Kayak Review

The conventional kayak designs are often ineffective, and this makes it difficult or novice users to have fun. Having said, that his Kayak has been tailor made with the needs of several end users in mind, to provide the ultimate fun experience.

Quick Stats

Max Load (lbs)

Designed for portability and top performance results, the Solstice Durango Kayak is a simple and is it is to store. In fact, the special design of this Kayak makes it a good investment as when compared to the conventional kayaks that are out there today. With this Kayak, you don’t need any water based experience to experience a fun time. This is because its simple to use and it also comes with additional safety features as well.


One of the main distinguishing aspects of the Solstice Durango Kayak is the fact that its simple to set up and it’s portable as well. In fact, users can use the accompanying pump to set the kayak up within minutes. This is the water expedition solution that you have been searching for, and it has been tailor made to match your unique performance needs.

Further lending to the superior design qualities of this Kayak is that it is durable and lightweight at the same time, without causing any compromise on the sturdiness of the unit. This is especially true when it’s used in rocky terrain or turbulent waters, whereby it can provide sufficient stability for as many as two users. Best of all, this kayak is stable on the water and it is also simple to maneuver at the same time. As a result, users are sure of a water expedition kayak that is both safe and tough enough to endure endless fun in the water.

Suitable for…

This Kayak is the ideal investment for users who want a reliable solution for experiencing the water. It is perfect since it is stable and it provides sufficient room for as many as two users. The unique inflatable design provides optimal buoyancy even in turbulent waters for improved fun. More so, this Kayak also has a stable design, meaning that users can never topple over into the water and it is also simple to manoeuvre the kayak as well.

For those who are tired of using the conventional kayaks that are often susceptible to damage and difficult to setup, then the Solstice Durango Kayak might just be the best place for you to start. To be specific, this Kayak has a robust design that is durable especially in rough terrains, and it will provide sufficient support for as many as two users. Having said that, users can also carry this unit around with ease, and it also qualifies as a great tool for sporting activities. The only main caveat of using this Kayak is the setup and storage procedure. Since its an inflatable unit, it becomes simple to setup, and it makes a worthwhile addition to your leisure time needs on the water.

What Is Included

  • One four-part paddle
  • One carry bag
  • One manual/foot pump
  • 1 Repair kit


Users who have invested in this Kayak will be aware of its superior design features and functionalities. For instance, this Kayak is durable and portable at the same time, which makes it ideal for the rough terrains that some kayaking expeditions often involve.

More so, the simple to set up and store design makes it a particularly excellent addition for novice users among many others. With the simple to inflate design, users can use a foot up to set up the kayak and get onto the water within minutes.

What we love…

  • It takes a small amount of time to set up the Kayak
  • It provides the sufficient capacity for as many as two users
  • The Kayak is lightweight and without compromising the durability of the unit
  • Users will appreciate the reasonable pricing
  • The simple assembly design makes it perfect even for novice users


  • The seats should provide improved back support
  • This kayak requires experience to maneuver in rough water terrains

Should You Buy?

Perhaps one of the most notable aspects of the Solstice Durango Kayak is that it’s perfect for recreational users who want to experience the best of the outdoors. This is because its simple to set up and it’s also durable enough to provide the long-term performance requires for outdoor kayaking functionalities. It’s a Kayak that is perfect for exploring turbulent waters, and it does take much effort to setup. Providing sufficient load capacity for as many as two individuals, this Kayak lets you enjoy the best of the water with a close acquaintance.

The added advantage is that it provides a good load capacity and without compromising the maneuverability or the general performance of the Kayak. It has also been made using a durable material, that offers optimal comfort and durability at the same time.

SOLSTICE Durango 1 to 2 Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak Boat W/ Fabric Cover For Adults & Kids 11' X 37.5'' | Tandem 2 Adjustible Bucket Seats, Bungee Storage, Skeg Pump Bag | Heavy Duty PVC & Fabric
  • BUILT FOR PERFORMANCE: Each internal bladder is made of a 22 Gauge K-80 PVC material protected by a 1000 Denier, fabric reinforced, nylon cover for extra comfort and durability. The Durango easily converts from 1 or 2 person configurations, making it an ideal kayak for all paddlers.
  • PORTABILITY & STORAGE: Designed with Solstice inflatable Technology, the Durango deflates and folds into its included carry bag in minutes. Store the Durango in compact spaces - Packs down to 26.5 x 21 x 12 inches. Lightweight design at 40 lbs.

Users will also appreciate the simple assembly design, that lets you get onto the water within minutes. The Solstice Durango kayak is also available with additional features such as the rowing paddle and carry bag for optimal convenience. The inflatable design means that the kayak not only provides optimal comfort even in turbulent waters but it’s also comfortable for long lasting results.

Whether you want to use it for racing purposes or simply for fun and leisure time activities, this Solstice Durango Kayak will provide you with value where it counts. The manufacturers have also done well to include the additional carry-on bag that provides optimal space for fitting the kayak and its durable as well.

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