7 Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps

Chris King
7 Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps

If you have or are getting an Inflatable paddle board then a pump is needed, many SUP boards will come with a hand pump depending on the model and package. Although the hand pumps that come with these do the job, they are not great and do vary depending on what you buy.

The hand pumps of certainly got better over the years and are more robust, however when it gets close to the end of pumping up your board this is where they can struggle as you force in the last bit of air to make the board as solid as possible.

Best Inflatable SUP & Kayak Electric Pumps

When it comes to ensuring that your iSUP board is simple to inflate and easy to use as well, it’s important that you go for some of the top rated solutions that are available on the consumer market. For instance, an excellent investment for your SUPing needs would be the Best Electric SUP Pump that is designed to allow users to inflate their boards with ease. Whereas the conventional pumping methods often require the use of strength and energy, the electric pumps provide the ideal convenience since they allow for convenient pumping.

These types of electric pumps also come with excellent features such as ergonomic handles, high-pressure capabilities and compact designs among many others.

Best Electric Pumps

Need a reliable and robust pump? Worry no more, below is the list of essential and efficient equipment that can help you save your energy from other breathtaking efforts. Pick out your best electric air pump from the list below.

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump

Crank up your kayaking experience by getting a very versatile, reliable, and affordable pump for your paddleboards and other inflatable water toys. Sevylor water sport is among the 12v top-rated electric pumps. They are desirable electric pumps ideal for low-pressure inflatables, as well as more rigid SUP boards.

Our Choice
Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump
Our Rating
Make inflating your stand up Paddleboard a breeze with the Sevylor 12V SUP Pump. The adjustable auto-shutoff lets you connect the high-pressure hose to your board, select your pressure and the pump does the rest and automatically stops at the selected pressure.
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Discover the excellence of this Sevylor 12 volt PSI SUP and water sports pump that can inflate virtually anything from a 12 volt DC vehicle outlet. This might include anything from boats, SUP boards, kayaks, floats, and airbeds as well. Besides that, it comes with an exclusive digital display that allows users to select the pressure levels that suits their unique SUP needs.

The pump works to transfer preselected pressure levels and the shuts off. More so, it also comes with flexible hoses and a broad spectrum of adapters that are suitable for many valves as well. This high-pressure pump can also inflate with high pressure of 15 PSI for rigid SUP boards. Moreover, this board comes with a heavy duty extension hose and special adaptors for superior pumping capabilities.

This pump delivers up to 15 psi. Its high pressure supporting horse is connected to the valve letting air into your board. You can’t wait to see how this pump is automated! Its control mode is digitized, such that it automatically shut off when the set pressure limit is reached. It also has another additional feature for choosing your desired pressure units. The units for measuring the pressure are available in the form of Psi, Mbar, and Kpa.

What is in the box? This pump comes packed alongside several valve adapters ideal for mini and double locks, Boston, among others. This pump is quite desirable for all types of inflatables. It is one of the few high standards and affordable pumps you can go for.

Airhead Hi Pressure Air Pump

This Airhead is a high pressure 12V air pump, which releases three times the strength of other related 12 V air pumps. Its reliable peak performance makes it ideal for boats, tables, and rafts. Its inflation speed is quick and efficient enough to fill 410 liters per minute.

Airhead High Pressure Air Pump, 120V, Quickly Inflates/Delates Tubes, Boats, Rafts, Yellow/Black
You'll enjoy the performance of this 120 volt air pump. It inflates and deflates quickly and effectively. Peak pressure is 2.5 psi, plenty of pressure to get high end inflatable boats, rafts and reinforced backyard items nice and firm.

It is fitted with a valve that prevents it from exceeding 1-4 PSI for safety reasons. The pump is designed to meet all your needs; its horse comes alongside with several valves including bravo, Boston, Hulkey, Roberts, and others.

Tower Premium iSUP 12V Pump

This is another desirable portable high-pressure inflater for stand up paddleboards. It is one of the most durable pumps that are not prone to frequent wear and tear unless damaged due neglect. It is a 12V operated pump that is designed with a car battery.

It is connected to the car dashboard using a jack that fits into the cigarette lighter socket. This pump is tested and proven to be among the best pumps, not only because it is affordable, but also by looking at lots of extra features it comes with. It is very convenient since it is made with the option of being powered through the car cigarette lighter instead of additional bulk and massive external battery.

Tower Premium iSUP 12V Pump
An electric pump for inflatable paddle boards that conveniently plugs into a 12-V cigarette lighter or a car battery.

The pump features an automatic “set it and forget it” PSI pressure gauge that you can just set your desired PSI and hook it to your board. The maximum PSI that can deliver is 25, but we usually recommend that you inflate your board with around 10-15 PSI. The automatic pump will increase to the set PSI level then shut off. During inflation, ensure that your car engine is running to shorten the time for inflation.

Another unique feature of this pump is that it can deflate your board. This helps you to quickly remove the air from your board immediately and roll it up, saving and space since it hallows no air inside it and thus making it more compact.
Inside the box, the pump is packed along with H3 nozzle on its horse, cable for connection to either battery or car cigarette lighter.

Scoprega Bravo

This is one of the exceptionally equipped pumps you need for your kite boarding kite, paddle boards among others. It is a very convenient pump ideal for faster and high-pressure services. The pump features a built-in rechargeable battery that can be recharged using a car cigarette lighter adapter or connected to the mains using a wall socket.

Scoprega Bravo 20-2 Electric Kite/SUP/Kayak/Inflatable Pump
The Bravo 20 Electric Pump has everything you need to pump your kiteboarding kite, stand up paddle board (SUP), raft, boat, kayak, other inflatable items all in one convenient Twin-cylinder.

You can set the PSI you want, and it will automatically stop when it reaches the required limit. Its heavy-duty horse is packed together with a couple of different types of adapters compatible with H3 SUP valves, Boston screw valves, kite inflater valve, among others. The pump is very portable, as it features a strap that you can hang on your shoulder, its efficiency, speed, and reliability make it worth for its price.

Airhead Velocity Pump

This is the fastest pump that offers up to 33% faster during inflation than any other electric pump. It also offers high pressure at a very rapid boom. This pump is designed with an automatic pressure control system that you can just set up your preferred pressure level and wait. It can be wired to a 12 Volts battery power using a 10′ (3) battery cables with its alligator clips. The pump is packed with Lea C7 adapters and interchangeable H-valves. The mesh storage bag is also included.

Airhead SUP Velocity Pump, 12v, Blue, Green, Black (AHSUP-A029)
The Airhead SUP Velocity Pump inflates ISUPs 33% faster than any other portable pump and offers a single stage, high-pressure / high-volume inflation.

If you need a pump that will give a higher pressure for your board then this is worth considering, this electric pump goes up to 20 PSI ideal for larger boards.

There is a dial to the top where you can set the desired PSI, once it is reached the pump will auto shut off so there is no need to stand over it as it inflates. There is a 10’ inflation hose and alligator clips for your car battery too. This also comes with H-Valve and Boston Valve adapters and easily secures to the valves on inflatable SUP boards.

Although it has it’s benefits there are a few negatives, it does seem slower than the others, there is no case or bag for the pump and it doesn’t feel as well built. That being said it is still a great pump and worth considering if you need something that goes to 20 PSI.

Bravo BTP Two-Stage 12V Electric Turbo Pump

This is a great pump that comes in two options, with or without a battery pack. Which ever you go for first off it is powerful pump.

It has crocodile clips that allow you to easily connect it to the battery of your car and it has a 2 stage inflation system.

  1. Stage one is the low pressure/high volume turbine blower. This stage will inflate your board until it takes shape. Then it switches to stage 2.
  2. Stage two is a little noisier but also more powerful using the high-pressure piston for higher PSI.

This works really well as it will quickly inflate your board, and then you can change to the more powerful stage to get the PSI to the desired level. This is great for making the board as solid as it needs to be without having to pump it up yourself.

It comes with a range of valves including one suitable for your SUP, the hose is 6′ long from the pump itself, the cables to the car battery are 8’6” long. This is a very powerful pump that is also very quick at inflating your SUP. With this power it makes it ideal for other inflatables, be it beach inflatables or kayaks and boats for example. This all comes in a handy little case allowing you to neatly store it in your car ready to use.

BTP Mano Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump for Inflatable Kayaks, SUPS, and Boats
BTP Two Stage Electric Turbo Pump: (Stage 1) Low pressure/high volume turbine blower (Stage 2) High pressure piston for higher PSI For products with high air volume requirements Excellent for use with bigger hulls Stops automatically when selected pressure is reached 12 volt battery not included.

The with battery pack option is what you think it is, a battery pack that allows you to use the pump without your car. This is great for inflating your board on the beach or when you have carried everything to your paddling location.

Bravo BP12 Single-Stage Electric Pump

If you want an electric pump just for your SUP board then this is a great choice. It is smaller and doesn’t have the 2 stage system like the previous model, however it is around $50 cheaper, so that is why. That being said it is perfect for inflatable paddle boards. It is slightly smaller in size and lighter in weight, there is also the option for a battery pack too, making it a good choice if you want to inflate on the beach or away from your car

This 1 stage pump can be set to the desired PSI and left to do its job, once it is inflated to your desired PSI which can be up to 15, it will shut off automatically. This is great so that you don’t over inflate it, however there is no gauge to show where it is at so you are not sure how much loner it will be. Once you have used it a couple of times you will know how long it will take though.

Bravo! BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump for Inflatable SUPs, Kayaks annd Boats
BP12 Single Stage Electric Pump: Lightweight and compact High Pressure Piston Pump Excellent for smaller size hulls Stops automatically when selected pressure setting is reached 12 volt battery not included.

As with the stage 2 pump this has a 8’6″ long cable with crocodile leads, and a 5′ plastic hose for the attachment valve.

A very good pump and certainly recommended for anyone looking for an electric pump just for their SUP board.


Q. How much time do electric pumps take to inflate a paddle board?

A. The time taken to inflate a standup board, vary depending on the size of the board and the speed of the pump. On average, the pump delivers a minimum of 1PSI/s, and it can be estimated that in normal operations, it can take say 10 minutes.

Q. What is the maximum pressure for my paddle board?

A. every SUP comes with its users manual, and the maximum/ minimum pressure to be inflated with is indicated. Most SUPs operate at a standard rate of 10-15 Psi. Except for a few.

Q. What are the benefits of using electric pumps?

A. The electric pump is faster and efficient compared to the hand pump. It can be tiresome to use a hand pump to inflate the standup board and kayaks. It also takes a very long time to be full as compared to using this pump.

Q Can I use the pump to deflate my board as well?

A. yes. Most of the pumps are used for inflating the boards, but there are some that can be used in both services. An example of these is the Tower paddle board premium iSUP 12 V Electric pump.

Which to go for?

Each of these elections pumps are worth buying in their own right, which you buy depends on your needs, if you want a pump that can be used on more than a SUP that the 2 stage Bravo is the one. The good all rounder is the Single stage Bravo, and if you need a pump to reach 20 PSI then the AirHead is the one.

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